Supports volunteers equally

The Green WOMAN4(W)HEALTH4ALL, an acronym, is the eco-friendly Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network for

Wealth-Health-Education-Active & Affirmative Action Attitude-Living & Leadership with Therapeutic Humor

for Ageless Lifelong Learning. 

The true wealth is our health & healthy relationships!

We use technology and the interactions in our daily lives to find those that are "weaving wellness" to better health by using their available STAR power of:

Skills, Time & Talents, Affirmative Action Attitudes, and Resource to develop Services (STARS)that help others become the best versions of their home & community operating systems.

If you are not on board yet, it may seem that we are travelling at warp speed!

A city, a complex home, and a transportation system & its components did not get built in a day.  Unless you have been leading in the field of equality and humanitarian efforts, and spent 64 years involved with the care and feeding of people, your head may be spinning with so many acronyms.   

Behind the back of a clock are a lot of diverse gears.  Behind the back of a beautiful, complex needlepoint tapestry are a lot of knots! 

The human body, the diversity in the Plant and Animal Kingdoms and the Universe all follow Universal Laws of Life that appear to have  a lot of invisible processes. 

Based on all the science and technology and resource development and knowledge of brain development and what is needed to rehab after trauma, it is a fine art system as we evolve into Humankind...a process that has been going on since the beginning of Time. 

 The World Wide Web allows us to work quickly and thoroughly when we find people that will invest their time and want to be part of developing the Wellness Weavers Way.

Ultimately people and their STAR power are more important than any made up currency. 

Time is always the gift that holds many is how we invest and how we spend it that opens the portals to the future!

Wellness Weavers has been running a social science experimental colony  in Kansas with a living history research campus in Waterville, Kansas.   We have been studying why children are smarter than their parents and why children start getting into trouble in school and their communities. 

We work via the World Wide Web to connect with the best resources developed from the best research.  We are looking for the people who have used their STARS (Skills, Time & Talents, Affirmative Action Attitudes, and Resources to develop Services) and strive for being excellent in their industry and are not threatened by creative collaborative partnerships.

The Wellness Weavers pilot project prototype addresses the inequality in benefits between people that stayed home to be care-givers in their local communities and did not pay into the Social Security system and Veterans only served in the Reserves. 

They will NOT be eligible for any Medicare or VA benefits when they reach the retirement age of their friends that had "paying" work outside the home. 

The Wellness Weavers model is to help people"age-in-place" in their home communities with a caring and sharing economy that rewards their volunteerism.  It also allows them to access benefits from the Green WOMAN...the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network model and age along the way.   

The participating individuals and communities can form their local Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative. 

All Co-op Communities are also connected & supported by the virtual (both meanings: using the Internet and having support for the members to achieve and maintain high integrity). Green WOMAN has a low carbon footprint and the caring and sharing heart of God.

Green refers to an eco-healthy & efficient, vitally alive community that is growing in wisdom & production enough to sustain their village community and visitors. 

It includes having integrated wellness such as having positive Social Emotional Development to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences, and being Clubhouse International Teen Challenge  and "Dementia-friendly" for those that have suffered the consequences of abuse, neglect, and exploitation or congenital or accidental disabilities.  

We support the Exemplary Wellness Policies of public schools, public health, and organizations that have helping support the optimal development and wellness of humans and stewardship of the Earth as part of their mission statements and events. 

We are connecting with communities that have been experimenting with Time Banking, where every citizen is equal in their hour of volunteer work and can access volunteer services from others in the Time Bank without being "in-debt". 

Time Banks and other databases used to match volunteers to projects use technology that documents the time citizens are spending that does not show up in their social security benefits.

The Wellness Weavers technology platforms allow members to offer group educational, training, and support sessions to study, collaborate and innovate.  Having buddies with common interests improves motivation to learn and practice stress management and lifetime fitness skills. 

The system can help us find buddies and team mates for learning, creating, sharing meals, projects, recreation, transportation, and the quality of life. 

We believe that the outcome will be improved care-giving and support quality of life throughout the life cycle and more resiliency to the challenges that come up.

To learn more about how Everyone Counts, we recommend that you register for a one hour Everyone Counts Game Show to experience how exploratory learning and collaborative innovation can occur around the issues that are important to you.  Click here to receive notification when there is space available for you to be a Participant. 

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