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Be connected, be heard, be able to take positive action steps to help each other reduce our stress & optimize our cash flow & tax usage

The Fortune 500 companies know that fun improves the attitudes & function of their employees and customers. The good corporations also know that happy homes and good work-life skills-recreation balance is important for everyone operating optimally!

If you are ready to get into free introductory groups to reduce personal stress learning with and from each other about integrative self-care & fun that facilitates function so collaboration & positive conflict resolution skills bloom innovative solutions, Click here.


To live our mission & vision, we help individuals & families in low tax brackets get connected to become entrepreneurs with IRS-approved business deductions.  In the process, we help care for and with each other with interactive quality experiences online that bridge to local events for the spectrum of ages and abilities found within families & communities. 

Click on the Splash of LUV calendar of Events on the left sidebar to see what is offered this month...and tap into the FREE Happy Neighborhood Project for entrepreneurs to network.  Note that HNP co-hosts are ahead of many in getting fully vetted to co-host Wellness Weavers Zoom events...we call it flying our "Green STAR Ship Enterprise" because we can beam up families & struggling start-ups for FREE to play for improved purpose that improves the function of communication & collaboration. The Wisconsin is the only HNP that has Wellness Weavers vetted co-hosts...you do not have to be from Wisconsin or Kansas to join us...we are global citizens assisting in caring for the workers & volunteers who are also the tax-payers or consumers living in poverty. 

To give yourself and your loved ones the gift of financial freedom, click here for FREE online personal financial workshops.  Make 2021 the year you take control of your money & make it work for you for a change.  The best way to predict your future is to create it!


Onward and Upward...if you have to start over!   

Prosperity Pathways for guaranteed employment

Use the FREE level of BeeKonnected and progress to greater benefits as you progress your cash flow!

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State of Wellness Weavers in 2013...Now we can serve 500 any day for FREE on the "Green STAR Ship Enterprise" & you don't have to leave home or phone!

Topic for Truth Seekers: How safe is your privacy?

Functional Medicine addresses hair loss and more!

For Families: Social Media Dangers 1:28 hour video


Wellness Weavers, Inc is a 501(c)6, a non-profit operating in and from Kansas, USA since 2012.  Click here to find our annual reports and our Articles of Incorporation.

Our mission as a Living History Museum is two-fold.  One is to support individuals, families, businesses, non-profits...and the governmental health and human service departments with our Skills, Time-Talents-Technology, Affirmative Action Attitudes, Resources, & Systems (That is how all our collective members properly use each others' STARS!)  

Since it is our tax dollars & those of our customers that support the Research & Development ("R & D") of the government & grantees, we, the ordinary citizens also can benefit from adequate cash flow, legal tax deductions, and letting our money and insurance work for us instead of us working for money.  To be connected to FREE online financial literacy click here.

The second part of the two-fold mission, we seek to include those who want to be well into the We of Wellness and the adoptive global family of "Weavers".  We serve with each other from our individual strengths to weave the gaps in the health-wellness-financial systems with the technology & resources available by hidden in plain sight and in the flooded Sea of Information with the governmental, educational, business and non-profit systems. 

When we all cooperate to add the Sustainable Social Security Supplemental System for all, We, the People will have  optimal liberty and justice with & for all.

Want to take a 20-minute FREE assessment to find out your STARS Power?  


 (Trivia Quiz question: What does the STARS acronym stand for?  Hint: The answer is found a couple paragraphs above.)

If you find yourself asking, "What's in it for me?"  We invite you to have ME (Memorable & Meaningful Experiences) that respectfully value everyone's time. 

We are grateful and respect the precious 24 hours every day that we all get to decide how to spend investing in our personal growth & support of those we love. 

We all know that we are at our best when we feel respected, listened to, and comfortable asking the questions that are on our hearts and minds...without judgement, belittlement, or teasing from others. 

Respect, dignity, kind helpfulness, and positive use of humor are the core values that help us give hope and grow in faith to become the best versions of ourselves.  

With those character traits will can find nimble teams and solid friends that have honorable intentions and will not trick, abuse, exploit, neglect, lie, or abandon us...and they will give us or connect us to trustworthy help if we discover that we have been tricked and lead astray.   Unfortunately so many adults that are living and tricking others are repeating the pattern that happened when wolves in sheep's clothing were hiding as "Christians", "Scouts", "Teachers", "relatives" and "friends".  That is why Wellness Weavers offer HOPE for FREE and accept so many forms of currency so there is assistance for anyone that needs it.

(If you want to get signed up for your FREE introductory 1-hour sessions in the proper category, use this link.  If you do not know what PFA, MHFA, or other abbreviations are, do not worry about it.  It merely was a way to help find the people who have the same training as the core staff that are leaders in sessions where stressed people may be in need of assistance.)

The best way to predict the future is to make wise choices in each moment.  Our breath of life indicates that we have "now" as a decision point.  It is followed by another... and another until all the moments in our daily present lead us to the restorative sleep that our bodies-minds use so our spirits can be calm and carry us on and remain merry and bright when we do what is right.