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Sister Sues' Monkey Business...
Health edutainment based on health credentials, life experiences, & principles of therapeutic humor



Q:  So what does Sister Sue's Monkey Business have to do with Wellness Weavers?

A:  It is one way that Helen has to make use of her professional knowledge base as a family-centered health promotion nurse.  She has been involved with other professionals using humor skills for health since 1993 being offered waived registration fees for serving  at the Journal of Nursing Jocularity's Humor Skills for Health Professionals Conference. 

Sister Sues' mission is to empower herself and others to take charge of their attitudes and health through knowledge, skills, fun, and the creation of supportive environments. 

When five nurses in the humor movement were killed in NY while on their way to the Florence Nightingale Project, it claimed the life of Doug Fletcher, the RN Journal of Nursing Jocularity editor and conference director.  Humor skills conferences for people from all walks of life switched to become the mission of the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor.


Q:  What educational background does she have?

A: Click here for a partically updated vitae.

"Sister Sue", Helen Stucky Risdon, retired RN, founder of Wellness Weavers is now Helen Stucky Weaver.

 The Wellness Weavers system
 aims to create a wellness oriented network where diverse artists, therapists, and skilled workers from all fields who are interested in revitalization, education, and playshops, can work and serve as a way to bloom health promotion and wellness for themselves and others.  

This system appreciates and makes use of historical, artful, educational 
local resources and facilities while taping into regional, state, and global resources to strengthen the integration of wholistic wellness practices into daily life.

Combined with the Mutual Aid Network, based on the Time Bank system, it allows people of all socioeconomic groups to serve, learn, improve their health and wellness and stretch their cash.  

Q:  What is the reason for the costumed characters?

A:  Humor is fundamental to learning...It's the FUN that joins da-mental!  Costumes make role playing easier and more fun.  Click here to see some of the costumed characters.

By 1993 she recognized that she was suffering from TS...Terminal Seriousness; having grown weary and cynical that it was taking the government and people too long to put their "Healthy People" talk into action.  

The costumed characters allowed her to vent her frustration, learn, and empower herself and others in a more fun way.   It helped turn her preaching into teaching that was reaching... to connect to lighten up hearts and minds and spirits.


Q:  Does Helen have a theatre background?

A:  Not really.  Though she was none by her cousins as "the Ring leader of the Variety Shows", sat in a rocking chair as "Grandma" in Jr High for a classmate's play, and enjoyed dressing up and playing the part for Halloween, playing "Family Circus" with kids, grandkids, and a birthday circus show for a 96-yr old friend in a nursing home,  and took a free 1 hour seminar from a professional theatre troup visit KSU in the 1980s, and Drama Therapy 101 class at KSU from Sally Bailey,  and brought a radio play by Rix Shaneline about Amelia Earhart to stage with an excellent director that was excellent with royalties paid to Purdue for use of real photos from the Amelia Earhart as back drops on a shoestring budget, the art of coordinating and doing extemporaneous improv is what she call interactive health edutainment.

She likes to have good clean fun to prove to others that alcohol and drugs are not necessary for good times.  
since most people can see and hear, it makes the whole world a stage for all of us...without the benefits of rehearsals in most cases.  


Q:  Does Helen always use costumes?

A:  No, Helen is quite capable of facilitating any group without wearing a costume, even though she believes we all "dress for and act the part" we play in real life.  She does not want any costumes to limit the real message or productive work.

After taking a Drama Therapy Class at Kansas State University under Drama Therapist Sally Bailey in 2011, Helen realized that she had been doing drama therapy with herself as a coping tool since childhood.   The costumed characters allow Helen to do a version of "role playing" with a bit more fun.    

She shares her costumes and props with others and adapted games, such as "The Dating Game" for 9th grade students to learn about oral hygiene and the importance of staying away from all forms of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs with a format that the students enjoyed as cast, crew or audience members. 

Sister Sue, the Witch of Kansas East said "judging a book by it's cover may not lead to the right conclusion."  


Sister Sue actually has genetic roots to the both the Garden of Eden line as well as the blue-eyed Muslim line and her dream is to host a blended family reunion where everyone focuses on what they have in common and how Jesus was trying to bring all lines of people, religions, races, genders, ages, socioeconomic classes, and heal those with illnesses and poor attitudes.  

Giving his life in love proved and then transfiguring proved that God is love and love, compassion, forgiveness, and wanting to be well and live in peace with joy is the birthright that is ours for the asking.  Sister Sue is a member of the Swede Creek United Methodist Church within the Jerusalem Road Parish.  She di head to Israel and Palestine in May 2017 to promote the global New Jerusalem family reunion. 

Love, health, and compassion are timeless and priceless and everyone counts!


Time IS money.  Time is a GIFT and that is why we call it THE PRESENT.  


The only time to take action is in the present!


Major Astra, of the Space Cadets, had a successful mission finding the beloved mascot after the sad accident on the Virgin Galactic Enterprise on October 31, 2014


Sister Sue and Santa share the joy of their memorable Christmas Eve 2013 flights


Occupy Broadway arrivals December 2011 


"Sister Sue"...Chicago to Kansas City where "Amelia Earhart, the Time-Travel" has her own room at the Kansas Street Settlement House and finally gets her wish to finish her finest work for global & inner peace and happiness.

Ms Merry Fitness & the Time Machine Wizard


Just a short stop from Oshkosh


Icabod says, "It's the Law and Loopholes" and Sister Sue says, " Love and Logic is the Divine Plan."



Heart to Heart










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