The Wellness Weavers Draft Clock Face Portals Await the Team
So a Wellness Weaver can find what they need...just in time!





Finding the right CORE TEAM and partnerships with the right technology company to develop the app will come...all in God's time!


If you would like to like to help such a big bodacious project bloom by meek and Christ-centered people, you have numerous options:

  • Pray for guidance that any funds that are tax-deductible funds that are donated via Mainstream, Inc are earmarked for the Wellness Weavers General Fund so they can be spent for the most urgent needs.
  • Pray for guidance and continuing health and resilience and persistence for nurse-founder, Helen, as she continues "to weave" with old threads and new.
  • Pass this information on to friends and family and business owners that might be interested in joining to get their employees and volunteers into a health and wellness program that allows them to be served while they are also able to select to learn under the wide variety of teams within the reciprocal network.

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