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   Note: This webpage and site are under construction as "Sister Sue, Grandmother Weaver" finds the full team of diverse, trustworthy "Weavers".  

The KC Fringe 2019 volunteer experience has allowed me "to weave" with people that already have a proven track record of success...and value my proven track record of successes during my 40-year nursing career.  

There are getting more and more people who understand the reasons that I suddenly started having glass ceilings, doors, windows and system guards assigned to discredit me and keep the Wellness Weavers system from reaching the taxpaying citizens, the volunteer Disciples of Jesus Christ, those suffering debt and inequality, incarcerations, and those with health issues (insured!) with side effects of the sugar-infused system sanctioned American Way of Life and the prescription drugs and the many ways that allow the system to profit from those that legally and illegally "self-medicate" with food and behaviors.  

Below is my monologue from a one-woman show and tell without commercial breaks!  It stands as my testimony until the full trustworthy team emerges that will use me correctly and help to make the Wellness Weavers website and App as excellent as the KC Fringe Festival's!  

Consider this as a fringe benefit for having found this website.  It is a free "green" presentation for any humanistic individual or group that is serious about leading a green way to engage and collaborate with all citizens.  Here is a link to begin to build our Humankind team.

Editing is the finest skill that saves the public from getting overwhelmed or feeling stupid.  That is why I seek Public School Teachers through the PhD teachers and the brightest students for my online or in-person TEAM so Together Everyone Achieves More ASAP!

Since I am so hated by very powerful system people, this post also insures the intent and integrity of the Wellness Weavers, Inc system in case of my physical death or incapacitation.  I am to be routed to Science Care 800-417-3747 with arrangements made since January 19, 2010 under the name that I was known by for 35 years: Helen A. Stucky Risdon.  All citizens are my advocates because Dr. Matthew Floersch of Meadowlark is not to be trusted because he is being controlled by evil system forces involving Kansas State University & the perverse pipeline in our federal government.  He must rededicate his life and medical practice to the real Jesus Christ and stop the human rights violations of Dr. Daniel Fung who is being systematically de-habilitated for over two years in a "rehabilitation unit", Bramlage House, on the campus of Meadowlark Retirement Center in Manhattan, Kansas.  Dr Daniel Fung has been brainwashed into believing that he is receiving the finest medical care. His visitors are limited and he is isolated from the other rehab residents and truly therapeutic wholistic therapies. His wife is being scapegoated and kept from her proper assessment and therapies.  Their only child is being manipulated and also kept from the proper assessment and therapies that would allow for their individual and collective healing.  It is extending lies and trauma to his four children and wife!  

If we fix the system for them, it will fix it for everyone!  What are you willing to do to help?  You can join the online Everyone Counts Game Show 


The purpose of Wellness Weavers is to provide an equitable supportive Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network (WOMAN) to reward businesses & citizens that are doing their part to make the world a better place that does not need to be sugar infused.  The very wealthy have great advantage from owning debt however the average US citizen does not yet have access to the same accounting and legal practices and advantages.

The FEMA MAN (Federal Emergency Management Agency Mutual Aid Network includes working with the military, the Red Cross, the local EM agencies, and the 501(c)3 organizations such as churches that have training systems and networks of volunteers that know how to do their parts of disaster response).

As a longterm rural nurse generalist with many advanced certification, I officially retired in 2016 after 40 years of learning about the systems & the challenges of all family members my profession told me that I was legally responsible for delivering the highest standard of care to.  I officially served in EMS-Disaster Response-Humor Therapy-Art Therapy-Movement Therapy-Horticulture Therapy-Grief Therapy...and had to deal with my own PTSD therapy and the destruction of the audiovisual recordings of over a year's worth of Family Therapy at KSU and the ultimate changes to the Electronic Medical Record with over 6 printed reports of sessions missing and changes in the diagnosis.  The citizens need to free Dr. Daniel Fung from the "rehab" unit where the perverse system has been systematically rehabilitating him by putting him to bedrest and keeping him from his hobbies of cooking and playing the piano.  His case is deemed to be of "national security" because evil forces want his patent to the "Rapid Method" of microbiological significance.  It revolutionized the food industry's and public health's industry to quickly stop food borne illnesses from spreading.  The evil forces want to use the method to create bioterrorism to control who lives and dies.  They are rushing to get the KSU NBAF (National Bio & Agro-Defense Facility) done and to get Dr. Daniel Fung to die naturally so his traumatized only son with a large family, living in the expensive city of Boston, will sell them the patent.  Wake up America!  Check for yourself what the UN Agenda 21 really says.  

Ask yourself why does the United Methodist Global Board of Discipleship own a Cisco WebEx Training Center "with the CDC and two other business partners"?  Why would they, the CDC, Cisco WebEx and VoiceAmerica.com and the states of Kansas and Wisconsin not want to cooperate with Wellness Weavers to engage all citizens in a one-hour web-based collaboration and innovation session using the existing technology that taxpayers fund?  As a matter of fact, why would the US government, big businesses, all the 501(c)3 organizations that trained Helen... and the Republican and Democrats be united in keeping Helen off their innovation committees after the solid record she has of stretching money and frugally weaving support for the health and wellness of all individuals from the womb (age 0) through out the life spectrum WITH the research and the resources of the best of the best?

The reality is that "Grandmother Weaver" is still playing the role of webmaster and filling any volunteer role that it takes to make system progress.  That is me and the web I weave is built on the facts of the moments of the past 65 years of being nurtured, educated by my five living generations and our networks of friends and coworkers...and the many religions, nationalities, various governments, businesses, worksites, contractors, mission trips, and kind strangers that I have come in contact with.

Due to the diversity of the businesses, organizations, and individuals that are now experts in their wheelhouses, and the assets that I & my ancestors have paid for, we can weave a collaborative innovative way to wisely use our nation's available in-kind, tax-funded, human, natural, and developed resources in ways that reinvigorate and revitalize us.  We must also "course correct", (an aviation, transportation, and military term) to save the world from the evil agenda.  Even the most evil villain are offered the same deal when they repent and learn to live with appropriate love & empowering everyone to do what is right & be given security of access to food, housing, education, and helpful, kind people instead of using fear, inciting chaos, and using force & manipulation to control others.


Wellness Weavers reduce waste, reuse appropriately what was already produced, reclaim, rehabilitate, repurpose, renovate... regenerate the land and built environments with people who want to help each other.  We research and use the best practices for healthy relationships for healthy people and healthy communities using peaceful collaboration that brings innovation and joy to the diverse factions that must live with the consequences of our action steps. 

This is how we all can do our part for healthy people & healthful, safe communities that deal constructively & compassionatly with our complex social problems.  

We cannot bloom the original intent of the US Constitution and the equitable non-religious ways of Jesus Christ who said the most important thing was to "Love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength...and your neighbor as yourself."  

In the Wellness Weavers system, everyone who has guilt, shame, and feels unworthy are given priority nurturing and rehabilitation (if they want to become well).  In rehab they will to learn to feel forgiven and able to listen and see the clear way to making right and healthy choices in the moment so they can coach and extend that to others and build trusting relationships. (Find the online templates of Margaret Paul, PhD who has made excellent charts that compare and contrast the systems based on Fear and Love). 


We, the members of society are the co-owners-members-stewards of any system we bring into reality with our behavior choices.  

Taxpayers have been funding a system that is bogged down with injustices and an imbalance of power given to people who value money, material possessions, debt, and class privilege over the equality promised in the US Constitution and the Human Rights promised by the UN.  

The Wellness Weavers system is for businesses and 501(c)3 entities, and entrepreneurs that value people, the planet, and are committed to business practices that create cash flow without damaging people and the planet.  

For equality, engagement, lifelong education support, empowerment for health, wellness, and resiliency. We aim to empower our in-kind member-owners-stewards-leaders & guests within the "Green WOMAN".
We seek to reduce the effects of:
1) Stress overloads, by co-creating ways of making life easier & more fun.
2) Adverse Childhood Experiences, PTSD, and Adulthood Trauma Experiences
3) Pollution and places or events that lack comprehensive recycling systems,
4) Inefficiency in government
5) Overwhelmed citizens drowning in the sea of information overload that is full of underutilized resources, hidden in plain sight, & left for each individual & entity within the system to find what they need.
5) Debt from education, health care gaps, housing, & excessive consumerism
6) Inflation
Wellness Weavers, Inc is a citizen-lead, member-owned, privately funded in-kind community health and wellness pilot project that has been serving and developing with volunteers, many of whom were homeless or at strained places in their lives.  It began as the capstone nursing project of Helen Stucky Risdon, RN in 2010.  She retired in 2016 after 40-year career and continues to volunteer as Helen Stucky-Weaver, a global "Good Samaritan".  She has lead by example to demonstrate another form of support for workers and retirees, with voice and vote to inform lawmakers on the research & reality of community impact with citizens that include students & teachers that are clear headed and free of political agendas influenced by lobbyists whose intent is to profit from the perpetuation of national health and social crises.  

The Wellness Weavers Global Trust Fund now owns the technology resources, the campus in Waterville, Kansas and the full archives of wholistic health and wellness multimedia collection and the equipment and transportation modalities and projects. 

The next phase of development is to become the working Living History Museum system with the Wellness Weavers Healthy Blended Family Fun CampUS in Waterville and the largest scale bloom of the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative being in Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri.  It will serve online members and travelers in the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative serving and connecting the communities where members and clients live, work, and recreate.

Membership is open to:
1) Employers, that offer health insurance to their employees...and those that can't.
2) Organizations in support of their paid staff and their volunteers.
3) Any person receiving Medicare-Medicaid and those that do not qualify.
4) Any tax payer that is single or part of one or more families (i.e. marriage, step-families, adoptive families)
5) Any military trained personnel that does not receive VA benefits and... those that do!   
To see if membership is right for you, the most fun next step is to book a time to play the Everyone Counts Game Show


lick here for a glossary of terms to begin to understand about this unique option for coping with the financial stresses and injustices created by the ongoing national health care, education, and incarceration policies in the United States that lack a coordinated individualized case management tool for optimal health, debt prevention throughout school to age 26 years and for adults that get into financial and legal trouble.

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