Glossary of Terms
The code to weave the gaps using citizens appropriately



Green = Eco-friendly, healthy, cost-effective, frugal, low carbon footprint, sustainability that addresses the clean up of unhealthful situations in the air, water, soil, food, and the built environment.  The color of new growth, and the color of love in the heart energy meridian.

MAN = Mutual Aid Network, such as insurance companies, member owned credit unions, & in disaster response... the inter-agency FEMA network that collaborates when the magnitude of the disaster overwhelms the local resources. 

WOMAN = Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network of diverse individuals, families, businesses, educational systems, public health and human services, and local to global organizations whose common missions are to protect the environment for the optimal health and welfare of their members and guests.

Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative = The in-kind online community that supports the members and the communities belonging to the WOMAN.

KS WOMEN's Cooperative = The Kansas Wealth Options Meeting Everyone's Needs Cooperatively.  It is the Wellness Weavers way to engage women & their families from all socioeconomic groups to leverage their existing Skills, Time & Talents, Affirmative Action Attitudes, and Resources in ways that brings cash flow into the cooperative to benefit the members  The measurement period is to assess women's sense of wealth and opportunity comparing Nov 2019-Nov 2020 project under the Women's Informative Network grant from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute written by Dr. Amy Chesser and Dr. Nikki Keene-Woods of Wichita State University.  


TLC =  Tender Loving Care and Technology Learning or Leary Citizens  We have to work together to keep ahead of the scammers; let the kids teach the elders for practical daily technology for good with the Technology Loving Citizens.

PETS =  The Pioneering Exploratory Teacher Students that share the standard of excellence to set up the programs that others requested but did not have the time, the knowledge, resources, or willingness to set up.  


Green Mediation Talking Circles = The web-based and blended communication process that brings all witnesses from the two sides that disagree into a web-based HIPAA Compliant AV-recorded fact finding session. A variety of facilitation techniques allow for the truth to be heard on each question, from every person's perspective, without being interrupted with arguments or reactionary statements.  Facilitators must have completed the Wellness Weavers Green Mediation Talking Circle Facilitation Certification Process or be accepted into the Pilot Project Training Program. 

Public Green Mediation Talking Circle Tribunal =  The blended technology system that is both web-based and uses radio and cable TV to cross the Digital Divide.  Public GMTCT, involve elected, appointed or hired public servants that deal with the funds and the laws of their citizens or the employees, volunteers, or clients served by tax-exempt entities.

ACE = Adverse Childhood Experiences that link emotional trauma to neurological processes with behaviors and symptoms of emotional and/or physical pain or shame.  Abuse (verbal, emotional, and/or physical), neglect (ignoring, abandonment, isolation), exploitation (manipulation that benefits one person at the emotional, social, financial, physical, intellectual, and spiritual expense of the person being used or tricked).   The ACE Score can be assessed here.

PTSD = Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that can occur at any age when the body is overwhelmed by one or more aspects of emotional, social, physical, intellectual, or spiritual wounds...seen or unseen.

TIC = Trauma Informed Care is evidence-based on research and the proper policies and practices that have the best health and wellness outcomes.

IHELP = An Individualized Integrated Health, Education, Leadership Plan that begins at conception and assures competency of the medical team, parents, caregivers, & teachers as individuals and as the network of support that oversees optimal growth and development of the child until age 25 when the frontal lobe of the brain is fully developed.  Historically, it became first available to all adults who chose to become member-owners of the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative in 2019.

Age & ability are considered in the progressive involvement of the child until they are declared competent to be in charge of their own IHELP.  Marriage merges the teams in collaborative communication and support.  

ME =  Memorable and Meaningful Experiences that develop neuropathways in the brain that are tied to emotions.  

When humiliating, emotionally painful experiences coupled with physical trauma and other stressful situations happen before the age of 25, they are called ACEs and they create powerful emotional triggers that surface in all kinds of situations throughout the lifespan, unless... and until, proper mental health activities are used.  

Positive ME(s) are part of proper TIC.  Positive Memorable and Meaningful Experiences are included as the basic menu of classes and support groups for online and onsite health promotion services for the member-owners of the Wellness Weavers Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative and our guests.  

ALL = Ageless Lifelong Learner

ANT = Automatic Negative Thoughts (thanks, Dr. Daniel Amens). Your mind is always eavesdropping on your self-talk. Sister Sue say, "Don't kill the ANTs...Pepper your thoughts to turn your ANTs to work to rebuild positive pathways with the bad thoughts and contorted truths they carry to become the food to keep your brain colony working optimally!"

FIRST = The priority of what is... 

F: Foremost, Frustrating, and in need of Forgiveness or Followup is Foundational to healing from ACEs, PTSD, or an emotional shock.  The IHELP ME FIRST STAR is the Formula for TIC in the Pilot Project of the Wellness Weavers Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative.

I: What is most Interesting or has been most Ignored?  

RWhat is the person Ready to address & what Research into best practices exits to help them?  What Resources are available?  

S: What Stable, Simple Steps can be taken now?

T: Today is the moment, and now is the Time for Thoughts to Turn into actions!

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More. 

STAR power = the present energy of available human resources with diverse Skills, Time & Talents, Affirmative Action Attitudes (i.e. the attitudes that stimulate the mind & body to fly into action with an idea of how to be helpful with what is being addressed), and use the available Resources.

Time Credits = Volunteers that work on Wellness Weavers online or onsite Community Service Projects within the WOMAN, earn 1 Time Credit for every 1 hour of service on any of the project TEAMs.  

Time Bank = The online way that members of the Wellness Weavers Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative document how many hours and what projects they have worked on.

Community Service-Learning Project = Member-owners and partnering businesses and organization members can apply for their project to be placed on the list for legal and appropriate use of the Coop members to earn Time Credits, Health Bucks, or to apply for a TEAM position as a Learner.  Learners invest their Time Credits to be on a TEAM and may also need to pay the cost for the PPE supplies needed.

PPE = Personal Protective Equipment must be used correctly for jobs that have known hazards to self or to prevent disease being spread to others.  Failure to use the PPE, negates payment coverage of health care claims for any illness or injury resulting. 

Health Bucks = When a Coop member qualifies to serve on care teams for others in their own homes, in a Quality Early Childhood Learning Center, a Dementia and Clubhouse-friendly Center, in a Community Service-Learning Project Hub, MASH unit, or Disaster Response Center:

Every hour of Volunteer Service earns 1 Health Buck that can be redeemed when they or a family member or friend needs services to recuperate or stay in their own home as long as safely possible.

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