Core Values


What are the core values of Wellness Weavers?


Love-compassion-hope-honesty-integrity-respect and healthy fun.  

Some miracle made the diversity of our globe and ancestors that lead to our parents that made us...everyone counts and everyone has STAR power! 


As individuals, families, businesses, organizations, and communities,

we all recharge, shine, & grow brighter when we plug in our STAR power of

Skills, Talents, Attitudes, Resources in Service 

All members of the Wellness Weavers Health and Wellness Cooperative share

the Core Values and make up the emerging new WOMAN,

the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network

When the full TEAM aligns, the system that will support everyone to become the best versions of themself will bloom.  It will begin with an simple process by the individual with their self-selected team to help them as needed with the annual updating of their IHELP: Individualized Health-Education-Leadership Plan


The blended family of "Weavers" believe:

Everyone is a teacher and a student for lifetime... and everywhere is a classroom indoors or outdoors in a global school.  The true One Church... and the evolving civilization of Humankind is not a building. All buildings, the great outdoors, and everyday and every moment is an expression of the sacredness of life.  

God is love and expressed as Nature and Humanity in our daily lives when we look through the lens of love and compassion and give attention to body-mind-spirit with applied arts and sciences.

Health responsibility starts with each of our "me, myself, and I" as adults.  Every adult that is in the hive of care-givers for infants, children, adults of all abilities deserve support to learn and understand the stages of alertness & anxiety 

and the principles & best practices of health and wellness.

People deserve access to immediate assistance if they are experiencing:

anxiety, fear,loneliness, hunger, discomfort, & in need of rest.

All people deserve the right to learn at their pace individually, not just K-12.  Public education would be better served with the Community Service-Learning system.  It  taps into intergenerational wisdom and needs of each individual and offers support to businesses and caregivers.   Using technology or simply collaborating in person about the known needs means flexible teams can be formed as needed to support the projects that need to be done and have the people with the right STAR power mix to accomplish the next stage of work.  Every team holds to the standards of safe support for the worker-volunteers with safe food, shelter, care, & recreation.   It is up to us to co-create a new well functioning model.  If it has glitches, that just informs us to come up with a solution to improve it.

Whether we are care-givers, elderly, living in poverty, in a care home, or in our own homes, we all deserve the right to engaging health and wellness therapies that may not be covered under health insurances yet.

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