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Welcome Associations!
...financial literacy and other helpful connections can help your members, volunteers...and your bottom line!


To give yourself and your loved ones the gift of financial freedom, click here for FREE online personal financial workshops.  Make 2021 the year you take control of your money & make it work for you for a change. 

The best way to predict your future is to create it!

Has CoVid affected the financial health and stress levels of your members in their own homes and workplaces?  Can your members afford their dues?  Have donors cut back their giving or business expenses?


Many people have lost their jobs and/or businesses during this pandemic, especially those businesses that did business with people in person. 

Ancient people knew strategies to not only survive during difficult time but to THRIVE.   Modern people in civilized cultures must have cash flow and pay taxes. 

Wellness Weavers and BeeKonnected have put together a special webinar for anyone in business.   

Learn 3 steps to succeed in business during Covid and beyond.   

Here is FREE access to the 30-minute replay and your opportunity to learn from the world renowned Tracy Repchuk (it's time well-invested in you, your business, your association). 

This is even important for those who are customers, city leaders, Chamber of Commerce officers...anyone concerned about businesses they want to keep open.

BeeKonnected to non-dues revenues by signing up for your FREE personal or Association membership and follow the process to build your busy and productive hive again. 


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Note: This whole website is just a placeholder done by me, Helen Stucky-Weaver, the volunteer retired RN who nimbly gets info to you as fast as I can...as the busy professionals are fitting in times for working on the new website.  I am too tired to keep working tonight so, this will get more attention on another day. 


Helen Stucky Weaver, is the founder & former funder of the Wellness Weavers, Inc non-profit.  As a woman, nurse (retired from 40-yr career), rural wife, mother, grandmother, and global traveler, she knew first-hand how to help single woman, individuals, families, schools, and hospitals make money, stretch their money, save money, build multiple streams of income, invest, and retire with true health and wealth to share with others that appreciate the work it all takes…and how to make the work gratifying and fun, wherever possible. If you catch yourself saying “Impossible”, let the trained Wellness Weavers, help you say, “I’m possible, thanks to my Inner Circle, and the Wellness Weavers system for helping connect me to the right people that are experts that allowed me to discern and to learn whatever I needed to know!”


The family unit is the very first business that Wellness Weavers wants to help succeed.   Learn more about the World Global Financial campaign for Financial Literacy.  It is the pattern that founder of Wellness Weavers' used until... until all the formerly homeless got jobs, other housing, or chose other paths. 

Do some of your members have aging parents that are living in poverty and unable to maintain their own homes anymore?


Do some of your members have children of various ages that have their own health, learning, and a way to develop their creative minds and talents?

Then you have come to the right place!


Your association and other NGOs can have a FREE Bee Konnected account to help them find customers and business partners

Your association members can also receive access to FREE classes, and innovation sessions to help your members address the stress that is going on in their present day.  Here's the way to book the first class,  "Saving Your Finances and Your Sense of Humor"

If you have cash flow and want the business deductions of training your employees, hosting a customer or donor appreciation event, or you are a retired business person who just wants to donate to Wellness Weavers, Inc for how they share their "STARS"...the Skills, Time-Talents-Technology, Affirmative Action Attitudes, Resources, to bring calm to the individual's and society's Systems, then here is our donation link to PayPal. 

Here is the link so you can take a tour of the Virtual and the Physical Campus.  , then you can gain some privileges in the Virtual Marketplace and our Auditorium and Breakout Rooms. 

If you find yourself asking, "What's in it for me?"  We invite you to have ME (Memorable & Meaningful Experiences) that respectfully value everyone's time. 

We are grateful and respect the precious 24 hours every day that we all get to decide how to spend investing in our personal growth & support of those we love. 

We all know that we are at our best when we feel respected, listened to, and comfortable asking the questions that are on our hearts and minds...without judgement, belittlement, or teasing from others. 

Respect, dignity, kind helpfulness, and positive use of humor are the core values that help us give hope and grow in faith to become the best versions of ourselves.  

With those character traits will can find nimble teams and solid friends that have honorable intentions and will not trick, abuse, exploit, neglect, lie, or abandon us...and they will give us or connect us to trustworthy help if we discover that we have been tricked and lead astray.   Unfortunately so many adults that are living and tricking others are repeating the pattern that happened when wolves in sheep's clothing were hiding as "Christians", "Scouts", "Teachers", "relatives" and "friends".  That is why Wellness Weavers offer HOPE for FREE and accept so many forms of currency so there is assistance for anyone that needs it.

(If you want to get signed up for your FREE introductory 1-hour sessions in the proper category, use this link.  If you do not know what PFA, MHFA, or other abbreviations are, do not worry about it.  It merely was a way to help find the people who have the same training as the core staff that are leaders in sessions where stressed people may be in need of assistance.)

The best way to predict the future is to make wise choices in each moment.  Our breath of life indicates that we have "now" as a decision point.  It is followed by another... and another until all the moments in our daily present lead us to the restorative sleep that our bodies-minds use so our spirits can be calm and carry us on and remain merry and bright when we do what is right.