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Sister Sues' Monkey Business
Yes...there are more than just one Sue.  Put some spark, knowledge and skills into your life and weave yourself well with some interactive humor therapy



Need a presentation, playshop, or interactive therapeutic mingling at your event?

Hire one of the Sister Sues or any of "the characters" who work seamlessly with them!   




The cast of characters includes:



Sister Sue, the 1890's Trained Nurse...  she advocates for the finest work of Jane Addams, Lillian Wald and Amelia Earhart...to name a few.  She may be found in Waterville, Atchison, Salina, Wamego, Holton, Kansas City, Chicago, and New York City and even at times traveling on public transportation.



Sister Sue, the Witch of Kansas East was discovered to be alive after the KSU Mock Trial was already over during the Oz Fest 2013


The Two-Bit Prairie Tooth Fairy made night rounds at the Land Institute's Prairie Fest September 2013

Ms. Merry Fitness

Helen, MD...Mirth Dispenser

Major Prudence Wright, MP...the founding and only member of the Medical Police



Cassandra, the Fortune Teller

Astra, a Major Space Cadet

Mildred, a volunteer

Miss Ginny Slim


Sister Sue, 1950's Charge Nurse

Sister Sue, Nun sense

Mother Nature

Amelia Earhart...a time-traveler social activist

Clementine Paddleford...the Food Editor from Kansas who flies around to interview local food artists

...those are just some of the possibilities of health edutainers available at your place or in Waterville, Kansas!


"Ms Merry Fitness is coming to your town"...so you better watch out, you'd better not cry, you'd better not pout, I'm telling you why...the answer just might surprise YOU! 

She will be on the ball, and is willing to teach all ages to predict the future.  She especially loves to come out and play during Thankmas...the season between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

 "Mother Nature" can fill in for "Ms Merry Fitness" any season.  She is secure in the unconditional love of her mate who created her and the Laws of Nature.    She is willing to work with humanity on an action plan for restoration of Global Health!


For the Earth Ball and other environmentally friendly equipment that will get or keep you in shape when used properly...Check out this Natural Fitness link


The "SOPHIA" ... The Standard One Page Health Insurance Assessment" form was made available to the world on Valentine's Day 2011 but the world does not yet know about it.  Its intent is to make YOU the Team Leader of your Health Care Team.

 With love, grace, peace, and joy... from all of us Sisters!

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  • the Omaha, Nebraska Farmers' Market and community system in empoverished neighborhoods that previous only had a convenience store for the neighborhood families food access.  That is very expensive and poor quality of food!




    The Recycling Event that was held in partnership with the Marysville High School BioClub, their sponsors, Ms. Kim Houtz and additional staff members on Friday, Dec 3rd was a big success!  At least 70 students, and about 10 adults representing community recycling volunteers and at least one trash service entrepreneur, the county director of recycling, and representatives from the Marshall County Ministerial Alliance all meet with Steve Meyer, owner and operator of the South-Central Recycling Inc in Newton, Kansas.  "Ms Merry Fitness" and the Healthy Congregations in Action Coordinator, Helen Stucky Risdon, from the United Methodist Churches of the Jerusalem Road Parish and United Methodist President from Swede Creek UMC facilitated this meeting sponsored by grant funding from the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund www.healthfund.org in Hutchison, KS to the JRP UM Churches.

    After the opportunity to hear Steve's perspective from twenty years in the recycling business, and Faith-Community Nurse, Helen's input from Health MInistry visits to Fayetteville, Arkansas, and county recycling volunteers of Marshall County with over 23 years of experience, students and adults had a quick exercise to divide into teams with diverse thinking for brainstorming what could be done to enhance the process in Marshall County for the stewardship of the Earth.

    The students will be meeting again on Dec 15 and will include additional work and brainstorming how to gather input from their family members and the community before the end of the year.  So STAY TUNED...this is history in the making!  And again HOPE for the Future when these kids will be voting and in charge!  visit www.marysvilleschools.org for a photo slide show and brief article.  Continue to visit that website and Wellness Weavers to be able to provide your input into the recycling issues before the end of the year.  Give yourself, your family, and your community a Christmas gift this season by providing your wishes for the best problem-solving solutions!  With so many diverse groups and skills involved, it is bound to be good!  That brings hope that we will indeed have a happy, healthier New Year!


    Earlier in the day, "Ms Merry Fitness" got to be on the ball and juggle scarves and play with the residents of Cambridge Place Nursing Home.  Then she got to make healthy snacks at the Marysville United Methodist Church and sing songs of worship to a jazzy CD at the same time.  With the large gas stove with Christmas towels hanging off the handles, she felt right at home!



    November 25th

    Wellness Weavers partnered with The Pour House Restaurant and Bar at their place on the East side of the Round Square in Blue Rapids, KS


    According to main chef, and main wizard of the event, Dustin Tryon...over 250 were served at the first Blue Rapids Community Thanksgiving Dinner.  The "bar" was transformed and had great relaxing music, a friendly atmosphere, and some even choose to play games.  The Sheriff came down and took meals to the prisioners...bet they were grateful and thinking twice about healthier choices, missing their families, and for staying out of prison.   Wal-Mart employees who were working in the late afternoon evening got to enjoy a catered meal in appreciation for working so others could participate in their mad rush, "Black Friday".  My Friday was Merry and Bright and including singing, dancing, and having a ball with my 83 year old Mother who only has to take a thyroid replacement pill.  

    The other fun day was the healthy cooking day at  the Blue Rapids Community Center.  VISIT THE PHOTO ALBUM FOR A LITTLE MORE INFO.  The taste tests for the healthy options were well received.  Ms Merry Fitness kicked off her Merry Thankmas season with gratitude and fun for the kids that volunteered to wait on tables.  Our future outlook just got merrier and bright! The world might be a healthier more fun place by the time these kids are adults :)

    Contact sistersue@wellnessweavers.com




    To explore being involved in a body-mind-spirit activity click on Contact Us.

    AVAILABLE NOW!  Contact Sister Sue to whip you out a customized SurveyMonkey tool to organize your worksite, conference, or volunteer project...check out the Artist-Therapist Registry Survey Monkey tool as just one example.  Sister Sue's survey talents were used to register and managed the data of the volunteers who helped with the 2010 National Bi-Plane Flyin www.nationalbiplaneflyin.com  and to coordinate a successful statewide interactive distance learning event, involving 16 different sites and about 300 people for the Kansas Parents as Teachers Association.


     *NOTE:  THIS SITE IS IN THE EARLY PHASES OF CONSTRUCTION !  The below red links for pictures are not yet live...posting pictures has not been any of the Sister Sues' priority. 

    Below are examples of what the Sisters have to offer.

    Hire, for a love offering, one of the Sister Sues or any of "the characters" who work seamlessly with them:


    Book a playshop...Come to Waterville or host one in your location

    Book a play about Amelia Earhart or Dr. Samual Crumbine...The Waterville Opera House or your location

    Book a retreat event with the body-mind-spirit components tailored to your group

    Book an  event with an artist...our network includes multimedia, watercolor, acrylics, oils, music, music therapists, art therapists, recreation therapists, gerontology experts, certified exercise specialists,

    Book a travelong experience with photos, meal, and display of art, architecture, and nature of the country

    Book an interactive presentation with Sister Sue or Helen Stucky Risdon, RN, plain clothed division...Keynote, breakout, mingling at your event

    Purchase water...make your request using the "Contact Us" page...we deliver "Wellness Weavers" water where ever there is an existing transportation system going...we are all about lessening our global footprint.  Check out the link for the Longford Water Company if you want to make your own label.  As a result of what happened to my label, where it is difficult to read the message in the light green parameter, Wava now has the actual true ink colors to help you design your perfect label.   Please do not buy water bottles unless you have a plan in place to recycle them!

    Purchase art (need more time to make more cards and to take pictures and post)

    Purchase miscellaneous recycled useful objects (need more time or helpers to take pictures and post)

    Request to start a Wellness Weavers System in your Community

    Volunteer or make your request for one of the above services by using the Contact Us page











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