With the We in Wellness & in Weavers  so Together Everyone Achieves More!


The Wellness Weavers are shaping up the WOMAN4W(H)EALTH4ALL

The Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network for Wealth- (Health)- Education- Active Living-Therapeutic Humor...because Wellness and Education are the True Health and Wealth of Relationships for

Ageless Lifelong Learners with the Green Way of Living and the best Retirement Plan for all!

(General Aviation Pilots click here for part of getting in Green Way and then on the Our Flying Monkey Survey to make progress on linking to support your personal health and wellness with Time Banking as well)  It must be mentioned that Helen could sure use a ride from Kansas to Florida as now it will take two very long days to get there by car and getting that much time off Internet would be great in some ways and a real handicap in others!  She will travel much lighter is flying GA. 

It is time for Amtrak to get onboard to add the Activity Cars to the tracks and four years have gone by will some weaving progress. 

We are the We in Wellness & in Weavers and we put our STAR power into

Community Service-Learning Projects...in and from our own towns with

our projects, classes, events that are live and virtually connected whenever possible!

Time is money.  

Free Time is precious time with family and friends

At last we can to earn Time Credits for our more Free Time in a way that nurtures and rewards being good and does not waste or kill precious time!  

Everyone's volunteer time is equal and free at last!

Everybody has STAR power with their current Skills, Talents, Attitudes, and Resources.  

Research has proven we can recharge energy & immune system function and learn better on diverse TEAMs that share our interest of the minute-hour-day-lifetime so Together Everyone Achieves More!

We are co-developing the TimeKeeper Bank to become HUMANs that actually value and work equally to support & help everyone thrive by becoming connected & nurtured with the WOMAN4W(H)EALTH4ALL

The Wellness Weavers "Green Enterprise STARship" is our virtual flying laboratory.   With 100 Chat box seats with voice & vote plus 3,000 "in the observation deck", when appropriate.  

Our Flying Survey Monkey can give everyone nimble voice and vote!

The Enterprise readily transforms to become the virtual Unity Space Station by serving as the Green Peace Mother Port with 100 docking stations for Cisco WebEx Training Centers filled with people that are collaborating & innovating and just plain learning how to communicate and play well together.  

If you didn't already click and register via the above Flying Survey Monkey link
and would love to become part of the Pioneering Compassion Isis2Eden and Heaven on Earth TEAM to chart the new course for humankind that models and mentors others interested in learning how to interact, collaborate, and resolve conflicts with innovative soluntions, click here for a FREE Ticket for the opportunity to join a free web-based "test flight" to work on the process for the Wellness Weavers "Green STARship Enterprise" using Cisco WebEx that you can begin applying to your own life and worksite.   

Those that stick with the whole process and pass the competency tests will earn the icon badge as a Humankind Facilitation Team Member or Leader and that gives you more opportunities for Time Credits and cash-basis jobs with employers looking for employees with such STAR power.  You will also received the certificate or standard formate for Human Resource and Medical Records. 

Learn the Bee Attitudes & the Communication techniques we are learning to use.


...in peace with fun for function and for play with purpose!

We can literally "beam aboard" anyone using email addresses & the Internet.  Disruptive people will be sent to a special therapy group,once we have actually established contact with those that speak that language and walk the wholistic wellness talk of Wellness Weavers Way for equal opportunity and affirmative actions.  

People that are angry, apathetic, depressed, and disturbed are that way for a reason and obviously no one yet has been able fit in the time and access the right staff to afford to listen and work to find out why and how we could work with them to improve things for all.

 That is why we seek to establish relationships with schools training health care professionals, law professionals, law enforcement professionals, and professional teachers and counselors in public and private schools.  Adults are that way due to the "Domino Effect" of the sum total of all that has happened in their life and we can help them, their medical providers-health inusurance providers, tax payers, their families, their employers, and communities at this point in time with the right system in place. 

Diverse attitudes are expressed when everyone has a chance to speak their truth in the Talking Circle and because we honor everyone's time and health and wellness need to be able to be free from the tyranny of unhealthy behaviors, we are committed to building the system that allows everyone to access what they need if they really do want to be well.

 The HIPAA Compliant Cisco WebEx serves businesses, healthcare & organizations, education, and government entities with Event Centers & Training Centers are the cornerstones of the Wellness Weavers Way, though other technologies can also be integrated, it all depends on the level of medical record privacy is needed by the people whose health it concerns.  


100 polling chat box seats with every Center's account

So the more we get together, the more efficient government and business can become so that us tax payers are very happy to pay our share to fund such great service that finally helps people that did not have the opportunities for jobs, education, health care, and problem-solving that we had.  

That is the Settlement House model, the modern Clubhouse International model, and the Teen Challenge models, and the compassionate and accepting Wellness Weavers Way that is the modern translation for the code that Jesus spoke due to the cultural norms of the time...he had to start this evolution for humanity at that point in time.  

Sick society has gotten worse and the planet smaller however the same passions for success and power can be channeled to become ways that fix it for everyone!

All participants that are calm have voice and vote to collaborate, innovate to get to solid action steps that can engage our collective STAR power...   

The Skills, Talents, Attitudes, Resources that become a brilliant source of enlightenment and power to take us forward into the future.




Authentic Assessment

The Kansas flag reminds us...  "Ad Astra per Aspera...To the STARS through difficulty" and that will be the The Ad Astra Pilot Project that we can TAAPP into to see if it works in any community that wants to try it!

 Everyone is a STAR with Skills, Talents, Attitudes, Resources...

Yearning to Learn and Striving to Thrive...

the whole world is our classroom & we learn from & with everyone!  

Those with certificates from Love and Logic or a Kansas recognized curriculum for the Social Emotional Character Development earn can serve in positions of team leadership and until more people select to get that those trainings, those that have it will be given double hours.  

IHELP is influenced by the pre-birth education and environmental factors of the Mom-Dad and the circle of care-givers and influence around them.  

"Sticks and stones may break bones (that generally take about six weeks to heal) but words & deeds that live in our brain as memories can be a mindfield of emotional triggers with wounds that can last a lifetime.  Now that the ACE studies proved that, it is time we show how the Queen of Hearts is always your best bet.  Love & new skills when paired with time heals emotional wounds." say all the Sisters Su-Sioux-Sue

The Wellness Weavers Health and Wellness Cooperative founding members believe that the infant, family, and enlightened community stakeholders are the wisest place to invest our STARS to create a healthy and well future for all.  



STEM + Artful Actions = STEAM = Forward Progress

We ask not what our country can do for us but how we take care for all the people in our country so we can reach our best version & stop bullying others.

The Prairie Tooth Fairy passes on Free HOPE  because health is better than money and it is impossible to buy it back when it is gone!  Now she is asking for YOU to get involved to share in the co-creation of the new way.



Click here to put Education-Health-and Social Justice to Work for US 


The New Main MAN-Bioneers-Pioneers are on a mission to create lean, green, sustainable
Quality of Life for everyone!

Multi-generational Community Service-Learning Hubs

where  STARS are  

Served as They Serve...so Dreams do Come True!

We are a pilot site, the WOMAN...Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network
within the new emerging MAN.

More videos about student assessments