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Since Occupational Health have been replaced by Human Resource Directors who don't necessarily have to come from a wholistic nursing background or be a SHRM certified HR Director, by forming a Better Business Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative, us rural and smaller businesses can help each other...and have better emphasis on quality of family, work and community time. 

Grandmother Weaver, retired from 40-year rural RN generalist with a lot of specialty certifications in 2016.  She is wanting to transition from her nine years of struggling search for an effective leadership system to a system of shared Boards and organizations to create the Wellness Weavers Global Trust Fund.   

That will include the coordination of all the Wellness Weavers assets, including the website, the online "Everyone Counts Game Show", a one-hour 13-week web-based radio show on the Empowerment Channel of VoiceAmerica and the home campus facilities...requiring a nimble, diverse, trustworthy and well-coordinated team who will follow through all the correct steps to establish the functioning 24-7 global online2local Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative with the correct legal structures. 

Within a year, a network of the adoptive & natural family will inherit the Global Trust Fund to care with and for her as the co-test pilots project of how she will participate within her system, using updated strategies she had used to help improve the Quality of Life for the four living generations during her busy family and community nursing project days.   

Having personally worked in schools, a variety of hospitals, and community education systems, visited camps, National Parks and National Historical Sites, retreat centers, historical hotels, Bed & Breakfast Inns, independent 2 nursing care retirement complexes, dementia-friendly facilities, and addiction recovery programs, disaster recovery missions, the Wellness Weavers concept is to localize that and simultaneously develop the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network with other communities, neighborhoods, families that work in or own businesses but have gaps in their health insurance, short-term and long-term care and succession options and have concerns about their present and future Quality of Life.

With technology advancements, it is possible to connect the wheelhouses of people and communities that may have similar circumstances of busy, disconnected families, isolated individuals, without access to all the desired experts in health, wellness, excellent business, home maintenance and succession systems.

Wellness Weavers, Inc is searching for established businesses and organizations with a standard of excellence and the common threads of our stewardship of people and communities... with efficient use of technology and well-functioning Boards. 

Well-functioning Boards collaborate via web-based meeting platforms, share the tasks, and use excellent project management tools to be able to multitask progressively and serve all ages and community partnerships.   

Instead of fighting health insurance, organizations, health and legal professionals, we want to collaborate with them so we can come up with an option that serves those who are wanting to use research-based studies and resources instead of the standard pharmacological plans that patients report costing more and having more side effects than those that try food supplements and a menu of self-care activities that others report effective and less expensive.     

The more diversified we are within the common core values of stewardship of our bodies-minds and a grateful, positive "Do Right to be Well" spirit, the greater chance we have of helping to solve the tough family, business, and community issues that people have not felt competent to improve.   

We know we have many online2business member opportunities within our system for those who share our passion for protecting & helping citizens and Mother Nature heal and rest peacefully at night so both can be properly used, cared for, and resilient. 

We are living in the Information Overload Age.  We must become collaborative and innovative to coordinate ways to support our civic leaders, parents, grandparents, any care givers to do our best jobs to raise our children and care for each other.

If you are interested in the Quality of Life across the lifespan for yourself, your family and friends and within the communities where you choose to live, work, recreate, and visit, then click here .  

We will send you email info about free upcoming Quality of Life interactive webinars that allow all of us to learn with and from each other about the research and the resources for the best effective and affordable strategies known to help people naturally combat lifestyle related stress & poor dietary habits related to the mental health and physical health ills plaguing our citizens. 

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