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The layers of WHY
We must look deep into why inequality exists at this point in time in the US

Why are the majority of librarians women, yet the male directors are paid more? Librarians are trained navigators to help all citizens find valid research and evidence-based resources amidst the flooded Sea of Information.  That Sea is mixed with fiction, biases, and they, like other women, are trapped by the reality of inequalities and personal health and wellness plans with gatekeepers & environments that lag behind the evidence-based research and the available resources.   

Why do the practices of medicine and law not reflect the up to date  research and evidence-based best practices.?

Why is mental health a specialty, requiring co-pays for every family member after the deductibles have been met?  Why must parents take off work and students miss school because their health insurance companies will not coordinate to innovate with Wellness Weavers, the mental health-physical health providers, school health, the human resource departments, AND the people whose health they are paid to ensure (insure)? 

The silos of system partners in health, education, and the legal system of courts & law practices use HIPAA-compliant technology that is funded by taxpayers and consumers!   

The health of each individual, family, worksite, is the living manifestation of the sum total of their environments and the available food, drug, tobacco, and firearms.   How are the policies and practices of each of those interfacing circles of influence impacting the current economic and family stress? 

Why aren't those industries paying for the health damages caused by people using their products?   

We are all supposed to be learning how to communicate, collaborate and innovate to get along better and to be better productive team and family members.  Perhaps we need a mandate that requires adults to listen to the children, their concerns, the reality of their lives, and their ideas for being kind, collaborative and innovative team members.  

That is why Wellness Weavers and our formal period of forming the Kansas WOMEN's Cooperative is using the online2onsite Everyone Counts Game to show how intergenerational or other diverse groups at school, work, community centers, libraries can use the dynamically facilitated process & our individual and collective Skills, Time & Talents, Attitudes, and Resources to become the change we want by learning how to collaborate and innovate in kind and fun 1-hour sessions.   That is no longer than watching a TV show with very few participants.   

Taxpayer citizens and those living in poverty are grateful for entities that join up with the Kansas Women's Cooperative.  We will collaborate and innovate to close the gaps in support of the professionals with the licenses & authority to give orders or make laws and the citizens they took the oath to serve.  


For too long, we have been marginalized, tricked, exploited, abused, neglected, isolated and told that we are over-reacting or not able to take a joke. That is a sure sign that we are dealing with covert narcissists when we are left to do the best we can without adequate support systems, healthy food, safe housing & transportation, secure finances, and the benefits of a trustworthy system. 

We have watched our children, friends, and ourselves experienced being lead astray into sexuality, addictions, stressed by competition instead of engaged and empowered to become collaborative, innovative, empowered & supported problem-solvers.

The educational process and health care systems have not adequately taught health literacy and health education, & the emphasis on the life skills customized for the individual and families to succeed was removed. That is the planned implosion of the world by the planned corruption of the infrastructure of the US government-educational-health insured-laws with planned loopholes for the protection and economic gains of the designers of that system to reduce the global population.  

The good news is: there are plenty of good people making excellent headway in all those systems.  Many have lost their jobs or their credibility if they refused to go along with the inflationary stress production or fear factor plans to control others.

We need to solidly help ourselves and our children to have a complete knowledge of the way advertising, marketing, perversity, & debt are effecting the knowledge of dealing with emotions, thoughts, and communication skills needed for healthy human relationships.  Our choices have lifelong & generational emotionally-triggered impact on our behavioral, physical, and financial health.

Wounded men have risen to positions of power and viewed women & children as sex objects, talked over us, devalued our time, talents, and the money-saving and investment contributions we or kind men make to the family, the workforce, and communities. 

Women are often left to raise children on their own, placing both ourselves and our children at risk for mental-physical health dysfunction, and financial stress. 

Women are generally the ones to advocate for the special needs of the vulnerable young, teenagers, their elders, & correcting the policies that disregard stages of brain development.   Best practices for the right care to protect or rehabilitate from the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) between the ages of 0-25 years & the Adult Crisis Experiences too (ACE2) have been ignored those significant national & health insured system research was published & being selectively used in the training of the health care and social services personnel that sought it out.  If the US government-education-religious leaders and health insured system CEOs are sincere and serious about protecting children and people and the wise use of tax dollars, they will immediately change their tune and their actions.   This is the call for action!

Women have long had to hold down jobs, juggle care-giving responsibilities, and watch children and men cycle through detention, jail, court, and rehabs without proper case management and the court system is set up to only look at the tip of the iceberg, the actual infraction instead of deal with the root cause and use the proper template and algorithm.  We can properly tweak the national laws & family medicine practice to be based on the evidence based research and  best practices for Trauma Informed Care for the individualized health, education, and leadership plans. 

Women have increasingly been sucked into toxic relationship patterns that also contribute to the dealing of ACEs to children and Adult Crisis Experiences, too.

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