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       To find out about joining tax payers-consumers-students-workers in a way of equality that rewards volunteer time with Time Credits & wellness benefits,

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STRESSED or having PTSD?

 Are you...or someone you love, having recurrent anxiety, flashbacks of troublesome images, bad dreams, or thoughts and negative self-talk looping?

Are symptoms like a racing heart, a tightness in your chest, sweating, nausea, trouble concentrating or thinking clearly, triggered by a sound... a smell... a tone in someone's voice... a scene from a movie, TV show, a topic of discussion, a news source...or any other situation in your present life causing anxiety?  


Childcare Aware Resources for Disaster Preparedness and Response

Click here to seek free help for anyone that has been a helper in society (even if you or they are currently homeless).  

Click here for a legal opinion on issues involving the mental care of First Responders 

Click here for resource books recommended by a David Baldwin, PhD specializing in Trauma Research & Therapy  

Click here for resources from the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor

Is Your Kansas Business in the WorkWellKS program?




Do you answer yes to any of the below questions?


Do you want to feel less anxious and spend more time feeling well?

Have you and your family lived and helped during a natural or man (or woman) created disaster?  

Have you been a stay-at-home caregiver or taken off from work to fill various care-giving roles?  

Are you searching for help for a member of your family that served in the Military Reserves, Volunteer Fire Department, has been a member of a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)...has had a paid job in a health care setting or with a Police Department, Sheriff's Department, Highway Patrol Department?

Have you been serving people with disabilities or chronic health conditions that did not have health insurance or were being delayed by red tape and waiting lists and not connected to a Time Bank or support advocacy group? 

Have you ever seen a family or friend be severely injured or killed?

Are you haunted by a memories of violence between family, friends, neighbors, or images of mass casualties?  

Has a person you know ever been under the influence of anger, alcohol or drugs and refused to listen to your concerns about their choice to make a phone call to someone, do an inflammatory action, to drive, or carry a weapon?  

Have you ever been accused of stealing the car, jewelry, money, bicycle, shoes or the piece of sport's equipment that you purchased, earned, or were gifted with?  

Is your birth certificate a legal lie from childhood?  

Were you ever been separated from your parents, had your clothes, customs, language, way of life  or your tools needed for your work taken away?

Have you lost track of family members and friends and yearn to find the people that said that they loved you, or to find those that you can believe?   

The CDC's ACEs Study has the official questions specific to your childhood and links for those with and those that want to help heal and prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences. 

To discover what one person can do to feel better and be supported as a volunteer "to weave" a strong network that supports us all, our family, school, apartment complex, neighborhood, worksite, or community click here and download the TimeKeeper Bank App to your Smartphone for $0.99  

Join the "Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative Communities" in the TimeKeeper.  Earn Time Credits when you participate in a collaborative Wellness Weavers session aboard our Cisco WebEx "Green STARship Enterprise"

Using our time and our STAR Power of Skills, Talents, Affirmative Action Attitudes, and Resources wisely, we are charting the new "pilot project" course to Bee Well and Live Well as Jesus welcomes all that want to be well, learn to forgive so all can have life abundantly.




Wellness Weavers is the way of life of our ancestors.  We were raised to pay it forward whenever we can, however we can, wherever we can... and to invest our time, money, and resources wisely in the service of Humanity... and for the care of Mother Nature and our Father's World.  

Hey, kids of all ages want to go on a mission to clean up space junk with the Cat in the Hat...the one that knows a lot about that?  It will give you some animated computer game fun with an aviation lesson to understand the importance of proper aim for the right trajectory Click here

To learn and master new skills, we must master our ability to connect directly to our calm Life Force.  When applied for greed, that calm focus has a dark side of competition & anger instead of the light side of collaboration and kindness.  

Kindness gets our soul to the next level and anger and greed sucks destroys.  

Wellness Weavers have accepted the Peace Challenge to see how many people we can get to join in the collaborative way to help our brothers and sisters that also desire to be well and be trusted to be kind and advancing to the next levels, stronger together.  

If you have caught yourself or your family member screaming in anger.  Here is one tool to learn how to be calm and carry on.  The Scream Free plan it that it used the word "you" (when they really mean for us to realize it is our actions.  Just substitute the word "me" for "you" and it will be right.  We are the only person that we can really change. 

Wellness Weavers realize that we are the Mothers-Fathers-Sisters-Brothers-Friends-Neighbors-Strangers that can make the future better by choosing to be kind in the moments that challenge us with difficult choices.

Watch a video to hear what David Allen has to say about "The Art of Stress-free Productivity"

Would you like to learn about the transitional new health-education-justice system that is emerging out of Ireland and the Veterans of the Peace Army, Israel from the Peaceful Descendants of Father Abraham's two lines, from  Kansas, Texas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Illinois, California, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Haiti, Fiji, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Britain, and with North Koreans that actually grew up caring and sharing that do not want a nuclear war?  

Any other country with even one person or family that wants to finish the infrastructure for a citizen-populated International Space Station for volunteers that want to be kind and where everyone's free time is equal are welcome to read and complete this Informed Consent for collaboration, if they are committed to peace and wellness.

Have you ever heard about tapping into STAR power?

Did you know that Time Banks run on STAR power?

Unlike the banks that deal in money and add a little interest...very little interest,

Time Banks start with interest in each and every volunteer's STAR power of Skills, Talents, Attitudes, and Resources, although the language of STAR power originated with the Wellness Weavers teachings about "The Toothfairy's Star Theory of Radiant Stars", the five-points of a starfish that represent the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual aspects of health and wellness.   The external STAR that makes good use of the person's Skills, Talents, Attitudes, and Resources actually is a way that recharges the personal 5-point wellness star.  

There are many TimeBanks to chose from.  We choose to work with the TimeKeeperBank because they are virtual and in development and have shared Time with us using our technology appropriately. 

The TimeKeeper created the Communities feature and are allowing us the opportunity to develop the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative Communities with any community and workplace that values the vitality of their workers, and communities and will encourage volunteerism 

We are willing to work with any Time Bank that will value and collaborate to integrate how the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network supports the individual and collective wellness of its members, their communities, and our collective global community.  

When you work with us via our Cisco WebEx webinar meeting platform to develop the infrastructure and website to be able to serve our members, you start earning Time Credits that are deposited by the TimeKeeper right into your own individual account.  

You earn more when you complete the new member orientation class that the Charter Member Wellness Weavers TimeKeeper Bank account holders will develop aboard our "Green STAR Ship Enterprise Event Center"...and any other class that improves your STAR power  

Skills, Talents, Affirmative Action Attitudes, & Resources

You can rest secure in the knowledge that everyone may be different, yet everyone has STAR power and everyone is equal in the TimeKeeper Bank where time is money!

People that have gone down the wrong path and now want to become good parents, good employees, good citizens will have a chance to join as the first test pilots of the ME FirstTM Charter Course.

Consider opening your own account with the TimeKeeper and joining the Live Well Community that is the Wellness Weavers pilot project.  We are aiming to put the fun in functional and to play with purpose as we help the TimeKeeper village website and the Mobile App finish the construction process... then we can all fully be at home in our local communities and get around the virtual globe serving humanely with our fellow human and animal beings-earning-learning-and spending to repeat the upward cycle!

This Wellness Weavers website is being organized by The Prairie Tooth Fairy and the rest of the costumed characters that volunteer to serve from the closet of Sister Sues' Monkey Business...Humor for the Health of It!  They are merely making the best of things until the in-kind business partners show up with their STAR power.

Sign up here if you would like to earn Time Credits for using the Green STAR Ship Enterprise to get the Wellness Weavers Community Service-Learning Projects, including virtual ones ready for Learners that want to earn their way to SuperSTAR status to staff events where Exploratory Learners pay for Learner's Permits. 


Authentic Assessment

The Kansas flag reminds us...  

"Ad Astra per Aspera...To the STARS through Difficulty"

 Everyone is a STAR with Skills, Talents, Attitudes, Resources...

Yearning to Learn and Striving to Thrive...

the whole world is our classroom & we learn from & with everyone!  

 "The Ad Astra Pilot Project", TAAPP, runs on STAR Power.  It was submitted as a grant to the Tower Mental Health Organization but they chose not to fund it.  It called for statewide collaboration and would have co-developed the Kansas WOMAN, the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network.

In light of all the weather related disasters that have become the current focus, the larger disaster is the one that people are so used to that they don't even notice it anymore.  It effects the body-mind-spirits and financial stress of the 99% every day and in most every way, it is designed to keep the general public enslaved and paying to be abused, neglected and exploited without them catching on.  Since few people have the energy to garden and have their attitudes shaped to think that manual labor is too hard or beneath them, it was an easy marketing plan to show them the convenient and affluent way to live on credit...and it all keeps that machine in perpetual motion and the people perpetually stressed and not feeling calm and vitally alive.  

Citizens of Kansas & any State & the World Deserve to Know WHY Government is Obstructing Social Justice by Wasting Tax Dollars & Time...


Wellness Weavers does not want to hear any more 'splaining and wasting of time and resources with the smoke screens of "Investigation Committees by Congress"... just more ways to waste tax dollars and time.  

We are merely using a Principle of Nature's cleansing the infected wound to air it out with fresh air, cleanse it with clean water, and let the sunshine in!  

We are merely reporting the facts.  Every President since the Clintons were in office have been offered some major cost saving plan for the gaps in the US health plan system.  
The Veterans Administration system has had the Electronic Health Record and online system so I introduced the SOPHIA form with a homeless Veteran that was a graduate of the Navel Academy, very smart except for his decisions to stop effective alcohol treatment plans that included the mental health piece to get to the root cause and release his pain and shame.  Once someone's name has been published in the press with DUI charges and convictions, their issue is not really private any more.  Once they choose to use public assistance, they are living very publicly.  

Society says this is a complex problem yet they refuse to try the very simple brain-body therapies that involve play therapy and the wholistic multi-disciplinary therapies that have been successful in helping Veterans improve from PTSD.  

With the research from the CDC about the ACEs Study, it is very clear that we have a society full of adults with chronic health problems because best practices are being hidden in plain site.  

We have national beer ads and hours and hours spent watching spectator sports yet no coordinated plan to show effective ways to engage people in the healing power of physical and mental play for the purpose of healing from drama and trauma and governmental coverups of the way in which chronic illness is making lots of money for the lobbyists that are essentially controlling the health insurance laws to feed Big Pharma that owes feeder systems of diagnostic labs, the co pays, the premiums, the deductibles, the medications and treatments are all sources of income.  

The industrialization and distribution of the food supply both appears to be for equality yet, it is the most effective way to reduce food poisoning from germs while effectively spreading the chronic diseases caused by removing the natural fiber and vitality of food and loading it up with all forms of sugar to keep the body craving more and more without being satisfied  

All have turned their back on very frugal and comprehensive options by making sure that the door to my testimony remained closed.  

Any Investigative Reporter and a Nurse raised to be a Scientist to look at the facts and form a hypothesis might also logically come to the conclusion...

With wise use of our own funds and technology, the same thing can be done without relying on grants from the Kansas Attorney General's office...particularly when Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services also chose not to fund the Wellness Weavers collaborative statewide Diversions Grant request in 2015 that would have leveled the playing field for rural and urban for best practices in their local communities with collective support virtually to all Kansas county health departments, school districts, the VA, and for social services and court services  for best practices to bloom the outcomes of Gov Brownback's Mental Health Task Force Report from April 2014.  

Since all attempts to also give this comprehensive collaborative approach to community-based health and wellness has been offered to the Kansas and Wisconsin Governor's office, and each the Presidents and the HELP Committee without so much as them accepting an invitation to collaborate using the Wellness Weavers HIPAA Compliant webinar Event Center, one might deduce that perversity exists through all levels of government.  

Their behaviors expressing concern over the social problems, health, education, and budget crisis yet choosing to fund piecemeal efforts instead of a very frugal and comprehensive plan that engages WITH all interested people in their own communities collaborating with their own school districts for the Social Emotional Character Development and with the additional virtual support of Wellness Weavers resources and the Time Banking system that allows anyone to service in their own community or even virtually that both Kansas and Wisconsin and other states have voted into their public education plans with wellness implications when developed correctly.  

  to see how it works Any individual, worksite, school, or community willing to combine the Wellness Weavers Live Well Coop Community plan with the Time Keeper Bank is invited to be a Charter Member of Wellness Weavers & TAAPP even though you are not in Kansas anymore.  
This is one way that you will be in Kansas...a state of mine.

Those with certificates from Love and Logic, a Early Childhood Degree, or Quality Early Childhood Learning Certificate, or trained in a validated curriculum for the Social Emotional Character Development can earn Time Credits by serving during online webinars or at live events from their community or school.


"Sticks and stones may break bones that generally take about six weeks to heal but words & deeds that live in our brain as memories can be a mindfield of emotional triggers with wounds that keep on giving pain and shame for a lifetime unless we get access to the right type of fun for improved function.  

Now that the CDC & ACE studies proved that, it is time we show how the Royal Flush can beat a handful of ACEs!  The healing of ACEs required the right kind of ME First TimeTM

The Prairie Tooth Fairy and all of Sister Sue's Sisters believe that the infant, family, and enlightened community citizens are the wisest place to invest our STARS to create a healthy and well future for all.  



The Prairie Tooth Fairy passes on Free HOPE  because health is better than money and it is impossible to buy it back when it is gone!  Now she is asking for YOU to get involved to share in the co-creation of the new way.



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