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A way to connect businesses with customers & each other around the world.  




The Wellness Weavers help businesses get listed with Purple Biz and become compliant as Disability-friendly websites.  That accommodation is the first step in getting 1 of 5-Star Green Biz rating from Wellness Weavers. 

 Many US business websites are not secure, hackers that have the need for money, notarity with their criminal friends, or motivation to help predatory businesses gut the small businesses and entrepreneurs who they want to ruin.  

PurpleBiz clients have access to the best antihackers and the reforned hackers who are being monitored by the trustworthy global security forces.  We are the CEOs who like our simple lifestyles and not being rich and famous or spending our money on alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and products that harm the health of workers, children, the environment.  That allows our Green Biz partners to have more time to collaborate with customers and students and for us to spend more time with those who have our best interests at heart. 


Receive HOPE and access to the helpful health and wellness resources developed with tax dollars and donations to NGOs.  


   Note:  Since 2010, this website was merely a nimble place for an RN to put the helpful links that lead to health and wellness resources. Now for $20/month this website is still a placeholder as the real webmasters, App makers, journalists, the Green and Purple Biz businesses are being attracted in partnerships to bloom the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network in our respective local and our online global communities. 


We are co-creating the Green Global Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network with the member-owners of the Live Well Cooperatives.  We can help each other have a supplemental Social Security System that is equitable and available throughout our life cycle.  We will help each other:

1) Reduce the multi-directional extreme stress on our families, communities, customers, employees

2) Find the research that passes the critical thinking scrutiny for evidence-based best practices.

3) Reduce the inefficiencies of the gaps in health-education-social & legal justice, business, & NGO practices.

4) Have our own online access to collaborate on our flexible Individualized Health-Education-Leadership Plan that starts with our needs and grows as we do.

5) Progress to become a 5-Star Green Biz Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network with diverse businesses and insurance companies.

 6) Enhance the cash flow with helpful money saving & making options 



What is PurpleBiz









If you find yourself asking, "What's in it for me?"  We invite you to have ME (Memorable & Meaningful Experiences) that respectfully value everyone's time. 

We are grateful and respect the precious 24 hours every day that we all get to decide how to spend investing in our personal growth & support of those we love. 

We all know that we are at our best when we feel respected, listened to, and comfortable asking the questions that are on our hearts and minds...without judgement, belittlement, or teasing from others. 

Respect, dignity, kind helpfulness, and positive use of humor are the core values that help us give hope and grow in faith to become the best versions of ourselves.  

With those character traits will can find nimble teams and solid friends that have honorable intentions and will not trick, abuse, exploit, neglect, lie, or abandon us...and they will give us or connect us to trustworthy help if we discover that we have been tricked and lead astray.   Unfortunately so many adults that are living and tricking others are repeating the pattern that happened when wolves in sheep's clothing were hiding as "Christians", "Scouts", "Teachers", "relatives" and "friends".  That is why Wellness Weavers offer HOPE for FREE and accept so many forms of currency so there is assistance for anyone that needs it.

(If you want to get signed up for your FREE introductory 1-hour sessions in the proper category, use this link.  If you do not know what PFA, MHFA, or other abbreviations are, do not worry about it.  It merely was a way to help find the people who have the same training as the core staff that are leaders in sessions where stressed people may be in need of assistance.)

The best way to predict the future is to make wise choices in each moment.  Our breath of life indicates that we have "now" as a decision point.  It is followed by another... and another until all the moments in our daily present lead us to the restorative sleep that our bodies-minds use so our spirits can be calm and carry us on and remain merry and bright when we do what is right.