Everyone Counts Game Show
Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: How much does it cost?

A1: We ask for a simple donation of $1/person and a minimum of 100 people per one hour game session to help us cover our costs of the equipment, utilities, the food, and the lodging for the crew of volunteers that make the shows possible.   


Q2: We cannot meet the minimum.  Is there another way for us to be able to participate?  

A2: Yes! You can ask your public school district, public library, your county- state-federal elected officials, the administrative structure of your religion or organization, your local bank network CEO, a large employer, or your local Chamber of Commerce to come up with a time to play along with you!


Q3: What can we do about the fact that people are so stressed that they do not even listen to us, or they immediately say they can't allow something like that, or say that they do not have the time, the money or the staff to accommodate our request and wish that they had more time to spend with their family and friends? 

A3: Here is a free tip from the Prairie Tooth Fairy that taught families as a nurse for over 40 years how to relax and manage stress.  It will help to supply fresh oxygen to your heart and brain and every cell in your body and improve the odds of everyone getting their wishes!  

Simply blow out your air (and send your inner pains & worries along), then take a slow, deep breath, and pretend that you are blowing out 100 birthday candles very slowly.   Repeat two more times.   That is part of using your "Reset Button", that is after all where you were connected to the tree of life by your umbilical cord.   Now your tree of life is hopefully clean air.  That will help to clear your head and heart unless you are inhaling contaminated air filled with chemicals that give you a false sense of peace and eventually costs more than double what you invested when it takes your breath and freedom away.   

Once our heads and hearts are cleared, we will realize that we
 are the funders-workforce-and in-debt consumers that all come from circles of family and friends.  We pay for all that can't work or have trouble working because they are emotionally damaged from people that tricked, abused, neglected, or exploited them.    

We also pay for all that believe that what they love to do, or are willing to do, is worth more per hour than what another person is willing to do to keep the infrastructure of society and cash flowing smoothly.  


Q4: What can we do to have real equality, truth and justice in all communities in our United States, the Republic for which our US flag stands?  

A4: Offer your Judges support & the access to this system to follow the example of the very wise, kind, courageous, and humble Judge, the Honorable Starla Borg-Nelson and the County Attorney, Justin Ferrell, in Republic Co, Kansas that also has those traits so they can offer a Restorative Justice option besides the status quo process.   

A big benefit to all is that it will give the nation "Comparative Effectiveness Research" from the Wellness Weavers pilot projects vs the Status Quo gaps in social justice and health care.  The fun and funny part is that it will be the largest public health study ever done that did not require a grant or an act of Congress...or anymore requests for tax dollars!  

Wellness Weavers lovingly and respectfully names her the Honorable Queen Bee Starla and him "Justin, the Barry Bee Justice".  

They must be empowered to make the historic decision that the voice of law breakers and all citizens be counted the web-based "Everyone Counts Game Show" to be given the opportunity to choose the status quo sentence or have the opportunity to join the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative Community as part of the Wellness Weavers Pilot Project called
The Ad Astra Pilot Project that has two new options for law-breakers and their Probation or Parole Officers, family, and employers, and any citizen that wants to be in the supportive network.

1) Probationers or Parolees can elect to be in a the community-based system of doing Community Service-Learning pilot projects within the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative network, or

2) Enter a blended program that involves the Wellness Weavers web-based support for incarcerated individuals using a system of community partners within a Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative to do their one hour of service within the jail so the inmates have access to the online and face-to-face support with their case management health and educational plan that every member of the Co-op gets.    Any law-breaker that wants into the program will have to agree to do and provide their feedback to the I-HELP ME FIRST STAR and serve on the committee to use the SOPHIA form to negotiate with health insurance companies and us tax-payers.

Q5: If we don't live in Kansas, how can we tap into TAAPP to reap the benefits of such wise use of all available Resources?

A5: Just do the below action steps and you will be virtually in Kansas!

1) Choose to join the online Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative after participating in an "Everyone Counts Game Show".

2) Invite all elected, appointed, or hired stakeholders to a citizen-lead "Everyone Counts Game Show" to arrive at a peaceful and fun solution so that everyone is a winner and we will actually demonstrate how to bloom the US Constitution, the UN ratified Human Rights, and the Civil Rights!

3) Band together to hold elected law makers to passing the simple laws that us citizens come up with during the Everyone Counts Game Show.  

Citizen can actually become part of the Congressional Committees tasked with doing the background research that advises the lawmakers to arrive at the actual wordings of the law and creates the loop holes that have perpetuated inequality.  


Q6:  Is Wellness Weavers, Inc affliated with any political party or religion or country?

A6:  We accept members from any party, religion, or country of origin or residence that want to live in full integrity and will agree to conduct themselves by the Bee Attitudes every day in every way. 


Q7: Is it true that businesses, organizations, health care entities, schools, and government can participate FREE?  

A7:  Yes, if they participate with in-kind with their resources plugged into our Everyone Counts Game Show!

If you think about it, tax-payers are the ones that paid to go to school, bought computers, and most individuals and families are carrying some debt, paying insurance policies, deductibles, and co-pays or looking for work or opportunities to spend more time with the ones they love.  

Since citizens have already paid schools and government for them to have the technology and staff so why would we want to make them pay and then raise our taxes or the cost of the goods and services from businesses?  


Q8:  Is it true that we can have 3,100 people and play for one hour in an organized fashion that gets us to a consensus action step within a 60 minute session?

A8:  Yes!  We use a "Secret Formula" that combines familiar game shows, blended technology, facilitation techniques and therapeutic humor and play techniques.  


Q9:  I think that this is awesome!  What can I do to help prime the financial waterwheel to help cover expenses for the loans that were taken out to get to this point in time?  

A9: The Prairie Toothfairy says, "I am giving you a virtual star for your crown! Here's the link to grant that wish!   Also, note that though people may donate more than one dollar, all donors will be listed alphabetically as equals on the Wellness Weavers Wall of Donors.


Q10:  When will the Everyone Counts Game Shows start and what hours will they run?

Our first launch will be September 1, 2018 beginning at TBD from the CDST because it will accommodate the groups that apply and the size of their group.   

Our goal is to run shows at various times, on various days, as often as our skeleton crew is available.  


We are open to training people that have proven to have high integrity and are vetted to be able to be "the Captain of the Green STAR Ship Enterprise", our Wellness Weavers' Cisco WebEx Enterprise Event Center account, with a full crew in compatible time zones.  Nothing Helen does ever depends on her being alive to sustain it!


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