Tap into Holy Optimistic Positive Energy


How are you called to bring HOPE to your family and others?

When it comes to wellness, it doesn't matter if you are an atheist, agonostic, or raised in any of the world's faith traditions.   We all count on this journey to find the truth, compassion, the equality, and liberty as promised in the US Constitution.  

The Weavers happen to believe that we are all God's Children and are learning to love & forgive ourselves and our neighbors as Jesus Christ did for anyone, or any background, who was ready to repent and support each other with appropriate (agape) love to sin no more.

What ACEs have you been dealt as Adverse Childhood Experiences or Adult Crisis Experiences?  This is a link to an excellent 50-minute process to become informed how brain function and behaviors are changed due to adversity and crisis in the absence of enough supportive relationships and environments.  

If you are hungry, homeless, hopeless, have health needs, out of work...check the churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples in your area.  If they don't welcome you and connect you to the help you immediately need, you will know you are not dealing with a true House of God.   Just follow the instructions that Jesus told his Disciples, bless them and wipe the dust from they doorsteps off your feet and go to the next place you are inspired to knock on their door.

Check the 211 link to see if your state has the 211 call center (free to call from any phone and the link takes you to a website).  It is a coordinated system to help people link with the local resources they need.   

New: in 
Chicago, 311 is the call center and a live link to connect people to the right local resources during their challenging times that are not immediately life-threatening.   Those situations can become life-threatening when they continue on and on without adequate income, food, shelter, medical attention, or after getting out of incarceration.   

To find support from people that will not suck you into old and unhealthy lifestyles, connect to our supportive Wellness Weavers programs! 

Do you long to find an hour for time to spend with people who have similar interests or won't make fun of you for wanting to make progress on something that others say can't be done?

Grandmother Weaver is a retired rural RN who specialized in family-centered health-education for optimal health, providing emergency response, disaster response, and supporting wholistic rehabilitation of body-mind-soul.  I am grandmother Weaver; serving as the volunteer webmaster with skills that I learned as a rural school nurse. 

Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network to co-create improved connectiond between the systems, entities, and people who share a vision of an eco-economical way to support our roles as children of someone, lifelong learners 

Like her ancestors, she welcomes people all along her path who others ignore.  She wants to attract her adopted family who believe in the Triune God (Yahweh, Yeshua, Rauch HaKodesh).  Grandmother Weaver took an oath to not waste family money on things that undermine the health and wellness of anyone.  Waterville, Kansas is the rural home campus to become the CampUS for all who want to have a healthy place to play or age in place.

To be eligible to join the online2local (yours and ours), or to come, play, work, or live on our Waterville, Kansas campus, you must first play the Everyone Counts Game .  If you have a probation or parole officer, they can get their county to join as a Wellness Weavers Affiliate by playing the game.   

For life and death emergencies, 911 is the proper number to call in any US urban or rural area. 

For the links to the HOPE resources, divided into the stages of life, that have been researched and developed and pumped into the Sea of Information by the government, education, and the business of health care and organizations, scroll to the sections past My backstory.



Hope Starts a Healthy Childhood

(Remember they will be in charge in our future!  That is especially pertinent if you did not take care of yourself well and abused, neglected, or exploited others.  You may become immobile due to the long term effects of chronic physical and mental conditions that were ignored).

Here is a link to many free Intergenerational Family Resources.   Hopefully you can find some good information to help you realize you are not alone and there is help and hope for things to improve.  The Wellness Weavers online Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative is set up to help families have better communication and conflict resolution by helping each individual develop their customized Individualized Health-Education-Leadership Plan.  

Are you one of the many adults that have emotional and physical wounds from broken trust and broken communication bridges with your birth, adoptived, or deliberately selected spouse, a "church family", and the collective "family" of a school, organization, business and community where you grew up, live and/or work?  

Coming Sooner than later...the Wellness Weavers classes, courses, events, project in the WOMAN4W(H)EALTH4ALL...the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network for Health, Education, Active Living, Therapeutic Humor for Ageless Lifelong Learners that want to be well and heal, recharge, maintain, or grow brighter with plugging their personal STAR power of Skills, Talents, Attitudes, Resources into The Ad Astra Project!   Click here if you want it to happen sooner.



Hope for Global Infant Mental Health and World Peace

Hope for free Local Support for Parents of infants to 3 years of age

Hope for information that helps parents through all the ages of children

Hope for children that are experiencing grief

Hope for Strengthening Families

Hope for Eco-Healthy Child Care 

Hope for Connecting with Like-minded Parents

Hope for a Brain-Healthy World

Hope for linking to Youth Services with the taxes you have paid

Hope for those that have been sexually molested


Hope for Teenagers and Adults from Less Than Ideal Childhoods


Hope for Suicide Prevention National SAMHSAwebsite in case you and Toto are not in Kansas anymore

Hope if you are experiencing grief

Hope for Native Americans teens being agents for healthy change... healing for self, Earth and all people

If you are in Kansas, check out our state page from the SAMHSA website for the Suicide Prevention resources

Are you guilty of being a self-bully?  Here is some hope for recovering from being a self-bullyer

Hope for an Attitude Adjustment http://www.humormatters.com/   {If you would like help setting up an "Attitude Adjustment- Play Room" in your home, worksite, church, or other organization...that is what Sister Sue loves to help with!  So contact us }

Hope for Health and Healing with Therapeutic Humor   

Hope from the Spiritual Diversity and Social Work Initiative  

Hope for a Brain-Healthy World

Hope for learning about health debates and finding enlightened proactive MDs

Hope for Eating Disorders

Hope for Pornograghy and Sexual Addiction

Hope for Ending Slavery...Human Trafficking  What Kansas and the Faith-based initiatives are doing

Hope for understanding more The Business of Recovery

Hope for Behavioral Health with live chat feature

Hope for Wellness Support for Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Hope for linking with other coaltions and resources that care about keeping children from choosing alcohol, drugs, & tobacco

Hope for Finding an Online AA meeting or resource when you can't drive to one

Hope for pilots that want to soar sober



SPSARV - Grant Webcast from Global Ministries

Hope for Reaching Your Potential when you are Committed to Living Right but can not find employment after incarceration http://www.osborneny.org/

Hope for those that were unprotected from asbestos exposure



Hope for Healing and Growing Towards Your Potential:


Hope for learning from the diverse healing experts Join the Self-Care RevolutionTM for free or membership category benefits

Hope for informed consent with herbs and supplements                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Hope from Nurses for Heart Disease Improvements

Hope for integrative health and the research to back it up for all  Samueli Institute. (includes programs for Military and Incarcerated )

Hope for becoming the Team Leader for what YOU need to heal, click here   for the "Standard One Page Health Improvement Assessment" Form

Hope for connecting to services as a Senior Citizen or as an advocate care-giver for one.

Hope for women with urinary incontinence

Hope for you and your health care professionals  Exercise is MedicineTM Resources

Hope for SparkPeople's Free site for connecting with customized health Information and Exercise Buddies

Hope for finding WellcoachesTM Certified Health and Wellness Coaches or getting the training

Hope and Honey from a Nurse who healed her brain tumor without surgery, chemo or radiation 

Hope for Coping with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Hope for a Brain-Healthy World

Hope for spreading good to many when one life form ends...ORGAN DONATION radiates love  

Hope if you would like to be "recycled" when your death occurs, set up a plan with Science Care.

Hope when you are Committed to Living Right but can not find employement after incarceration


Hope for Pets


Hope for Communities Who Want to Bloom

Hope for rural communities that want smart growth

Hope for linking to Youth Services with the taxes you have paid

Hope for Preserving the Past to Bloom for Healthy Futures

Hope for engaging and empowering civic leadership

Hope for Communities Who Want to Think Outside the Box to Improve Quality of Life

Hope for Getting Communities out of Poverty

Hope for a system that engages all socioeconomic groups & stretches time and money

Hope for Reaching Your Potential when you are Committed to Living Right but can not find employement after incarceration

Hope for Making a Difference With Your Creative Energy & Solutions

Hope for Supporting Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors 

Hope for Kansans and Churches making headway for stewardship of their bodies-minds-spirits 

Hope for Peace without political agendas 

Hope for Women

One Hope 

Hope for underwriting global connectional ministries 

Hope for getting to the truth

 What HOPE full network it would be if organized religions agreed to suspend judgement and politics to let God truly work through them!


If you can not find a church that values your unique gifts and helps you grow in the Fruits of the Spirit then there are virtual online resources.  The intent of the Wellness Weavers network is to be a safe inclusive home for people who honor God at work in their life and seek to transform the world through the lens of love, peace, and joyful solutions.

If churches can get it together to get along with their own denominations, congregants, people that they are in ministry with (serving), and all faiths that recognize God, then it will extend to peace in our families and communities and the world! Before we can expect that to happen, each of us must have inner peace.



Environmental Global Health

Hope for offsetting your carbon footprint 


Hope for the Earth 

Hope for Sustainable Globe 

Hope that you do not have to reinvent the wheel...check out the information that the City of San Diego has to share about their recycling program 

IF you are non-religious, here is another person you might like to learn from 

Buckminster Fuller also believed that we could "Create a world that works for everyone!"

Click here to give your ideas to make the website more useful to you. 


If you are interested in the health and wellness researched resource links...just scroll down below the photo of "Ms Merry Fitness" and all her messages about stewardship of people and the Earth.


Click here if you know a real webmaster that can put these resources into a more usable form.


"Ms Merry Fitness" and "the Ghost of Fitness Past" hanging from her ear, holding the future...  a beautiful breast-fed baby being raised in a loving, multigenerational family in a rural community that has connections to the United Methodist's Healthy Congregation in Action program.  

There were a lot of options for families to select to play with...and a lot of messages within all the props on the table.  Can you find the status from Zimbabawa of the Mother holding an infant and the compostible "take out" food box?  What kind of legacy will your generation and community leave for future generations?  What life stories will be told about the values lived by and passed down to others?

The Wellness Weavers program is the growth of all the scholarships that "Ms Merry Fitness" and the "Sister Sue(s)" have received.  Moving to Waterville, Kansas, small rural town in a very historic county offered rich territory with historic buildings being at risk of being torn down.  The local United Methodist Churches have chosen not to get involved with the HCIA or "Transforming Communities for Health" programs.  Thus, we have been stuck in a mirrored reality of judging each other and not being able to make solid headway as a unified team where everyone counts.   How fun and functional is your community?

I am currently connecting with other communities within the Mutual Aid Network that are ahead of me on the learning curve for working in community engagement and social justice programs where everyone counts.  I am hoping  that within a larger MAN will be those that want to exchange their computer IT and database management skills for what the WOMAN, Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network could offer to and with the Time Bank members. It would allow us to co-develop the template to apply to their individual worksite, project, or community any day, thereby improving community connections and resiliency.

Certainly the "Disaster MAN" (FEMA, the military, the state's Department of Health and Environment, the Red Cross, the churches and organizations that are invited into a large scale disaster area) deserves the very best support services for their paid staff and volunteers during the disaster response and recovery phases with the "Green WOMAN'

"The world is in our hands.  The only way to predict the future is to create it.  Live your faith in action."

 ~Quote heard from all the "Sister Sues", "The Tooth Fairy", "Cassandra", "Mother Nature"...






Featured sites for the Mental Health issues that the Wellness Weavers "The Ad Astra Project" is addressing: Canadian Social Worker, and President-elect of the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor, Maia Aziz, also does her own Morning Moments with Maia radio blog show.  She interviews a variety of people with topics ranging from Stand Up for Mental Health (Comedians with mental health issues) to Building Beyond the Walls (Enabled disabled builders for humanity).  How does that compare to the WHO Mental Health report of 2005?  

How does all that compare to the outcomes that the Kansas Governor's Mental Health Task Force envisioned in their April 2014 Report?

Let's learn from the Parents Support Network of Rhode Island that uses evidence-based programs to help children, parents, and adult survivors of childhood trauma to heal and change the course of their present and future. 

Attention Veterans***  Here is a link to the Virtual HOPE BOX App specifically designed by the military for you!   I am weaving as fast as I can so that you will be able to serve and be served with the best practices for you and your family at home, in your communities or in any of the towns that have the Wellness Weavers Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network.  

We are raising funds so that our "Just In Time" App can be developed that will link and MAN-WOMAN member with mental health, physical health, recreation, community projects that honor the Time Dollar system or the Health Bucks of the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network.     If you have skills to help with any of the Community Service-Learning Projects within the WOMAN please fill out this survey.  Helen in your spare time, between looking for all the healthy people willing to divide the labor for the many aspects of the Wellness Weavers paradigm  ...remember to finish survey and add link!

Does your worksite have a wellness program that really addresses what employees need to improve their health.  (That is just one site that I have yet to meet with the people that know about AND enlighten the small Chamber of Commerce's and businesses of all sizes how they can incorporate excellent programs by joining our worker cooperative.  If your business or organization has wellness service providers doing an excellent job for you and your employees, please let us know about your programs so we can strengthen the cultural support for other businesses that have not been able to find solutions yet.)

Wellness Weavers are currently developing the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network Community Service-Learning System with an option to join the Wellness Weavers Worker Health and Wellness Cooperative.  

Wellness Weavers will also have membership levels for businesseses with their own health insurance plan once we have the Founders Council that has connections that represent all stakeholder levels:  Individuals-families-senior citizens-Veterans-businesses-organizations-communities-agencies that advocate for healthy people and communities-health insurance providers-health and wellness disciplines-foundations-law makers.   

All membership levels will allow anyone to supplement their existing health insurance plan with an expanded way to be happy and healthy and engaged in service and learning.  We are all the center of our plan and we can serve and learn with our friends and family...as we are all served in ways that support our health and wellness.  

How are the policies that guide business work for or against health and wellness at the local and global levels?

My backstory as the founder of Wellness Weavers...

Wellness Weavers was born as a system out of my personal and professional experience of pain and guilt during my 40 formal years as a rural nurse generalist, including global missions and exploratory journeys and the accumulation of a list of specific certifications and special trainings.  The Wellness Weavers website launched the formal way to connect people with resources as I demonstrated how to build the system with sweat equity while allowing others in need to volunteer along side of me with a small garden and projects to my personal home.  By December 2011, I purchased the original 1871 Adams' Rooming House to become the official space for hosting volunteers and those interested in the health and wellness and humor resources that I made available.  As a certified facilitator of the Stanford Chronic Conditions Self-Management Classes, it was a place to host the 6-week classes, until all the people who were interested and available in the local area had been accommodated.  My focus shifted to integrating health and wellness support into any event that I was involved in so people would have a way to follow the recommendations of their medical doctor and nurse practitioner for optimal health. 

I retired in 2016 to devote the rest of my life to being a global Good Samaritan to weave the system between all those who are making the world a better place and those that want the support.

I was raised as a Christian with the pacifist roots of the Mennonites and the Wesleyan philosophy to do all the good we can, whenever we can, however we can, with whoever we can...and considering the whole world as our parish.  We came from mixed races and religions with conversions from Jewish and Greeks that intermarried...and educated the women.  Perfectionism runs rampant in my lines.  Rising to positions of leadership also does.  From my mother's side, military service came in, though they honored the pacifists for the Civilian Public Service that directly impacted their willingness to let their daughter marry and move from Puerto Rico into the Midwest Kansas Mennonite church, farm, and college environments. Whatever we do, we are to do the best of our individual and collective ability.  

This website represents that I am trying to do the best to untangle why the world is in such a mess. The Jesus Movement that began with his birth in Bethlehem and childhood in Egypt and Nazareth is not, in my opinion, being followed, by many modern people that profess to be followers of Jesus.


If you have ever been emotionally, physically or financially abused by Christians or are confused, feel unworthy, guilty, shamed, lonely or misunderstood, call 83-TRUTH to learn about God and the real deal of forgiveness through Jesus Christ that most Christians are not yet doing.   . 

Have you picked up a Bible and been frustrated, confused, or condemned by it?  If so, the Bible Project  was helpful to me because since childhood, no one had ever been able to answer to my satisfaction the statement in Genesis "Let us make man in our image."   Also, I have worked with people who were good people, alcoholics, drug addicts, and people who are tricksters without a mood altering substance except their own shame.  That is why I believe in demons that cast darkness over the innate spirit of love and healthy compassionate self-esteem and people react from fear, mistrust, and an ego-centric self-preservation false pride and goodness.   

To learn how you can join the online Wellness Weavers Health and Wellness Cooperative to find support and safe bases for righteous living, sign up to participate in an interactive web meeting while we have fun following the compassionate and forgiving way of Jesus Christ, use the Everyone Counts Game Show to help us improve the quality of our daily lives...until Jesus uses us to bloom the new Heaven on Earth...and we will see him return using us to put on the Greatest True Show on Earth (not the trickery that the Devil has used to lead people in government, some branches of organized religions, some businesses that use salaries, benefits, and debt to hook and control people...all ways to lead the masses astray). 



Hope for offsetting our traveling carbon footprint   


If we do not take care of the Garden we live in...where will we live, get clean water from, or grow healthy food with real seeds that can propagate from year to year?  Here is hope for planning for products that are not toxic and actually help the environment to renew and regenerate.  


If you are a business owner and want to break free of the old "preditory" business practices that produce products with products known to be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of consumers or the environment, then there is hope for turning your life and your business practices around to be based on stewardship of loved ones and in harmony with Mother Nature.  

What part do you and your groups play in the emergence of the solutions

If we do not take care of our bodies and our environment, what will be the cost in pain, suffering, and finances? 


Hope for  Cleaning Products that are best for our health and the environment  Fresh air and sunlight can be used as sanitizers unless the air is polluted or contaminated.

Hope for the right ratios of bleach to water for disinfecting or safe drinking water   in an immediate emergency.

The Bioneers are a source that there are indeed a growing group of people that are awake to stewardship of the Earth and each other.


Hope for those that want to be well and become part of the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network for a wholistic way to nurture and support those that are willing to serve and learn.

This is the web site of wellnessweavers.com

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