Walnut Street House...
Community Garden Project

The early Spring daffodils show promise of new garden life to come...

This home was built in 1900.  It has been remodeled by a series of people over its 112 years.  The last four owners-stewards of the property have been single women.  An interesting trivia fact:  three of the women have also been owners-stewards of the Bank District Flower Shop Gallery House building.

In January 2010, it became the "getting through a divorce with kindness and love" project.

March 4, 2011 it became the first pilot site of the Wellness Weavers symbiotic system of trading skills, talents, and resources for needs and wants to help individuals, families, and communities bloom where they are planted or transplanted.  


  • interior basement stablized & organized
  • reshingled garage
  • rotten wood replaced on garage
  • front porch rebuilt
  • new front door installed
  • repainted garage and porch
  • sod moved from the back yard to the front yard 
  • gardens for food and flower ministry established in the side and back yard
  • many meals cooked, food preserved via canning, drying, freezing
  • mowing exchange program worked out with neighbor
  • tilling services provided by another neighbor
  • assisted with the installation and staining of new energy efficient windows
  • helped an elderly single woman move to another town
  • assisted with care coordination-quality of life enhancement activities for two senior citizens with dementia
  • found a dentist willing to trade dental restorative care for a Wellness Weavers community service volunteer for remodeling services
  • vision, hearing, and other health concerns addressed through the VA services in Topeka
  • the Veteran who was doing the work & serving as the "system guinea pig" got off the SRS food program
  • established relationships within several churches & sang in the Swede Creek United Methodist's Easter Cantata
  • hosted the first ever neighborhood Block Party 
  • extended the room, board, and health promotion services arrangement to include work on two more historic buildings
  • hosted an Open House for the Waterville Opera House to assist with calling attention to the wholistic possibilities of use and to advocate for the collection of funds for the renovations that will make it user-friendly to all ages and abilities.
  • the purchase of the Kansas Street Settlement House,  the Flower Shop Time Bank, and the pioneer "Solt Lumberyard"
  • Sneak Preview Open Houses and Art Show March 16, 2012 in the Kansas Street Settlement House and the Flower Shop Time Bank
  • several additional people traded assistance with moving, painting, use of their trucks for such things as meals and showers, providing rides and others just plain served "out of the goodness of their hearts" without expectations of anything in return!
  • some playing, hiking, singing, dancing
  • normalization of blood pressure, staying within a healthy body weight and maintaining healthy blood lipids and glucose
  • improvement in stress management, communication, and problem-solving without the use of alcohol
  • it continues...

Garden Progress 2012:

  • March 9-16  We were so busy getting ready for the Open Houses that we failed to fit in the photo documentation.  Much yard and garden clearing work was done by a very active 83 year old...yes, "the apple does not fall far from tree".

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