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Here is a Virtual Projects List that can earn Time Bank Credits for helping Wellness Weavers with our "To Do List":

News flash!:  The TimeKeeper Bank App is ready for pioneering Charter Members and we are forming the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative Communities within the TimeKeeper system.  Join us to earn Time Credits in your TimeKeeper Bank Account while you work on Wellness Weavers projects!

Waterville, Kansas is the rural-urban physical and virtual campus dedicated to helping people connect with others that are also working on ways to help us all reach our potentials.   So, yes, you are also welcome to come here if you think the Bee Attitudes and the historic buildings are fun and full of Community Service-Learning and business opportunities for those that would love to develop more streams of incomes to create other ways for volunteers to be in service with them. 

The below are assets to help manage and leverage for the best service for everyone wanting to become Wellness Weavers.

Click here if you would like to collaborate virtually.

  • Participate on the web-based meetings to develop the membership categories, policies and procedures.
  • Tweak the community health forms that are unique to Wellness Weavers and though they were developed between 2009, only the SOPHIA form was introduced to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Topeka, Kansas and due to the EHR, I was able to update the Veterans record from various places where we traveled between March 2011 and up until September of 2013 when he got into his own home and decided that he was no longer in the Wellness Weavers system.  His choice of behaviors also no longer qualified him to be in a model and mentoring role.  Thus the system still seeks those that want to be wholistically well to reach their dreams and potentials.  So though I have great hopes that all former Wellness Weavers will see the full system bloom and choose to get back on track with the original plan that got them the invitation to live on the homestead campus.  Without critical mass of groups of people living and working with a lifestyle that brings them inner peace, joy and personal sense of purpose and growth, it is a rare individual that will success if they feel deprived of the behaviors that become more important than relationships and even themselves or their loved ones.
  • Co-develop the web-based tools to help people plug in their individual, family, business, community strengths and best ways to access services that build upon weaknesses they are interested to improve
  • Maximizing function of our Apple technology products
  • Maximizing use of our Cisco WebEx Enterprise webinar platform for health uses, educational uses, and legal uses.  Click here to get set up to collaborate
  • Improving our current website
  • Maximizing FB: Wellness Weavers
  • Twitter: Wellness Weaver
  • Turning iphone photos and historic video interviews into useful teaching or entertainment products that are age appropriate for the full spectrum of living a life with high integrity and wellness. 
  • Maximizing Survey Monkey account with people skilled to create nimble surveys with the logic questions built in and those that can manage the data and report it to all.
  • Data management of our Survey Monkey tools
  • Join "the Main MAN" committees to bridge between their pilot projects to offer them the chance to add value to their MAN and Time Banking clients.  the Wellness Weavers WOMAN4W(H)EALTH4ALL
  • Access to Time Bank softwares: Community Weaver 3, H(our)World, TimeRepublik TimeKeeper Bank(TKBC/Wellness Weavers for pioneers of the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative)
  •  US Federation of Worker Cooperatives.    The Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative for the virtual communities of Volunteers may be a more appropriate wellness cooperative with the web-based resources & each local group helping to weave the support between the school and public health activity and fresh, local foods and comprehensive recycling system.
  • Help us find Medical and Public Health Schools, institutions of higher learning, state departments of education and  that want to collaborate on the community piece of their Social Emotional Character Development plans, and organizations with "Healthy People, Healthy Families, Healthy Worksites, Healthy Communities in their mission statements and that will use HIPAA Compliant web-based technology to increase the number of adults that are helped to learn the team-building and communication skills needed to move through conflict to collaboration and innovation..  
  • Negotiators that can help open the portals to health insurance companies that will partner using Cisco WebEx to link their students and business policy holders to this opportunity to co-create this new paradigm of solid collaborative and innovative health promotion and wellness in the workplace and community to be researched by a PCORI.org grant before that opportunity sunsets in Sept 2019

Click here if you would like to collaborate virtually and have the negotiating power to represent your company.

Click here if you want to learn about new ways to work nimbly and here if you are ready to begin working that way.  

Click here to learn how to maximize Human Resources in your workplace  and here if you are ready to begin working on it. 


Research options:

  • PCORI.org research grants are due to sunset in September 2019. 
    Hypothesis:  The Wellness Weavers system of intergenerational Community Service-Learning will reduce the ACE, Adverse Childhood Experiences in people under the age of 18, and reduce incarcerations due to SUDS & mental illness,  CER Comparative Effectiveness Research


Virtual vs Self-righteous? 

The Core Values are good virtues passed down through the generations in my family tree as the human text to support the Ten Commandants given to Moses. Others judge that as being self-righteous.  

I think that the Bee Attitudes are the Core Values, theTen Commandments, the Beatitudes... just in more simple to understand and use fun way. We do not worship statues, or art, they are just fun ways to represent people and nature and the qualities that we need to consider as we select our beliefs and behaviors that reflect our beliefs about being humankind.

Some people think that some of our ideas are out of this world.
Some think and have spread rumors that I, the founder and "the fool", "the clown"..."the space cadet" , "the crazy lady", "a witch" ...or the world that rhymes with it and is the defined in the dictionary as a female dog.  Though I certainly could be any of those things, I have a mission to do and can't be limited by labels applied with mean intent.  Mental health first aid is a real course that every one can benefit from.  

The closed doors and minds and hearts to collaboration of key stakeholders is one way that I knew that this and most every town needs a Wellness Weavers option for those that do want to be well and reach their potential.  

We are all teachers and learners.   These experiences taught me how people without "white privilege" and without adequate STAR power of Skills, Talents, Attitudes, and Resources have quite possibly had to live within glass boxes or marginalized their whole lives.     

I wonder what those same people that play the roles of "civic leaders", "elected leaders",  "gatekeepers", Chamber of Commerce leaders, historic preservationist, and supporter of the arts and sciences, and the "wolves in sheep's clothing" would be like if they lived in a community where they had paid to live, play, work, buy and stablized buildings, yet were not welcomed to play on the team?   Are you dealing with difficult people?

Though there is much work and the Community Service-Learning citizen engagement piece has not found favor with the leaders, there are some wonderful neighbors that have helped me in various ways without being official Wellness Weavers.   There are many "Volunteer Worker Bees" that are missing the "City Bucks" and "Time Dollars" that they would be adding to their Time Bank accounts, as our virtual and local circles of collaboration to finish building the new system emerges.  However, they are paid in the sharing of the resources we have to support our health...access to Internet, transportation, recreation, office use, garden produce, equipment,  help with their projects, and connection to friendship and information to help them link with what they need.

Wellness Weavers is my faith-in-action to help us that want to be well find a "Forever Family" that shares these values and honors who I am in the blended Weaver Family and wants to adopt a woman like me... so we can all have quality of life as we live for good.

I took orders from the following doctors to "Have Fun and Good Luck!  Dr. Laura SunnDr. Clifford Kuhn,  Dr. Wayne Jonas, Dr. Patch Adams


Major Astra, a Space Cadet, successfully "returned with model new Earth in her hands" to Oshkosh, WI after retrieving the inanimate little sock monkey mascot (in right hand) from an earlier point in time before the Enterprise accident that happened on October 31, 2014.


Waterville On-site Projects:  

Like a family...we want to be able to serve WITH all ages and all abilities and be a safe base campus where people's health and wellness will be supported ...a place where they can bloom and grow and bloom some more to reach the best versions of themselves. 

  • Agricultural:  Six garden spots, grape vine, composting system, watering system
  • Aviation: finish the 1920 Gere Single Cockpit Biplane
  • Art (especially all the brain-based therapies or skills for self expression and ways to reduce, reuse, repurpose) Murals
  • Performance Arts (the City owns the Opera House but it is rentable, there is a handicapped-accessible Community Center with kitchen and serving window...good for dances, events, and it has internet access)
  • Behavioral Science:  Studying what makes towns accept or reject people and ideas; Communication, Neuroplasticity
  • Business:  Yes, all aspects!  I want to be a Grandmother and project rover and on the Board...not playing all the roles...I want to be known as the wise business woman that got us to this point and turned it over to the best team!
  • Computer Science: Management of a full iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, DBA for Survey Monkey, getting the historical interviews, photos, Cisco WebEx, best ways to serve the local to global members with record keeping 
  • Time Bank Coordinators: Community Weaver 3, H(our)World, Timerepublik
  • Creatives:  Using the digital photographs, making short and effective health edutainment PSA,   documentaries of historical significance about the people involved in the social justice issue.
  • Construction Science:  All six buildings have forms of construction science.  The last hail storm damages two shingled roofs.  There is repointed of limestone barn of 1885 and tin roof repairs.  Building for an Eco-healthy future.
  • The LAMP, Lumberyard Activity Market Place, that needs proper assessment, business plan.
  • Drama & Drama Therapy in our buildings and the Waterville Opera House
  • Education: leveraging the many resources in the Health and Wellness and the Arts and Sciences to develop online discussion groups, innovator meeting groups for health, education, social justice issue
  • Energy systems:  Planning for maximizing solar, wind, water and human powered systems 
  • Food Service:  Cooking team for events and project crews...in conjunction with food growers and for preservation.  Creative solutions to partner with grocery store that is 5 miles away and local but expensive unless can get things on sale.   Even I had to switch to Walmart for many things.
  • Gerontology:  Active aging in place and revitalization. Using Cisco WebEx for coordinated communication and healthy family-friends network; Creating healthy adoptive surrogate families;  Safe and healthy relationships
  • Hospitality:  Modeling and mentoring how  communities can be welcoming and helpful
  • History:  Digitalized copies of The Telegraph go back to 1870, there are family ties in Waterville to Amelia Earhart's family, the Adams family history is rich and tied to the Kansas Street Settlement House. We have original items from the family.  Lots of historical books.  
  • Language:  We have resources for Spanish, Japanese, Russian and love to study and visit other cultures.   We aspire to use the Cisco WebEx platform to link and work and play and have virtual family parties connecting around the globe...our end of the rainbow to theirs.
  • Library and museum sciences:  Culling the computer records that are redundance prolific writing that got to long and scrambled up during editing that they are nearly unusable clutter!    Knowing what is historically significant to save.  
  • Leadership Studies:  Peace and empowering civic leadership and weaving the culture to be supportive of lessening stress on people; gift economy; wellness-based health care system; incarceration as a time for case management and multidisciplinary IHELP implementation
  • Native American Studies:  The original human stewards of the lands our campus was built on.   We have resources in print and online.  We want to make use of the Native American Talking Circles blended with the Principles of Sociocracy 3.0 (see the Communications tab on the website)
  • Cataloguing the collection of resources and helping the other teams to know what kind of storage and display methods.  
  • Landscaping, yard maintenance, council circle 
  • Fun with city snow piles in winter
  • Recreation options: getting ropes course planned and assessment of options and planning fun events and classes, establishing lifetime fitness options, getting yoga classes in person and online options

Did that make you think of something else for improved quality of life & your area of focus?

Q:  What Time Bank options are currently available in the USA?

Here are some for tracking and exchanging volunteer hours  Community Weaver 3,  H(our)WorldTimeRepublik, TimeKeeper Bank,  

Q:  Why is Wellness Weavers working with TimeKeeper Bank?

A:  Because Keith Hupp, Developer, has actually also been passionately working on the website and the mobile APP on his own time and dime.  His APP is global, and his website is cute and he is responsive to the nimble meetings needed for the development of the Wellness Weavers WOMAN4W(H)EALTH4ALL, the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network for Wealth-Health-Education-Active Leadership-Therapeutic Humor for Ageless Lifelong Learning.   

Since Founders see the vision and are on limited budgets and work overtime for the cause, we must work with others that will also work very nimbly and can see how our visions and efforts can help everyone faster together.   

It is difficult for some teams to accept a visionary that has been working on a project for many years though to bring system projects to fruition, it takes a team so, visionary founders are always working to find the TEAM so Together Everyone Achieves More.  

Q: What is a Time Bank?

A:  It is a local or virtual way to make exchanges within a network where everyone's hour of time is equal. 

People get to invest their time to earn credits doing what they love, know how, and are willing to serve others by doing.  


Q:  How many people do you need to have successful exchanges?

A:  That is a good question that I am hoping to find out.  So far, the few families that do favors for each other do not need to be in a formal time bank.   My phone calls document my volunteer time to certain numbers.  My computer time is much greater and harder to track.   When I was part of "the new MAN" working Board, it got to the point where I was feeling abused, neglected, and exploited as a compassionate and giving woman.   So, the pay it forward in willing service is the best system for me at this point.  I also do not have time to be the one that learns and serves as a Time Bank Coordinator...not where there is not interest in the concept. 

Q:  Why do I persist in weaving the concepts of Wellness Weavers with Time Banking?

A:  Quality services are rendered within communities and families that are of equal worth to jobs done by paid workers.  Networks of families and friends are always helping each other out.  Keeping track of our hours helps show the IRS and tax payers how much money is being saved.  However, work that is done by people that do not know how or do not have access the free resources for quality improvement and best practices, can actually cost society more money.  

The Wellness Weavers Way is born out of the formal trainings and experiences involved in serving 4-generation families as a rural RN for forty years.  There are so many ways that we can improve the system and help everyone have more fun.  Since the vision and the scholarships and the experiences and the affirmative action attitudes were given to me, it is my duty to do my best to weave the vision until enough people can see it and get excited about bringing the system to life.  

Q:  What kinds of projects qualify to earn credits in the Wellness Weavers Time Bank?

A:  Projects that are initiated by Wellness Weavers members at the individual, family, business, organization, or community level of membership are eligible to become Service-Learning Projects.


Q:  Who are the leaders of the projects?  

A:  Each project team is comprised of members that have the combined "STARS" with the Skills, Talents, Affirmative Attitudes, and Resources needed for the specific project. 

Veterans have had such great training that we hope that some will be attracted to try this new system out and become Team Leaders.

Q:  How will the STAR power be assessed?

A:  We are in the stage of development where we are setting up collaborative meetings using our Cisco WebEx web-based HIPAA Compliant meeting platform to set up meetings with people that are experienced in Time Banking and are willing to look at the assessment tools developed by the Wellness Weavers' founder, me...Helen Stucky (Risdon,RN) Weaver as part of the 2009 Core Public Health and Childcare Health Consultant courses where I received scholarships to attend. 

Q:  How will people's personal safety be provided for?

A:  Only team projects where the STAR power matches the PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, required after the projects risks have been assessed by PAT, the Project Assessment Teams. 

Background checks will also be a standard for all members and any assessments done during the course of a person's public or private school career, or from any rehabilitation program will also become part of their IHELP, Individual Health-Education Leadership Plan that they share with their team mates as part of the trust-building team building process needed to support each other.


Q:  Where does funding come from for the cash expenses involved in such projects?

A:  Membership fees, the business team for the specific project, and for instance a member individual or family might be able to afford to buy the paint and tap into the Wellness Weavers network to provide equipment and qualified volunteers to complete the project in the way that protects the health of the volunteers and the environment.  We seek to develop business relationships and transportation networks with Corporate Socially Responsible (CSR) businesses that supplies eco-healthy products and equipment.  

Q:  What membership levels are there in Wellness Weavers?

A:  We seek members at the individual,  business, organizational,  and system partners in educational, health & wellness, law-makers, law enforcers and funders, such as insurance carriers and philanthropists.   

This is the web site of wellnessweavers.com

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