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NOTE:  These events were postponed for multiple reasons.  My PR-Marketing attempts failed to bring in registrations.  We will reschedule once we have at least 3 Board Members.  We must schedule within a year with The Broadmoor or I will take a huge financial hit...bigger than the $9,000 penalty with them for not holding this event.  I hate that I wasted that level of money that could have done so much good!  

We did however have a really fun time at the Kansas White Way event on May 10th!  By staying home we finally reclaimed the food gardens and got things planted so we will have some food to get us through the summer and until next year.  The local community is still holding back so the two of us continue on.  I am grateful that Darren has paying work and that is keeping me off Food Assistance! ~Helen

Click here for Fun events May 15 that involve Pikes Peak


Join us May 16 for an exploratory tour at


Become a part of the fabric of Amelia Mary Earhart's "Finest Work"...

for peace and healthy fun for individuals, families, communities...and the World.  

Experience some of her connections to Chicago-Kansas-Colorado

on this fun exploratory journey...

This is a modern version of the Oz Yellow Brick Road as well as

the Ah, HA! Light White Way Transformational Journey.

We started the May tour in Chicago, in honor of the May 1, 1893 World's Fair Columbian Expo and the 100th Anniversary of Mothers Day, Wrigley Field, The White Way, and the historical connections between Chicago and Kansas.  

We will join the 100th Anniversary "White Way" Event in Atchison, Kansas that departs at 08:00 AM from the converging in Colorado Springs...

the City for Champions...

the perfect place

for the "Ah, HA! Collaboration Retreat"


May 16 is the Sneak Preview Tour for the event that will be held in the winter months.  We are pending narrowing the date to one that works for the interested stakeholders that are now being connected with.

Click here for the purpose of this event and what is in it for you.







"Amelia, the Time-Traveler" ponders her family and their Chicago...Kansas...Colorado Springs connection and

the nature, the sciences and arts involved in peaceful solutions to complex social issues.


To be cost-effective, the call for retreat applicants (click here)

is also being sent out via social media

to the professional networks that represent  

Socially Responsible Businesses, Institutions, Faith-based Organizations, Health and Wellness Associations-Organizations-Businesses-Agencies, Technology Experts, Insurance Companies, Social Service agencies, the Arts & Science Councils, the Peace-Keepers including the Military-VA and the Homeless


The collaborative workshop-playshop retreat will include

expert facilitators from:

  • Corporate Barter Solutions: Bethanne Dressel, President  

  • Time Banks: (invited) Edgar Cahn or delegate

  • The Wellness Weavers Health & Wellness Model...Providing 5-Star Service Cooperatively and Collaboratively:  Helen Stucky Risdon, RN  (includes the influences of my ACSM Exercise Specialist certification, the Exercise As Medicine resources, as well as the work & scholarship from the Preventative Cardiovascular Nurses' Association, the Kansas Core Public Health Program & three time scholarship winner from the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor.  Helen, that's me...I am freshing pumped up from the best ever Annual Conference experience April 3-7, 2014) 

  • Those providing Internet-based and Face to Face Social Services (still searching for best expert...your recommendations are much appreciated)

  • A panel of technology experts for brainstorming and action-planning for the Local 2 Global Wellness Weavers Health Cooperative Network (still searching for best expert...your recommendations are much appreciated)

  • Researchers so Businesses-Employees, Organizations-Volunteers and the health and wellness field are benefitted.  (still looking for best relationship with University researchers and those willing to apply for a PCORI grant)


  •  Click here if you fit into one of the above categories & want to shape the event


What's in It for Your Employees & Volunteers?


Participants in the "Ah, HA! Collaborative Event"

are the ones that will be allowed to sign their business 

 or organization up to be in the 2 year research project.


Their employees and volunteers can voluntarily decide which

research group they want to be in 


1) The group that stays with the Status Quo System


2) The group that chooses to do the Community Service-Learning System


Click here to view a video that makes a case for helping all of us to be the village that cares for all our local 2 global children.

In doing so all people grow.



You can be assured that you will be nurtured with 5-Star service at this event!


The health conscious Chefs at the Broadmoor

will collaborate with 

Wellness Weavers  

to provide the artful, tasty, healthy cuisine

in their socially responsible corporate business home

They delight in

providing you with 5-Star Service



You are welcome

to dress up & play at the

"Ah, HA! Costume Show Ball" 

May 16, 2014  8 PM-12 midnite

 Broadmoor West Ballroom

Tickets $45 without participating in the May 15 "Ah, HA!" Pikes Peak event

or the May 16-17 Ah, HA! Collaboration Service-Learning Workshop-Playshop 

To sponsor the Native American Drumming Group to lead the Opening Ceremony

click here



Get a FREE ticket to the "Costume Show Ball"

"Ah, HA!" There is a catch of course!  


In order to get a FREE ticket to the "Costume Show Ball"


Book your collaborative spot for

(click here)

"Ah, HA!" Collaboration Retreat...

the Service-Learning Workshop-Playshop...

You will be served with retreat nurturing and interactive fun service-learning opportunities to understand possible cost-effective action steps for working and serving with your employees and volunteers.  

Could happier and more creative employees mean better loyalty, problem-solving, and healthier employees with less absenteeism?  Might that also mean improved productivity, lower health care costs, and more profit margins?


1.  Participate in Friday, May 16 sessions  08:30 A.M -5:00 PM

                          (Continental Breakfast-Networking lunch and breaks included).  

       Costume Show Ball 8 P.M. - Midnite  (costumes encouraged for max fun)

Friday night's Ah, HA! Costume Show Ball is included complementary in your collaborative Retreat Service-Learning Workshop-Playshop donation  


       Saturday, May 17 8:30-11:45 A.M. Experience a diversity of health and wellness services 

       1.  The opportunity to enroll in the Corporate Business Barter network

2.  Wear clothes and shoes that you can be safe and active in.  Bring layers for your comfort as there will be times of sedentary work.

3.  Listen and play nicely with the facilitators and all the collaborating team members in the room.

4.  In order to fully engage in the retreat process, we ask that you book your stay at the Broadmoor  1-888-974-4990.    

REMEMBER you must ask them if there are any rooms still available under the name of Helen Stucky Risdon.  

If so, you can transfer one room for two nights under your name.  

Even with the special discounted rate, we know that the 5-Star experience is expensive so if you have a deep commitment to being involved in this session and find it difficult to fund, please indicate that on your application

(click here)



Read below and see if you can begin to feel in your heart...

and see it in your mind.



You will get your creative juices flowing...have an opportunity to learn with and collaborate with some of the brightest socially responsible people on the planet...in a setting that nurtures you...in the City for Champions...and you will begin to see cost-effective strategies to improve quality of life satisfaction and productivity at work and at home.  

With the two-year experiment, we predict that you will also see happiness improve for the individuals, families, worksites, and communities. 


Who is This Gal and Why is She so Happy?

It's Helen Stucky Risdon, RN... Our Founder-Health Edutainer 


She was awarded a Level II Humor Academy Grapstein Scholarship from


for collaborative research on Amelia Earhart's finest work... 


Peace & happiness via improved health for individuals, families, communities and how they all relate to world peace.

A system for Local 2 Global Community Service-Learning 

...Jest for the Fun & Health of It!


Amelia drove this Kissel car that she named, "The Yellow Peril", with her newly divorced mother across the country.  This was in 1924 before paved roads. They explored the country from California...including Yosemite National Park and across  to Boston in 6 weeks.  Amelia had to trade her yellow open cockpit biplane, "The Canary", to do it.  Their family had experienced the many downward cycles and rollercoaster rides of alcoholism and it had just taken its toll on the marriage and the family.  

Amelia longed to find effective treatments that would restore peace within the alcoholic, the family, and allow them to succeed.  She loved her father and the other alcoholics in her life and wanted what was best for all.  


The Wellness Weavers network strives to help all families, including alcoholics and their families, that are ready to make use of medical advances... in combination with working with Drama Therapists that are credentialed in PTSD and family systems.  Wellness Weavers is the pilot project of Helen Stucky Risdon, RN that includes an urban farm in Waterville, Kansas where she takes in homeless people that want to improve their life and are willing to help her with their skills for the many aspects of her project.  

As a Health Edutainer with Wellness Weavers, the serious jest really does give attention to "The 5-points of the Star Theory of Radiant Health" that the Tooth Fairies teach about.  Yes, President Clinton, the Tooth Fairies did have a role in bringing good health. ;-)


Helen's Hypotheis: When individuals of legal age complete the unique Wellness Weavers SOPHIA form (the Standard One-Page Health Interest Assessment) that puts them as the peer head of their health team and in partnership with the insurance company, then better outcomes will happen. With engagement in the Community Service-Learning network, the opportunities for taking baby and comfortable steps to successes begin to help change helplessness and hopelessnes into positive energy, confidence, and improved happiness.


Wellness Weavers Core Classes empower people to know how to build therapeutic humor into their homes and workplaces. They also learn how to build therapeutic exercise into their day for fun and to accomplish their home chores.  They can earn Health Bucks for their Time Bank Account to help their friends, other families' projects, or by working on the approved community projects.  Volunteers are used to volunteering...this serves them back!  


Approved Community Service-Learning projects mean that they have the right skilled supervisors, the right safety gear,  the right team of willing and listening workers, and the support that they need for safe exercise, good water, healthy nutritional support served on food safe reusable or recyclable containers and a system to keep it from going to the landfill.


Everyone that is enrolled in the Community Service-Learning System and has completed the Core Classes are eligible to earn 1 Health Buck for every hour of service within the system.


The Wellness Weavers Community Service online Skills Assessment allows for placement into areas of skill and competence... or the ability to explore something unique and fun... under the supervision of an expert and a team of willing workers instead of being employed and finding out their employer's job and training wasn't a match.  Many hands make work light.  Knowing how to make physical activity fun makes it even lighter!


Building a culture of intergenerational community support with nature and gardens and the arts with productive play therapy are foundational aspects to improved mental-physical-spiritual health.




Amelia Rose Earhart, Denver's NBC Channel 9 News Reporter, was in Atchison to receive the Amelia Earhart Pioneer Achievement Award July 20, 2013.  

In the below picture she had just learned that Amy Otis, the future Mrs. Edwin Earhart and Amelia Earhart's mother, claimed to have been the first white woman to have climbed Pikes Peak in 1890 

Helen and Amelia Rose, both inspired by the Aviatrix, Amelia Mary Earhart, fly into action with their own versions of Amelia's finest work.


Who Will Choose to Fly into Action 4 Good?


Thank you to Our Creator God for the volunteers in the pilot Wellness Weavers Health and Wellness Community Service-Learning system.  


We are being the change

people have been wanting to see in the world!


And did we mention RETREAT?!  

Nurturing opportunities will be built into the schedule

with the opportunity to visit and experience

complimentary healing modalities  

Try products from health and wellness

practitioners and companies.



The businesses, institutions of learning, social service organizations

that will want to attend

are those that are serious about

being of service to the world and learning together how to

provide and integrate

cost-effective Health and Wellness benefits

for their employees, families, and volunteers.  


And did we mention FUN?


HUMOR is FUNDAMENTAL to Learning...


It is the FUN that joins DaMental



Whew Whooo!  All Aboard!!!


Join Amelia at the Broadmoor for answers to prayers 

that some might think are magical and a bit Oz-ish!



Sorry...no real answers to the mystery of "What happened to Amelia Earhart"...she has been spotted bumping around the planet in the Time-Machine and seems to have some level of amnesia about most things...except her "finest work" ...the work that she said she would be returning to do after the World Flight where she disappeared  

July 2, 1937


she may have "amnesia" about many things but one thing she is clear on...

We are all connected...all religions really are connected to the True God

so let's focus on what we all have in common.


Become a Super Hero with fun empowerment for your health and wellness... 

Let's Join Forces and Fly into Action!



Join us for the fun

"Ah, HA! (Shout it from the top of Pikes Peak)

Click here for the many ways to participate

May 15, 2014

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