Our Core Team

What makes up a CORE TEAM?

C = Creative, Community-Minded

O = Organized, Optimistic, Open-minded, Open-hearted

R = Righteous (always do what is right & just) Resourceful and Resilient

E = Enthusiast Excellent Expert 


T = Together

E = Everyone

A = Achieves

M =More  


Are you a lifelong learner committed to a new wholistic wellness paradigm with a standard of excellence for how we care for people and the environment and keep the FUN in functional?


Take the Core Team Survey to see if you qualify and are ready to put your gear in the game to shape the new fun and functional model of the WOMAN.  

The MAN-WOMAN support will be offered to all the "Pilot Project" sites within "The MAN that is set to launch August 20-28, 2015 from Madison, WI.  All may not want to include the WOMAN because "her" mission includes reconciliation of the blended family descendents of Father Abraham while keeping her Christ-centered core strong.  "Judge not lest ye be judged." yet we are called to do as Christ and welcome all to the table to see if they do want what we are having.  

Christians have as a group of organized dividing and judging churches not been adhering to the true ministry of Christ, in my opinion.  It is an individual decision that we each must make for ourselves to let the Holy Spirit live and work in us and through us.  We are each our own collection of living and breathing cells with the gift of life.  How we honor God is up to us.  How we live and work and play together is also up to us.

The WOMAN, Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network is being offered to all.  It comes down to a personal choice to live in peace, harmony, joy within God, with our own mates, our families, our friends, our neighbors, and those who have mistreated or who we mistreated in our communities... and the world. 

The Wellness Weavers WOMAN is being identified as the Pilot Project Site from Waterville, KS.  

That is where we have six buildings to be in service but it is also like trying to limit love and the Internet...there is no clear beginning or end...in reality it only can begin in the hearts and minds and actions that each of us make in the gift of the present.  

Most people realize that for MAN to live in complete fullness and to carry on the gift of life...a woman must be involved. Being paired with the best WOMAN, Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network, is a blessing and in the Biblical sense of the word, MAN is to lead, love, cherish, and supply the WOMAN with what she needs to be fullfilled in her purpose with her unique gifts and talents so they can make their home function well so that all that enter are blessed by their union and resources.  

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