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Help the WOMAN system serve you and your community.


The WOMAN is a Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network made up by "weavers of wellness" that model and mentor and in general strengthen wholistic health and wellness as it relates to spirit-mind-body for themselves, their family and friends, and all the environments that they live, work and play in. 

Every member is a STAR with Skills, Talents, Attitudes, and Resources to serve with and to be be served well so we can all continue to serve better and better in our homes, at work, in our home communities and anywhere within the network.

The WOMAN is one of the eight pilot projects within the "new MAN"...a Mutual Aid Network that is developing to link communities that use Time Banks and other forms of social currency.

If you would like to serve with your STARS: Skills, Talents, Attitudes, Resources, Services as we develop the Policies, Procedures and Membership level benefits for our new Start Up in the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives, as the Wellness Weavers Health and Wellness Cooperative, please consider applying to be a CORE TEAM member.  

We work green and lean on our TEAMWORK via our webinar platform that offers free access to CORE TEAM when "space is available" and if they have had adequate training and agreed to the terms and conditions. 


Wellness Weavers, Inc has non-profit status in Kansas .  We greatly appreciate your tax-deductible donations.   If you do not itemize, please scroll down to the list of other service options below that may serve you. 

Tax-deductible donations for the Wellness Weavers WOMAN can be made to Mainstream, Inc Attn: Herb Callison    You may also call Herb at 785-266-6422  or 800-582-1428  herb@mainstreaminc.net  Current needs are for funding Helen's living expenses as she continues "to weave" the system.  


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I hope you enjoy the emerging story of the New Oz-Kansas-Jerusalem humor story where the "Witch of the West" and Sister Sue, the "Witch of Kansas East", live on to serve as the Repentent Wicked Tooth Witch-Fairies...In keeping with the story of the Wizard of Oz and Wicked, the Witch of the West is still green because she was born that way.   In modern times in Wamego, Kansas she is not dressed up as a green witch, she actually is very good at helping families take better care of their teeth.   Here The Prairie Tooth Fairy did a fly back on her journey to help everyone in the world to "be a healthy green" and use technology more appropriately...in peace and harmony for good for all!  

You might notice that the Tooth Fairy
 granted a pure-in-heart wish for "Queen Priscilla Buzzoo", from the Cat in the Hat's "Show Me the Honey" book.  She wanted to get out of the hive, fly with the pollen jocks, and commune with Mother Nature to figure out what can be done to improve the health of the bees and the butterflies that are "the canary in the mines" for human health and wellness. It seems that much of the General Public is unaware of the gravity of the situation so the Queen must fly into action to find and connect those that can help the Earth and people to regenerate.

To help with cash flow to keep things on track and flying, please check out to see if you would like to purchase something or donate below.  

The photo below is of Dr. Richard Bergen, who has known the Tooth Fairy for a very long time in the Time-Machine.  He made and gifted her with the very special Prairie Tooth Fairy crown.  All creative people that do their art must also fund-raise to sell it and make their living.  The Tooth Fairy has a few wishes of her own...one is that the Wellness Weavers system will help many, many people in her lifetime and the second one is that Dr. Bergen lives to see the Steve Folsom World Flight Sculpture Plaza become a reality at the Salina Regional Airport.

The Tooth Fairy and all the characters that work at Sister Sues Monkey Business...Humor for the Health of It! are social artists that dislike the business side of things and wish for a business team that wants to tend to the many aspects of what it takes to have a well and FUNctioning healthy busy hive.

We all still need to pay the government, the insurance company, and the utilities with those dollars that they like to use.  Otherwise, we prefer our other forms of currency in the MAN-WOMAN...our Mutual Aid Network.  Disaster Response agencies know all about Mutual Aid Networks...since they work well in disasters, we could be using them everyday to help us keep our Peace and learn to work better together!  

Once the right technology team shows up, even the Tooth Fairy will be able to be more efficient and green...making health edutainment "live" via eco-healthy appearances using technology appropriate to the need.  The HIPPA Compliant WEBEX platform allows "Green SpaceNetship Grandmother Earth Port" to fly from wherever there is high speed Internet so the work on issues related to health and social justice where privacy and a complete unaltered collaboration and voting record can be achieved.  

Maestro software is like a giant conference call without the visual.  It allows large groups of people to hear a speaker and then work in small groups with the communication guidelines of circles.  Playbacks of all kinds of health and wellness information and YouTube videos that will allow any global person, family, classroom, or healthcare facility the opportunity to access the information 24-7 are ways that the Internet allows us all to work smarter instead of harder.  


Ms Merry Fitness is stepping up to do her part to help build a fun and functional health and wellness service-learning cooperative that is a game changer for personal and community revitalization.  Dr Bergen has always done his part for families and the community by serving as a teacher and an artist along with his lifetime partner-wife, LuAnn, that served as a junior high librarian in Salina, Kansas.  They raised two children that contribute to society.  Dr. Lori Bergen, Journalism Professor and Richie Bergen, artist-sculpture.  

Much symbolism in this photo goes back to 1974 as Dr. Richard Bergen was commissioned to sculpt, "Pioneer Woman" and Helen, a student in his pottery and jewelry making class at Marymount College happened to have sandals on.   He asked her to stand on the table so he could sketch the feet he needed to make for the sculpture.  Humorously he used that same cast to make feet for the "Compassion" sculpture for the Research Hospital School of Nursing in Kansas City in 1976...the same year Helen graduated from Asbury Hospital School of Nursing.  His most famous sculpture, "Ad Astra", stands atop the Kansas Capitol's dome in Topeka.  The photo above was taken at a Steampunk Art Show at the Bergen Studios in Salina, several years ago.  The room-sized "Ad Astra" is loaded with a steampunk flame thrower...aimed at the North Star.  

December 14, 2015 will be the pilot project 'rocket booster" launch of the Wellness Weavers WOMAN, the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network, to help the new MAN help us all.  As Dr Bergen and LuAnn face the issues of all people in their nineties, it fuels my passion that all families be able to have access to the best and greenish resources within the MAN-WOMAN system.


$500 For Artists or Therapists:  

Come spend a week with a private bedroom and bath.  You will have access to a kitchen and you can join in our cooperative house meals. You can decide what to address or create on your retreat.  You will also receive the option to have a Gallery Showing, Demonstration or Continuing Educational Event in our facilities.  

We will assist you to book the Opera House or Community Center if you want to use a different venture.  Although rental fees for those spaces will not be covered by Wellness Weavers, we will assist as we are able to negotiate so you receive our best deal with the City of Waterville or other facilities within Marshall, Washington, Riley, Pottawatomie.  

You will be able to keep 70% of any class registration, event, or sales fees if you have an event for Wellness Weavers members and the General Public during your week.

Here is a look at the historic downtown Waterville buildings  

in the Wellness Weavers Kansas home place.



Donations will get your name listed along the Yellow Brick Road in the e-book about "Sister Sue, the Witch of Kansas East...the Story of the Witch that gave her life and red shoes so Dorothy had safe passage through Oz".  This story includes her joint ventures with "Amelia Earhart, the Time-Traveler" and some other costumed characters that share the same closet and bags.


For a donation, you may ask for a real untouched humor photo taken during travels to San Diego, Reno, New York City, Chicago, Maui, Kaula Lumpur, Singapore, Atchison, Waterville, the National Bi-Plane Fly-in and the Oshkosh Air Adventure.  The photo will come with a caption explaining where the photo was taken and the symbolism in it.


Wellness Weavers are people that want to be well and live with peace, harmony and joy within a global network whether in their own skin, home, community or traveling via the Green World Transportation Network.  

We look at ourselves and others with the lens of compassion so that grace can lead to forgiveness and mentoring and educational-health services as needed for the modeling of new loving ways that revitalize people, and the natural, and the built environment for the glory and honor of Creator God and Mother Nature.   

The principles of an intergenerational healthy family fun Community Service-Learning system will keep the Waterville, Kansas Wellness Weavers homeplace buildings as a living history research "laboratory".    

The Wellness Weavers Waterville home place "urban farm", has a population of 680 people, modern plumbing, electricity with high speed Internet and 4 institutes of higher learning within 1 hour S, W, and N... with Kansas State University being a land-grant college only 40 miles South, in Manhattan, KS with an airport with two direct flights each day from Dallas, Tx and Chicago, IL. 

Membership fees for the envisioned membership categories will be paid for in a variety of ways.  The draft of the membership levels and benefits will be set by the new emerging core team that will commit to collaborate work using our "GreenSpace Netship" vehicle...the Cisco WEBEX software platform.  There are free Apps for Smartphones, tablets, and computers.  

Wellness Weavers have the "Mothership software portal" that our members can request WEBEX meetings be set up to help us all collaborate on health and wellness and social justice issues when time and space is available.  

For our business members that want to use it for your personal business reasons, we recommend getting your own account. Be sure to let them know you are also in the Wellness Weavers Enterprise group!  

This is the web site of wellnessweavers.com

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