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Why visit the Wellness Weavers Home Place?
The reasons are numerous...


Are you living and or working in a stressful place and find it difficult just to calm down and connect with yourself and your loved ones?

Consider Waterville-Blue Rapids and Marshall County for your   customized retreat with the options of fun with living history research "time-machine travel"...

 explore and play in historic venues or take a break to write, meditate, or create with a class or on your own! 



Would you love exploring (or depicting) the individuals from families who were the living characters in the stories of: "The Wild West", the "Indians", " the Buffalo" "Cowboys", "The Little House on the Prairie", "The Wizard of Oz", "The Ice Age", "The Pioneers", "The Railroad", "Amelia Earhart", "Walt Disney", "Dr. Samuel Crumbine", "Cat Houses", "The Shakespeare Club",  "The Tall Grass Prairie", "Carrie Nation", "Susan B. Anthony",  "The Barn Stormers",  "The History of the Adams Family", "The Orphan Train", "The WW2 Prisoner Trains", "The Waterville-Blue Rapids connections to Chicago 1893 World's Fair, the World Tour of the NY Yankees and the Chicago White Sox", or bring your bicycle and race Tillie Anderson?...

That is just to name some of the history that you can learn more about with a visit to Waterville-Blue Rapids in Marshall County. 

Those that qualify to become the Living History Docent Ambassadors take home a percentage of the cash earnings when we host a Wellness Weavers, event online, in Marshall County, or your community.  

A mission team from Tulsa, OK had time for some improv fun after doing some painting & general labor on the WW campus.

Do you know what it is like to visit a farm or organic gardens and to learn from the practices of those that did not rely on electricity centuries ago?  

Well, this organic farm practice is from the early Incas in Peru.  These two were Wellness Weavers since they met in 1968, long before there were people or a system known by that name.  Helen Stucky (Risdon, RN 1976-2016)-Weaver on left, and Dr. Carmen Beverly graduated from Salina High South, Salina, Kansas in 1972.  

Would you like to get fresh air and some creative exercise?  Marshall Co has trails & even some with rails.

Bike Across Kansas (BAK) got a quick pass through for some water, and a little mirth aid.  Happy to report that no first aid from the Wellness Weavers' nurse was needed that day!   That is a two-person powered railcycle that goes on private tracks.  There are 12 miles of the Central Branch Historical Railroad that connect Waterville and Blue Rapids. 

Lifetime members are supposed to be able to put our vehicles on the track.  They do not yet have policies and procedures for people that value physical activity and a scenic quiet experience.  The tracks sit quiet most of the time. 


This was an open house in the 1885 Stone Barn with "Amelia Earhart, the Time-Traveler", giving a tour to some railroaders who were interested in seeing the airplane "skeleton".  Finishing the building of the 1930 Gere open-cockpit biplane is just one of the Community Service-Learning Projects for Wellness Weavers and our guests.  Individuals that are qualified as TEAM planners, supervisors, and worker bees are the ones that earn time credits for every hour of free time volunteering.  Those that want to explore being on a team, pay money for the experience...or take the training for being one of the volunteer Wellness Weavers. 

Would your family like to meet real Americans and help us all learn to have inner peace and solve the problems we are facing?   

Amelia Earhart's finest work was to help the world to do that. 

If you are willing to spend 1-hour of your freetime... or if your boss will pay you 1-hour of wages to collaborate, innovate, and advance our global SMART Action Plans, click here for the short version that takes less than two minutes to read & complete.   If you, or your boss, is a detailed oriented business plan...what's in it for me kind of person, then here is the thorough version that you will want.


Would you like to be part of a mission trip and live with purpose on a Service-Learning project where your health and the future generations' health is protected?


Do you long to breath, play, learn to eat healthy, use humor for positive outcomes... and take those skills home and to work in your community?

Cutting potatoes for planting in the Community Gardens at the Walnut St. House was a new experience for this family. 

Workplaces with healthy humor and wellness strategies have been shown to have a healthier profit margin, more engaged employees with less absenteeism and less turnover.  

When the Wellness Weavers system is fully operational businesses will be members and receive cost-effective wellness strategies and training sessions that their employees can easily implement in their workplaces and receive time and credits for volunteering on .  Businesses can also be part of the Corporate Barter Solutions Global network that allows them to legally stretch their cash and barter for tax-deductible expenses and supplies from the more than 60,000 businesses in the network.  

Employees and volunteers will be able to enroll in the Wellness Weavers system of Community Service-Learning in their Community and then spend their Health Bucks in their local or any global community that has the Wellness Weavers system.  A new paradigm of wellness and education can be integrated when the right people come to the table to collaborate.

Why wait, get onboard virtually to collaborate!




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