The Kansas Street Settlement House...
Where Amelia's Finest Work Continues

Note: 11-26-2016 This is all part of "the book" people have been telling me to write...   Until further notice the "third person" is equal to "the first person".  I just am tired about saying "I" and "me" when Wellness Weavers has always been how others are included and for the bigger picture of "We". You can read it or not.  ~Helen

The History of the Kansas Street Settlement House as it has influenced the unfolding present:

Purchased by Helen Stucky Risdon from Paul and Sandra Isaccson-Bynum to become her home and health and wellness resource center.  Transfer of ownership occurred  on December 14, 2011 in honor of Rachel Stucky, Helen's Mennonite grandmother who was her mentor and model in Christian stewardship ... of her body, her family, her gardens and farmland, and her interest in the world,  and the arts.   Helen in fact wrote a letter to give the building to the City of Waterville, in exchange for them paying the insurance, she would live in it and keep it functional as a health and wellness center for the city.  They declined the offer, saying that they did not want to own another building and would lock it up, if she gave it to them.   It is unclear whether the rumor that they paid the insurance for the Weaver Hotel is true, though it is owned by a group of Waterville citizens.  They do own the Waterville Opera House those they the Waterville Historical Society has a Renovation Committee that is spearheading its renovation.  So creative cooperative relationships seemed like an option.

This building located at 111 S. Kansas Avenue has changed names and functions six previous times.  Th new name reflects the holistic nature and mission of the Settlement House mode.  The Hull Settlement House of Chicago with Jane Addams, the Mother of Social Work, was the first in the USA in 1890.  The Henry Street Settlement House of New York City was founded by Lillian Wald, the Mother of Public Health, in 1893; Amelia Earhart, said that she considered her work at the Denison Street Settlement House in Boston, MA to be her finest work.  Thus, those are the threads that are woven into the missional work of Wellness Weavers and the Kansas Street Settlement House, the health and wellness resource center of our Waterville, Kansas campus.  It is intended to be a safe base for all that want to be well and reach their potential by serving, starting as the present person willing to learn to live a fun and productive life without the misuse of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other substances and behaviors known to have negative outcomes for individuals and families. 

This two-story limestone home was built in 1871 for Mary Adams, a young widow with two children, by her brother-in-law, Free-stater-attorney-Judge-newspaper editor, Franklin G. Adams,  and called the "Adams' Rooming House".  That kind act allowed her to be self-sufficient and of service to others.  She even raised two more orphaned children.  For one year it became the residence of the couple that owned the Isis Movie Theatre that was next door and where the Waterville Train Depot Museum now stands. {Note: Those facts can be "Service-Learning" opportunities to earn "Health Bucks" for a Wellness Weaver member in any location that loves history that wants to do the correlating research between the archived Waterville newspapers that are now available virtually via the Waterville Library's website, and the Kansas State Historical Society that also has a large web-based collection!} 

Next in the line of purpose and ownership was Dr. Thacher who had his office there.  He also put it into service as The Waterville Hospital and it served the community into the early 1960s.  It was then purchased by Attorney Roland Edwards and remodeled to be his office with a nice big upstairs apartment.  He built the cement room on the back that gives a nice screened porch upstairs that all residents & guests enjoy as an outdoors room.  He hired a farmer to make the built-in custom drawers in what is our resource library.   

It became "The Book Lady's Store" and then Heitmann's Realty office.  The upstairs apartment was nicknamed the "Divorce Recovery Apartment" by some in later years.  

It was purchased by Sandra and Paul Bynum in 2007 for their apartment and to house the "Adams' Attic Antiques and Collectibles" in the ground floor.   They, like Helen, are lifelong learners, and came from backgrounds with other some shared & diverse threads... Sandra as a retired police officer, Paul as a real estate expert and both as historians, appreciative of antiques and collectibles, also learning to improve their final marriage and a blended family after a series of failed relationships.  In good stewardship, they had it rewired, replumbed, and installed a new heat-air pump and energy efficient windows in the upstairs.   Sandra is a multi-talented artistic history buff, a community activist, and a business woman.  Paul a collector of scientific, health-medical, spiritual books, a writer on real estate topics, and a student of the piano.

Helen also continued with many of those threads.  The real estate thread was as an investor for purposes of supporting the revitalization of people and communities...the Wellness Weavers model that weaves a Community Service-Learning system based on the public health CDC "Healthy People" and "Healthy Communities" Initiatives, the public schools' Wellness Policies, and the Cardiac Rehabiliation and Diabetes Education model that promotes health lifestyles, in conjunction with the Kansas Health Foundation and the Kansas United Methodist HealthFund programs that gave her scholarships to pilot projects that supply "the threads she weaves the wellness system with".

The all senses of the word: 

The Kansas Street Settlement House is now part of Helen's home and library and also one of the resource centers for the Wellness Weavers Health and Wellness Cooperative.  Wellness Weavers advocate and support blooming healthy, vitally alive individuals, families, and communities.  Because Helen shares Amelia Earhart's passion for fun, family, flying, and world peace, she is also giving voice to Amelia's "finest work" and her family's ties to Waterville.  Relatives on both her mother's and father's side have history woven with Waterville.  Two bedrooms upstairs are available for visiting artists and therapists who trade to provide services for other Wellness Weavers and the general public.

The fun thing is that now all of the "Sister Sues" and "Amelia Earhart, the Time Traveler" are housed in the Kansas Street Settlement House and have access to the Cisco WebEx Webinar platform and a conference meeting room.  Of course, any where that Helen or any of her costumed characters or Co-pilot "Captain Kurt" are, the Wellness Weavers Enterprise Cisco WebEx account with access to high speed Internet and a computer or device with a webcam, they can open a nimble meeting or event.    

Cisco WebEx group options for "best pricing accounts" are: 1) Enterprise for businesses that are grouped to have access to the best pricing, 2) Education group accounts, and 3) Government group accounts.   Helen has been trained by all three categories yet, has not found any of that level of stakeholders that are willing to join forces for the local2global system to support their employees and volunteers.   Interesting paradox, is it not?   Thus she continues to weave and conduct "test flights" with people that are also volunteers, or willing to step out of their boxes to collaborate and innovate for a new frugal health and education system that will empower people to serve-learn and have skills for turning conflict into collaborative innovative frugal solutions.

Helen, as an old "RN, C": Registered Nurse, Certified by the American Nurses' Association as a Community Nurse, from 1985-1990 did not renew the certification that required an investment of study time, testing fee, travel to a testing site, and a $250 renewal fee for a five year block of time...she just wanted to prove to herself that she had the knowledge base to pass the most health promotion practice form of professional nursing.  

Now with the Internet, she has been able to post all the free resources that promote standards of excellence, though there is controversy about such things as immunizations, good nutrition and sound agricultural practices.  

Helen is an advocate of best functioning immune systems, clean air, water, organic food, healthy relationships, sanitation, and a comprehensive recycling system as the primary prevention strategies for optimal health and wellness.  The healthiest environments, best practices for health and wellness and stewardship of the Earth is very compromised for many people in this day and age.  Few people are willing to spend the time to get the detrailed systems back on track.  Wellness Weavers are the people that delight in untangling the mess and consulting the right people to develop the better way.  Those people even make their information free available on the web so others can benefit. William McDonough is one of those. 

Funding and creating this website is one frugal way that Helen could serve anyone that wanted to become the best versions of themselves, their families, their worksites, their organizations, their communities and really prove that they love the Lord, their God, with peace and joyful solutions that honor our Earth and all living things.   The HOPE page links people 24-7 with Free knowledge, skills, best practices, and the ability to ask any question at all with websites that were supposed to be trustworthy.  

Helen will delight when there is a full core team with the STAR power to co-develop:

1) The Wellness Weavers website, social media outreach, and the Wellness Weavers Health and Wellness Cooperative by making full use of our Cisco WebEx account to collaborate and innovate and host educational and support group sessions for our members and guests. 

2)  The Waterville, KS campus so it is functioning to it full capacity as housing and for local production of food, arts, and innovative human-powered products.  It is meant to be the hub of a local2global WOMAN...Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network.  

It is difficult to have a formal or well-developed WOMAN when only a few individuals and families have traded labors for room and board or access to the use of the facilities since Helen has been pitching the idea since 2010 and then proved that she was willing to invest and demonstrate the system by the purchase, clean up and frugal stabilization of the six buildings in Waterville even though she paid dues, donated time and services by attending many meetings & supporting the events hosted by the community Chamber of Commerce, the Waterville Preservation Historical Society, the Central Branch Historical Railroad, the Marshall County Arts Cooperative, the local USD #498 School District, the regional churches, various museums, the City and County governmental bodies, and the local health care system.  All have been offered ways to collaborate with the use of the facilities and only a few individuals have dared to become my friends though they are not supported or joined by their larger groups. 

The Main MAN Board and other seven pilot projects are also "too busy with their own lives and projects" to co-develop the WOMAN.  Many also are turned off by the spiritual faith-in-action foundation of the whole concept. 

3) The Wellness Weavers "Just in Time" App that will bridge between databases she created in 2009 via Survey Monkey to assess the STARpower of any communities assets with a company that will handle the database administration with HIPAA Compliant standards.

The App needs to be able to bridge between the other database that links those wanting to serve with those seeking services, such as food, water, housing, garden plots, innovation teams, recreation partners, transportation, and other trustworthy compassionate services for themselves and their family members within a local2global WOMAN...Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network.

4) "TAAP, The Ad Astra Project" is the pilot project to put in a plan to bloom the mental health outcomes as listed in the Kansas Gov Brownback's Mental Health Task Force Report of April 2014.  The Kansas motto, "Ad Astra per Aspera" means "To the Stars Through Difficulty".  

The STARS in the Wellness Weavers model represent the people that want to be well with attention to the 5-points of their personal health with attention to the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of their health.  It also refers to their willingness to voluntarily register to become part of the Wellness Weavers WOMAN, to empower themselves to become radiant healthy stars with inner peace and joy with wholistic wellness Skills, Talents, Attitudes, Resources plugged into Service that also serves the full membership with the best known and available STARS.  

Since Helen is now a retired nurse with a 40-year family-centered history of "pioneercamp2urban joy of living-cooking-family circus fun-improv variety shows", she prefers to be a "Global Good Samaritan" using her imagination in frugal green ways.  As a CHP, Certified Humor Professional, with the "Stucky humor" gene, she delights in making her Father laugh as she succeeded in finally figuring out a way to stretch time and money to being able to be the PIC, Pilot in Command, of the "Wellness Weavers Enterprise" and reach to any country or person that wants to connect via wise use of technology.  It was her Father whose side she used to sit at as he connected with people all over the world via his Ham Radio.  

When she shared her 1977 vision about the "Life Center", her Father loved it.  When she shared her 1978 Covenant with God to get the health promotion education and credentials, he delighted and trusted in her unfolding plans.   He was pleased to see what fun she had planned everytime she took him out of the Assisted Living facility or came to visit even when he had lost much of his ability to speak but not to comprehend what he told her.   As she shared the reality of the Wellness Weavers vision and progress and the Drama Therapy classs she was enrolled in, he was delighted.  

When she told her Father that she felt that she had to divert her flying fund and put her pilot's license on the back burner again, he listend attentively.   She made a commitment to purchase the 111 S. Kansas Avenue building with a mortgage because the Waterville Preservation Historical Society and the Chamber of Commerce were not responding to her progress, or her ideas.   Even the renovation of her 218 W. Walnut St house and the turn around in the health of a military veteran aviator that was homeless in California but willing to try the strict wholistic wellness Informed Consent of Wellness Weavers  to serve with her in the "Wellness Weavers pilot project" was not enough to win over the town, the county or the VA & state public health & United Methodist stakeholders.  

N. Paul Stucky was a known peace and social justice advocate that had served five different Civilian Public Service projects during WW2.  His only son had entered the military to become a pilot and was one of the best.  That was a both a source of concern and pride for our Father.  

He was positive and encouraging and very proud about my work to bridge both worlds of current medicine and to provide services to lead to optimal health and wellness for all that were impacted by war and modern life.  Having served in the technology systems for health, education, and social justice with his diverse science background, he delighted about hearing about the Electronic Medical Record of the Veterans the Wellness Weavers plan to be able to bridge between the public, school, and health care providers... and offer hope and access to programs for all that had been traumatized by war and childhood issues, like he had. 

Our family is just one of many that have been through losses: he was an infant during WW1 and it involved the countries where family lines came from, as a seven year old, most of the farm and all their lifestock were taken away by a tornado except the house and he watched and participated as his parents had to get and pay back a loan during the Depression.  He has sibling rivalry and no one to help him with his mental health and communication issues.   He tried alcohol and found that, like anything else he tried, he gave it his best.  His parents intervened and brought him back to Kansas and he stayed on the bandwagon putting his efforts into being the best teacher and researcher and Father but he didn't have leftover time or the communication skills for his most intimate relationship...his wife from a different culture, who he had married because of her family of origin, and her gene pool.    She had told him twice that she hated him and could kill him.   He did not tell me that, my Mother did in my adult years.   

How will we co-create the future?

In the mental health world and the school-community nurse world, we study about ACE: Adverse Childhood Experiences, and the influence that they have on resiliency, wellness, mental health and substance used disorders, and quality of communication skills, relationships and stress management in adult life.  

Now according to our local USD #498 School Superintendent, John Bergkamp, at the September 2016 School Board meeting, "Seventy percent of adults had high ACE scores."  

That statistic partnered with stress overload and ineffective coping skills result in a combination of body-mind-spirit symptoms:

*physical symptoms, (anxiety-feeling uptight, upset stomach, head ache, sweating, muscle tension, grinding teeth, clenched jaw, repetitive small muscle or large muscle motions, inability to sleep, craving things for a temporary calming effect, weight gain or loss, etc),

*behavior symptoms, (irritable, yelling, disengaged-isolating self, bullying others, refusing to listen, crying, inability to concentrate, inability to think of problem-solving ideas, refusing to collaborate, blaming others but refusing to see ourself as part of the problem, sleeping all the time, overeating, or refusing to eat, substance use, focus on electronic games and technology over relationships, etc), 

*emotional symptoms (being stuck with being angry, judgmental, apathetic, hopeless, helpless, and an inability to perceive that a feeling is based on incomplete data about the situation that triggered that particular feeling or a lack of empowerment knowledge, skills, and attitudes.  If a feeling becomes the whole focus and blocks out the willingness to look at or hear the facts, misinterpretes the other person's intent, and is the sole reason that a behavior choice is made... then it is not serving the person well and shows an emotional wound from ACEs, PTSD, a mental health crisis, or lack of knowledge, skills, and ability to adapt attitudes, also referred to as being inflexible or stuck in one's way.)

The general public saw during the poor communication behaviors via the TV during the recent 2016 political campaigns.  Each candidate had loads of stress.  Donald Trump's behaviors particularly stood out during the President campaign and debates.  Based on what his ghost writer said in his autobiography, it is backed up by ACEs, Adverse Childhood Experiences, that he accumulated during his childhood and the multiple failed relationships and failed businesses and his TV persona that demonstrated intolerance and power struggles and claiming, "that's not fair!" when bullying was happening to him but his inability to see how he bullied.  

ACEs are combined with the many stressors of adult life that are compounded by the constant focus on negative news and forecasts explain the "stressed out" violent and intolerant power struggles and blaming behaviors we are seeing all over the world. 

If we are ready to change those outcomes, then we must be ready to look at ourselves in the mirror and in a circle with true friends and the "Fam-Frien-Emies" that are also ready to stop this horrid behaviors and the WW3 trajectory that we are headed for.

What will Waterville decide to do with its $400,000 Willson Fund that must be used for education within Waterville?

Some possible wise use options: 

1) Pay for the City Government to have a host Cisco Government WebEx Account that the other cities in Marshall County and the Marshall County Commissioners, and the Public Health Department could purchase Cisco WebEx accounts under their "umbrella".  A condition of the Waterville City Council receiving this type of offer would be contingent on the council attending a training session on Collaboration and Citizen Engagement.  

The Waterville City Council could then extend the best price account offer to any other county in Kansas.  That would give each accepting City Council meeting access to 100 polling Chat box seats for collaborating with their organizations and citizens and access to the Health and Wellness benefits within the Waterville, Kansas WOMAN, Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network's pilot project.   (Note: Finally a "Pyramid Scheme" where everyone gets the same pay off!  Everytime a host account, whether a school, business, or another governmental agency with their own WebEx account connects to another host account, it exponeniates the 100 "voice and vote", the polling chat box seats).  

A County Health Department fails under the County governmental offices in Kansas generally.   That means they and the educational accounts would each have 100 HIPAA Compliant webinar "seats" for the education of parents, grandparents, babysitters, and any other childcare provider to be able to learn and understand:
1) Stages of Infant Alertness,
2) Developmentally appropriate interactive learning and communication game strategies,
3) How to spot an infant that is having physical, behavioral, or emotional symptoms of stress overload or illness,
4) Getting the right help at the right time for infants, toddlers, children, or developmentally delayed adults, and adults showing signs and symptoms of stress overload and ineffective coping.
5) The standards for Quality Early Childhood Learning Centers

The initial course with the above five objectives would be a collaborative effort with Wellness Weavers, Inc located in Waterville, Kansas and a non-profit in the State of Kansas partnering with KSU-Extension Family Services, Kansas Family Partnerships, the Kansas Department of . 

2) Pay for the Valley Heights School District to have their own Cisco WebEx Education account so they could offer the same layered deal from the District office and the Waterville Grade School to be in compliance with the Willson Fund specifications.  

The VHSD, USD#498, could offer the best price account deal to any other schools that also want to join in developing the best functioning Kansas WOMAN, the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network.  to serve with other schools and communities that also want access to best practices for community-based Service-Learning that makes of available technology and locally-based STARS: Skills, Talents, Affirmative Actions, Resources, & Services to help each home location have citizen engagement and local producers with environmentally friendly access to water, waste management that include comphrensive recycling, composting, and transportation plans

Set up green Cisco WebEx Training seminars series:
"Learning to Play with the Hand of ACEs and the Queen of Hearts so Everybody Wins"
"Communication Skills: Turning Conflict into Peaceful Invigorating Collaborative Innovation Sessions for Consensus Actions"

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