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Wellness Weavers are Cooperating for our part in the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network


WHAT: The Wellness Weavers' Kansas WOMEN's Cooperative development is an approved collaborative project to serve the WOMEN's HEALTH NETWORK of Kansas. This is the current reality of the 2nd & final year process of the  WIN grant written and received by Wichita State University women, Dr. Nikki Keene-Woods and Dr. Amy Chesser.     

WHY: Women need cash flow, safe ways to be heard, equal opportunities to collaborate and innovate... and be creatively compensated in a way that allows us and our families to have the quality of life that reduces our mental, physical, and financial stress...and our reliance on any men, or women, who are being disrespectful.    For a deeper look at more of the layers of why, click here.  

WHO: Wellness Weavers & the WIN grant committee that announced the other 8 projects that were formally accepted November 15, 2019 into the WOMEN's Health Network are invited to open the portals for any Kansas women to join the WOMEN's Cooperative for Wealth Opportunities Meeting Everyone's Needs Cooperatively.

All governing state boards of all levels of education, health, law, & human services are invited as partners to begin shaping the WOMEN's Cooperative to begin working on Quality of Life issues by collaborating using the web-based one-hour "Everyone Counts Game".   That means this info is supposed to trickle down to all local school district boards, superintendents, school nurses, counselors, teachers, and non-classified personnel, County Commissioners, elected City Councils and their public library boards, the Area Agencies on Aging and their Senior Centers, the state and county health departments, & leaders of faith-based and other NGOs serving people with any type of disadvantage to fully engage with this process and open it to all families, known as the citizens, they are paid to serve.

WHEN:  At the Kansas State Department of Education's January 14-15, 2020 session, all the District School Board Representatives will receive notification of this website for full knowledge of the way we are supporting the health and wellness and best practices of all the educators, counselors with practices that are regulated by them.  This also supports the converging missions of all departments within the Kansas Department of Health and Environment & as requested by the business community to produce educated and productive citizens who know how to collaborate, innovate and demonstrate social emotional character and optimal wellness in our daily personal, working, and retirement phases of life.  

January 30, 2020 will be the next gathering of the WHN from 11:30 -1:00 at the WSU Metroplex in Wichita.  The learning topics are Health Literacy by Megha Ramaswamy, PhD, MPH and Health Education by Alisha Bond.  Stay tuned for the live registration links when they are available from the WIN Team. 

Meanwhile, if you would like to start planning your own local interactive web-based interface to the live event, click here and you will be routed to our planning tool.

HOW:  Click on this "Groups for Quality of Life" collaboration link. Spend a minute reading it and if you want to get involved using our existing technology resources,  add your contact info to get on the contact list.  You will receive email or text notifications when a trained facilitator is available to host a 1-hr dynamically facilitated event.

Businesses and NGO would qualify for IRS-approved tax benefits from their support of employees and volunteers being involved as part of their ongoing training. 

Tax-funded governmental workers in the health, human services, education and law enforcement sectors will provide the data already collected and reported by their Human Resource Directors & health insurance companies as well as the vital statistics reflected by the county where they have marriages, births, deaths, arrests, and education.

  • The Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) is the data that the PCORI, Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute is looking for and how the WIN (Women's Informed Network) made a difference in health disparities. 
  • We will compare the data from businesses who joined our Cooperative using the statistics that they have tracked for years on their employees absenteeism, health insurance and Workmen's Comp claims, their turnover rates, and any employee & customer satisfactions survey tools they use for Quality Improvement.   


  • We will compare the data that public schools have collected for years on absenteeism, disciplinary actions, health insurance claims for their staff, acts of bullying & violence, drop out rates, and incarceration, teen pregnancies, and their Communities That Care data & other tools they are using to assess student and staff outcomes.  


  • We will compare the county vital statistics for their counties and communities where the elected, appointed, and hired leaders are engaged in this statewide online2local informative & action taking process for enhanced public health outcomes and controlled deflationary measures.    
  • It will also document which Kansas Public Employees are actually informed by their employers that the online2local Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative is available to them as a benefit, how many engage, how the quality of life & health disparity data changes based on their level of engagement and their perceived benefits from involvement.

Citizens participating in their free time: 

  • Engage with their Skills, Time & Talents, Affirmative Action Attitudes, and Resources. That is what the acronym STAR stands for.  
  • STAR Bucks are the virtual currency that honors STAR power time equitably. 
  • Earn One STAR Buck for each one hour of volunteering using their current STAR power.  (This is not to be confused with STARBUCKS, the coffee chain for expensive drinks served in recyclable containers but whose facilities currently still lack a recycling system on site or in conjunction with workplaces their products are consumed at.  They can help us all innovate when they join to charter the Better Better Cooperative of Wellness Weavers.)   
  • Invest One STAR Buck for every hour of learning 
  • Become trained to form nimble teams to address issues they have STAR power to serve...even when their role may be to ask critical questions because they don't understand or see something wrong with the direction things are headed 

This post officially spreads the ownership of Wellness Weavers to those who will play by the Bee Attitudes and properly use me, Helen Stucky (Risdon, RN-ret) Weaver and the Wellness Weavers assets as intended to protect the vulnerable with only the best information, practices, and policies.  Now nothing relies on my physical presence for the system to become an option for all people with or without health insurance or paying work.  

More WHY:

  • It is a business deduction for training employees and volunteers to be kind, respectful of diversity, collaborative and  innovative. 
  • It is a business deduction for technology partners, like Survey Monkey, Zoom, Cisco, Verizon, CityMax, Civic Plus, Banks,  health insurance companies, hospital-clinics-home health care-medical supply companies, and pharmacy chains to participate in-kind in support of their employees and customers.  
  • It is a business deduction for the NGOs, non governmental organizations, like faith community systems and any tax-exempt organization who has operating cost for employees, & conducting business funded by tax-deductible donations to accomplish their organizational mission. 
  • Inviting employees, volunteers, customers to spend one-hour to collaborate and innovate on consensus action plans using the Wellness Weavers "Everyone Counts Game" online or from their local live gathering, is an ingenious way to be interactive and responsive to loyal, lukewarm, or irate customers in a way that adds value to their day and life, and provides quality improvement for their business or organization. 
  • This is Wellness Weavers, Inc's  in-kind support for controlled healthy economic deflation...and to demonstrate inter-generational lifelong learning, combined with building an expansive list of 1-hour service-learning projects for time well spent living a life of meaning and creating memorable experiences with loved ones and appreciating the people who are different than us. 
  • It is how we plug in to develop our STAR power, reduce our stress, and save time and money as we earn STAR Bucks for each hour of service we participate on with our member projects! 
  • It allows us to demonstrate that the impossible becomes I'm possible...when we engage with our Skills, Time & Talents, Affirmative Action Attitudes, and Resources. 
  • It is the way Wellness Weavers helps people engage and reach their potential one-hour at a time until they no longer need "training wheels" because they have a very solid network of trustworthy friends, family, schools, and worksites in communities that care about living a helpful good life and solidly have the ability to collaborate and innovate about any issue. 
  • It is how We, the People, can bloom the finest intention of the US Constitution in a peaceful and fun way so our elected, appointed, and hired leaders will know how to collaborate and innovate with the citizens who are affected by & need to understand the laws.
  • It is the way that Wellness Weavers can finally offer the prizes that each person can select after playing "The Everyone Counts Game" to improve Quality of Life issues.  
  • Wellness Weavers was never intended to be a 10-year one-woman show and tell process.  This is the granting of the pure-in-heart wish to show and tell how to get things back on course as a diverse societal TEAM...Together Everyone Achieves More.

Fun improves function!  Looking at issues through the lens of others, gives fresh insights that can help our brains and options grow.   

Imagine all the creative teams that helped build the airplanes and the Apple technology devices.   They were willing to ask tough questions, visualize the desired outcomes, and collaborate, innovate, fail and repeat until they realized they had a version that was safe enough to try. 

Imagine what happens to an apple seed or an egg when they are in fertile environments & properly cared for. 

Imagine what is possible when we cooperate with the intention of having healthy women and men that are respectful of the human egg, human life across the lifespan, and want to help each other communicate to understand each other, the health research, and the path to optimal mental, physical, and environmental health so Earth and our families have a future.

We are all capable of being lifelong learners.  Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all the model and mentors of others.  

Cooperatively, we can choose to help each other become the best versions of humans being kind, compassionate and making smart choices.   

We, the Wellness Weavers, call the attributes needed the Bee Attitudes

Those are the rules that apply during our online collaborative work, at our events, on our campus in Waterville, and in our homes.

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