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A new way to use people, our taxes, systems & facilities for good!


What qualifies an entrepreneur, business, or organization to join the chartering group of the online Green Global Better Education- Business Network?

  • They have an exemplary business that demonstrates that they are "triple bottom line" to respect the human resources, the natural resources, & have useful productivity in their block chain of production. 

  • They agree to use the Wellness Weavers' "Bee Attitudes" as our common Code of Conduct in our homes, workplaces, communities, and in all our dealings with our suppliers, customers, and volunteers.


  • They agree to lead by example as active members of the online2local Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative.

    That opens an equitable system for health, education, online support groups, online collaborative review groups to find evidence-based best practices to guide the policies and practices for healthy communication, problem-solving & leadership practices.



The Alzheimers website offers free & helpful online classes for anyone to aid us all in recognizing, communicating, & assisting people with dementia.  Their information is also useful for any individual or family that has any form of mental health challenges from ADHD to PTSD and Substance Use Disorders or Behavioral Health issues. 


  • They are the new breed of Equal Opportunity Employers.

    That means that they police themselves properly to be diversified & equitable to all whether they are in private business, governmental offices, NGOs, the health & human services, religious, or educational sector.


  • They will be offered a signed GGBEBN contract when they have participated successfully in 3-5 sessions of the one-hour online "Everyone Counts Game Show" .   They qualify if they have connected their network of employees, suppliers, health insurance provider, volunteers, local public school district, Interfaith Ministerial Alliances, their Chamber of Commerce, & local city & county elected leaders by the 3rd, 4th or 5th session. 

    If they have not done that by the 5th session, they are free to try again in 1 year. We share our time & assets when people are seriously ready to learn.  Five hours of sharing without the ability to bring their network in, is the sign of an unhealthy group who is not ready to address their issues to have an equitable system that works for everyone. 

    We don't abandon them as individuals, during that year if they want to join the online Coop & give attention to their personal issues while participating in the online or local Community Service-Learning projects within Wellness Weavers, they are welcome.


      {Note: This is the Membership agreement for the Mutual Aid Network.  If businesses and NGOs are not willing to offer the FREE online Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative to their employees and customers, then it is a waste of time and resources to make a memorandum of agreement to do business with them. 

What an enigma that the Time Banking members calling themselves the New MAN, and now the HUMAN, have yet to be involved in cooperating to develop the online2local Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative.   That would naturally fully developed them and the equitable global green WOMAN 4 (W)HEALTH 4 ALL in support of all MAN.  The WOMAN is the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network for true Wealth that is Health-Education-Applied Learning with Therapeutic Humor for Ageless Lifelong Learners.                                      

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"Wishes" (prayers) granted!

The Wellness Weavers system is made possible by the generous kind people who cared, shared, listened...and those that got paid to ask questions, make requests of nurses, complain to nurses, those who kept having to sentence people to jail because they lived in communities, counties & states where people did not want to cooperate with Wellness Weavers & didn't know about Wellness Weavers and did not have a coordinated system to access the evidence-based trauma informed care best practices.

Personally, the "Toothfairy" is on a global search for a nurses, midwives, public or private health & human service workers, educators experienced, or newly credentialed in Community Health and Wellness or Disaster Response who are willing to plug into the Wellness Weavers. 


Necessity is the Motherhood of Invention.   Lies, gossip, and perverse practices that misuse taxpayers & divert attention from tax-funded research & resources and continue to stress & break families apart provided the necessity to identify & develop all of us who got into the helping professions, & parenthood for the right reasons.  We are not deterred by lack of funding, excuses, or being disliked.  

This publicly declares my intent, as Helen Stucky-Weaver, to legally launch the Wellness Weavers system and provide the mechanism for that to happen with the right copilots in charge of the Wellness Weavers Global Trust Fund assets.  It fulfills the Last Will & Testament of Helen Stucky (Risdon, RN-ret)-Weaver to provide equitably for all my birth-related family...and the friends & family I have verbally adopted & recorded. 

It creates a mechanism for those who I did offer the full use of my resources only to discover they were "wolves in sheep's clothing" that kept others from joining the online or in-person ways of properly using me & delaying citizens from knowing how to be able to benefit from with the resources. 

Their behaviors documented how they twisted the truth to verbally handicap me in an attempt to emotionally or financially harm me and to cover their actions & their twisted self-interests. They built the chain of evidence as to the delays in getting the research & evidence based best practices woven into the tax-funded health insured system, the educational system, the justice system, and the business system.  

This places the capstone on the sum total of all the previous programs & projects of my 40-years of formal RN practice that benefited my family, employers, churches, communities, homeless people, people recovering from addictions, injustices, & other disasters.  

Within those systems of government, education, religious institutions, NGOs, & business are many wonderful people.  There are  people that can & will decide to do the right thing when presented with a safe way to do that. 

Now is the moment in time when the wheat is being separated from the chaff... and the "wolves in sheep's clothing" will be separated from the "true sheep & the goats". 

I am not a Prophet, just a woman given a vision, a mission, and the blessings and persistence to keep on going through adversity.  My studies of biology & the sciences give me a scientific analogy, theory & vision.  I believe we are the individual & collective cells in the developing & functional Bride for Christ.  The Christ that walked the Earth was a Jew...the kind of Jew who taught and healed any Jew or *Gentile (*anyone who is not Jewish) just for the asking...not for the profit or for nice things that would set him apart from his "customers". 

The discerning factor was & is whom of us want to be well?  Whom of us are willing to follow Jesus' teachings that were summed up with the two commandments he said were the most important?  We prove that we do love the Lord, our God (Yahweh), when we have learned to honor God & our gift of life when we forgive & love our neighbors & ourselves equally.  

Your next action steps, if you want to be well, is to read the "Bee Attitudes".  By reading them clear through, you will find the link to the next step.

After you have successfully signed up to play the Everyone Counts Game, you will have to decide your next step.

All participants will be able to decide if they want to advance to the next level of being one of the Wellness Weavers volunteers in additional Community Service-Learning projects.  Those projects can be online or in a community that has at least one NGO, school, and business engaged within the GGBEBN.   

That levels the playing field between rural and urban... between those that have businesses & tax deductions... and those that do not... between those that are techie and those that say they are not.  It helps schools, organizations, & communities have a more positive influence on children, women, and the vulnerable who have been or are being abused, exploited, neglected, isolated, abandoned.   

This more optimally supports tax-payers & coalitions who want to be efficient, effective, green & healthy stewards of the resources we are all entrusted with.   


Helen Stucky-Weaver

updated on March 9, 2020

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