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Welcome Happy Entrepreneurs
Let's have some fun and pretend our Zoom Enterprise platforms are a Fleet of Happy STAR Ships...we can "beam you up" when you register via your email or your smartphone!


Onward and Upward...if you have to start over!   

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Isn't that a great logo?!   We also love the Wellness Weavers logo.

Don't worry or be sad if you missed the Summit event...

Every Tuesday through Friday, entrepreneurs and small businesses can select to attend many choices of the free, online 1-hour networking. 

Find & register for those that match your availability. 

People are welcome to attend any of the FREE business networking group at the Happiness Neighborhood Project


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The silver lining to CoVid... it's causing cooperation & innovation.


Our online Live Well Cooperative will be co-created by all of us who are truth seekers and want to know about the evidenced-based best practices and resources.  We learn with, and from, each other.  The practice of the health-insured status quo medicine lags behind the research!   Why?

How many courts in the US have laws that are jailing people with Adverse Childhood Experiences, PTSD from accumulating and unprocessed Adult Crisis Experiences?

The proper treatment of criminals with issues of addictions, abuse, neglect, exploitation, & lying requires multidisciplinary Trauma-Informed Care. 

We seek to make Functional Medicine, empowerment, and interactive member support the foundation of the online Live Well Cooperative. 

We are searching for networks that want to use the Wellness Weavers Zoom Enterprise to collaborate and innovate on the new Standards of Employee and Customer Care. 

When students with advanced education cannot find jobs and have student loan debt, it is time to RESET the system.  Learning is a lifelong process and doing meaningful work is a learning process.  

We want to know what YOU need, want, wish for, and pray about. 


If you are reading this, you have internet or have access because of tax-funded public facilities, educational centers, to serve each other.  Many people have Smartphones and have questions and needs after business hours. 

That is why we are working with global networks to find other people who are interested in the health and wellness of their customers, employees, & the communities where we want happy families with happy and healthy businesses.  We can make the world a happier place!  It is a choice.  


Helen was trained at home, church, and school in childhood and credentialed during her 40-year rural nursing career to help anyone that had a question or a need.  Humor is just one aspect of stress management to boost your function.




                                                  I am  happy, "Sister Sue", Helen.  




Let's Zoom into action so we can kindly use the fully awake time zones around the globe to support happy people wanting to start or continue being in a good business!

The Wellness Weavers are those who respect and support our customers with the same dignity we would like to be treated with.  Wellness Weavers will joyfully help all people and businesses learn how to be happy and get the GreenBiz rating...on our way to the 5-Star rating!

Let's improve our happiness and humor.

Let's show our government, religious, & business leaders how to use what we have and nimbly form the "Green International Space Station for Peace, Joy and to be very well, thank you!"  
"Sister Sue, the invisible colored, blue-eyed White Grandmother Goose, the Weaver of true science & real fairytales"

Topic for Truth Seekers: How safe is your privacy?

Functional Medicine addresses hair loss and more!

For Families: Social Media Dangers 1:28 hour video

Want to find out what your STARS Power is?

 (It is an acronym for what we each uniquely & collectively have to work with.)

This is the web site of wellnessweavers.com

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