In Service With Veterans
For inner peace...peace in communities as we serve together!



hanksgiving Day 2018 Offer for all active Service Men, Women and their network of supportive friends, families and communities. 



This deal is still our inner peace plan!

If you love to interact and collaborate to innovate, 
click here for a FREE Ticket for the opportunity to join a free web-based "test flight" to work on the process for the Wellness Weavers "Green STARship Enterprise" using Cisco WebEx.  


Click here to watch a 3 minute video if PTSD or other issues are affecting your inner peace  

Click here to view 1-40 YouTube videos about holistic therapies that have been helpful to Veterans. 

Vets, if you have a smart phone then you can carry the Virtual HOPE Box with you and access hope just in time.  End the distress instead of life! 

Vets, have you created your free My Healthy Vet portal yet?

Native Americans and African Americans may have lots of conflicted inner feelings due to many generations of social injustices, trickery, abuse, having their families torn apart.

Many Native Americans have served the US with military service.  The Navajo Coders were instrumental in helping save lives and end the war. 

Native Americans raised in White families call themselves "Split Feathers"...I was told by a very smart and creative Split Feather that he actually had advantages and opportunities that he would not have had without the trail that got him to his present life and that he loved both families once he got reconnected with his family of origin and met brothers and sisters that he missed growing up with those he shared the same biological parents.  

I understood because I loved and was well loved by my third and fourth Stepmothers and dear older women that were true dear friends, the age of my mothers and included me in their family.  I appreciate when anyone wants to adopt the Weavers core values and me for who I am though rejected by some blood relatives .

It wasn't just White man vs Indians, there is much evidence of warring between tribes.   We all must learn to forgive ourselves and each other.  All families are affected...the hurt of one and the accumulation of all the hurts is, in my spiritual insight, why we all hurt and how society has escalated to the bad behaviors of conflicts with power and and temporary relief of pain with behavioral strategies that don't really heal us or resolve our conflicts constructively.  

I have never met parents that intentionally set out to have failed marriages and to traumatize their children.   

We are building a community-based networked system to connect people with resources that exist but for a variety of reasons people do not seem to know about them and many depicted by Veterans in the You.    
We are shaping the therapeutic FUN model WOMAN, a Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network, that allows you to serve as you are served with your family, your community and your country.

We believe all workers and volunteers deserve to be supported with the best wholistic practices within the connectional MAN, the mutual aid systems that use Time Credits.   It is also great to work with Veterans that understand the role of interagencies during disasters and that type of MAN. 

Every good MAN deserves the best functioning WOMAN...the support and nurturing from within the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network.  We are committed to bringing best practices to and with Veterans for best outcomes for all indivuals, families, and communities. 

We support community service solutions for student loan repayments and for earning learning opportunities.

Everyone is a priceless STAR with Skills, Talents, Attitudes, and Resources for Community Service
1 hour of service = a deposit in your Time Bank
1 hour of being served = a withdrawal in your Time Bank


Click  to learn what the Samueli Institute has to do with Total Force Fitness (TFF)

and Well Communities  


Click here for the HOPE for Veterans & those that love them for improved end-of-life care experiences  
Click here to watch a surprising twist for a Veteran's family & the power of a supportive family

Veterans what was your ACE score before military service?
Did your ACE score stack the deck for PTSD?

If you are ready to restore inner peace and peace in relationships and communities, then click here and we will include you in charting this New Frontier aboard our FREE to you "Green STARship Enterprise" where the "Cisco Kid" helps us with technical issues and we all operate on the STAR power of all participants' Skills, Talents, Attitudes, and Resources. 

Let's tap into the Best-Practice Evidence-based resources that our tax dollars and donations and tuitions have already been spent to study, develop, and research!   

Dionne Warwick What the World Needs Now

Why Use the Strategic Prevention Framework

Make a Difference4Peace

Let There Be Peace on Earth

International Youth Choir & Dances

Click here to connect to the Healthy People 2020 Initiatives.  


Click here for the audios available from the WorldPeaceLibrary


Click here to give your ideas to make the website more useful to you.


We are on:  

Twitter:  Wellness Weaver and SisterSue1954  

FaceBook:  Helen Stucky Risdon and Wellness Weavers  

(Sorry that I do not know how to put the actual links to Social Media on this website. At the time I wrote this I was a nurse of 40 years, not a professional webmaster.  I have been volunteering on this mission nearly seven years and none of the other volunteers have had even my level of technology skills.  

As of October 31, 2016 I am retired from being a RN and get to be a Global Good Samaritan and a Certified Humor Professional (via the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor's 3-year Humor Academy process).  Yes, they actually gave me four scholarships in my career for my costumed and systems work in health and humor. 

Here's "Major Prudence Wright, MP" in the Peace Army...collecting all kinds of resources to help me to heal and fly right so I can share what I find and serve as the need arises however I can. 


There are still "seats" at the table to listen to your perspectives and conflicts so we can collaborate and innovate lean and green.  If you want a seat click here.  

Veterans are the closest to being trained like me a wholistic nurse that has served locally and globally, had to operate solo at times and also as a member of a team.  If people have never been trained, like that, or traveled and served in all kinds of situations, they do not understand how we feel, must think, and be prepared to serve.  

I have also listened and heard that many Vets, minorities, and "regular" or "irregular" families have a variety of issues that make it difficult to be completely at home in their own skin, in their own homes, or in their towns.  

Being the founder of Wellness Weavers has been the way that I felt that I could serve best as I continued to search for resources and the troops to share in the mission.  I have been "holding down the fort" the best I can and continue to make progress however, I can only continue with a TEAM that understands health and wellness with compassion, love, and the creative ways that we can weave and be the change...Together Everyone Achieves More!   

Let's help President Trump give government back to the people, stop Pizzagate, spare us public from hearing more blaming, arguing and negative rhetoric that wastes everyones' time and resources and drives up everyones' stress levels!  Will you please add your STAR power to help us all get more done lean and green?

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