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Major Prudence Wright, MP salutes all forms of service that keep themselves fit in body, mind, and spirit to keep themselves, their team mates and as many families safe as possible.  

Especially those stay-at-home moms that have no salaries, no retirement plans for working in the trenches to improve the quality of life for all the ages and all the abilies and all the events and all the roles that given to the woman to coordinate on a shoestring budget. 

This was Time Square for the one night of "Occupy Broadway" when I had just arrived in NYC.   I was en route to friend's house in Brooklyn and asked another woman with red shoes on for directions as she left the airport and also headed for the subway.  On the subway, when she learned I was from Kansas, a student pilot, and had produced a radio play on the stage about Amelia Earhart, she said that she was an actress and always wanted to do a one-woman Amelia Earhart show.   She told me that I must stop at Times Square because the Occupy Broadway was being held that very night.  That lead to quite a side adventure and 2 free tickets to a "Lysistrada Jones".

It was also rather interesting because in going between the airport terminals via the airport bus, I also had sat across from a couple that were engaged in explaining their jobs.  The woman explained that she had the best job being an accountant for the making of the film that would be released in 2012 "Oz, the Great and Powerful".  That cracked me up since I also share my red shoes with "Sister Sue, the Witch of Kansas East...the unknown story of the Witch that gave her life and shoes so Dorothy could get home to Kansas".  I stuck out my neck and my red shoes and told the accountant my line for another twist to the tales of the Wizard of Oz and Wicked. 

I had a brief time to spend with a friend before checking into the Alma Matthews House in Greenwich for a week long "Theology of Mission" course.  

Wow, were my eyes, ears, heart and mind opened to the social injustices that people have to deal with because of our policies and practices. 

I salute all that are willing to do the right thing for peace and justice that is healing for all.
Veterans and their families, and any child, woman, man that has been dealt ACEs, deserve the multidisciplinary approaches to learn how to have inner peace & healthy growth.

Remember in the mid-90's that the Clintons were talking about

the "Standard One Page Health Insurance Form"?  

Since it was not forthcoming, "Major Prudence Wright" decided to develop it

at no cost to tax payers or the Federal Government. 


  1. The person that is born with a disability or acquires one needs a system of checks and balances in place so that no one takes advantage of them.  Unfortunately no everyone is born into a caring family or finds themselves being cared for and advocated for by a family or caregiver. 

  2. The family that seeks knowledge and best practices becomes the case manager-best advocate that no one can fire on their journey to enlightenment and empowerment to help their loved on and all in the family to learn from everyone how to best help their loved one attain maximal function, independence with a healthy interdependence network in place for quality of life throughout the life spectrum. 

  3. The care givers that run facilities or will come into people's homes must all be empowered to serve as a family member.  

  4. The law makers also must know best practices and the best way to prevent complications and improve outcomes efficiently and effectively. 

  5. The funders are the tax payers and the philanthropists and everyone wants assurance that there funds are being applied efficiently and effectively for a system that allows for best outcomes for all. 


That is why we must apply the arts and technology to bring the Science and Math to allow the proper system to be engineered.   That is why I insist on Wellness Weavers working with the best in their multidisciplinary fields. 

in word, deed, time and support 

Use it to collaborate with us to form a Health and Wellness Cooperative to put programs in place that are fun ways to spend time and effective in helping us all cope and TAPP into the best versions of ourselves with The Ad Astra Project where everyone within a supportive WOMAN...the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network can use their STAR power of Skills, Talents, Attitudes, Resources to serve and be served.  


What are some of the layers involved in healthy and well functioning communities?  

Individuals, couples, families, childcare providers, faith-based institutions, schools, businesses that create jobs & those that sell goods and services, local producers and grocery stores...and insurance companies

 But WAIT!  Insurance companies are not paying for stress management skill sessions or the people that provide art opportunities involving music, writing, speaking, laughing, gardening, memory quilts and art that is created to give voice to emotions that got bottled up and sealed.  They don't pay for movement therapy like dancing, playing with all ages, gardening, and horse back riding and taking a pet for exercise in nature though all those things are examples of the most effective therapies for mental stress and mental trauma that was emotional or physical. 

There are many layers involved in the framework of building healthy communities and it starts with each of us because who we are matters and when we interact well, everyone gets better!   

Together Everyone Achieves More!

If you are of legal age or the guardian of someone who is ready to improve their health then fill out the Standard One Page Health Improvement Assessment.

Become empowered to take charge of your health.

SOPHIA...means wisdom and knowledge is power!

If you are unable to afford the fee follow Wellness Weavers on FB and WellnessWeaver on Twitter.  Webinars that will allow people to learn about Wellness Weavers and join as Charter Members.  It has been 8 years of drama at the hands of the Watervillians that are nice to people that can afford to attend their events but are not interested in the system that will allow everyone that want to be well and join in all the games for "Good outcomes for all" instead of the trying to figure out who is a some version of real time "Waterville Mindcraft...Who are the wolves in sheep's clothing?"

No one will be denied the form based on inability to pay! Check the Wellness Weavers Project tab for ways to earn credits serving

Dr Richard Bergen, sculptor of Pioneer Woman, Compassion, Ad Astra, The Pony Express Rider, Gen Eisenhower, Icabod, and the Terrible Swede gifted the Prairie Tooth Fairy with a custom crown & had fun with a $100,000 bill...of course it is fake, all money is.  The government just prints more but you can't use fake money to pay off debt.  Time, friendship & health are the true wealth!

Here are some Tax-deductible Donation Opportunities so YOU can pay less taxes, like Donald Trump, and support the services that are really helping your community. 

Waterville Preservation Society... a 501(c)3 organization working to keep the best of the past for the enjoyment of the present and future.  The current project emphasis is raising money to make our 1903 Opera House handicapped accessible with an elevator and improved bathrooms and internal stairway.  If you do not need an elevator, then the front stairway is a good way to build leg strength and preserve balance. 

Many people come to Waterville, Kansas for a retreat to work on their health and wellness.  Please welcome them if they are out and about and appear to want to interact.  Please respect their privacy if they are in the gardens deep in thought.    To donate to Wellness Weavers General Fund, your tax-deductible donation can be given through MainStream, Inc.

Tax-deductible donations for the Wellness Weavers WOMAN can be made to Mainstream, Inc Attn: Herb Callison    You may also call Herb at 785-266-6422  or 800-582-1428  herb@mainstreaminc.net  Current needs are for funding Helen's living expenses as she continues "to weave" the system.  


"Amelia Earhart" and other Social Activists are on board with the Wellness Weavers and Waterville Preservation Society.  You just may periodically see AE or one of the others around.  Please know that "Amelia" is a person who wants to have fun with families of all ages but also needs her private time to rest up from her work and travels around the world.  If you are a 99 member, ask about a stay in the Amelia Room at the Kansas Street Settlement House...you can read her letters and what others have written about her.


Your prayers to nurture and guide us and sweat equity for Health Bucks are other ways you can be involved.  

Today is a gift, so open and enjoy it fully...that is why it is called "the present"!


STAY TUNED to watch us grow!...

Waterville Preservation Society... a 501(c)3 organization working to keep the best of the past for the enjoyment of the present and future.  The current project emphasis is raising money to make our 1903 Opera House handicapped accessible with an elevator and improved bathrooms and internal stairway.  If you do not need an elevator, then the front stairway is a good way to build leg strength and preserve balance.