The WE CAN Team...
Adding the We in Wellness & in Weavers so Together Everyone Achieves More!

 To find out about joining tax payers-consumers-students-workers in a way of equality that rewards volunteer time with Time Credits & wellness benefits,

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STRESSED or experiencing PTSD?

 Are you...or someone you love, having recurrent anxiety, flashbacks of troublesome images, bad dreams, or thoughts and negative self-talk looping?

Are symptoms like a racing heart, a tightness in your chest, sweating, nausea, trouble concentrating or thinking clearly, triggered by a sound... a smell... a tone in someone's voice... a scene from a movie, TV show, a topic of discussion, a news source...or any other situation in your present life causing anxiety?  


Childcare Aware Resources for Disaster Preparedness and Response

Click here to seek free help
for anyone that has been a helper in society (even if you or they are currently homeless).  

Click here for a legal opinion on issues involving the mental care of First Responders 

Click here for resource books recommended by a David Baldwin, PhD specializing in Trauma Research & Therapy  

Click here for resources from the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor

Is Your Kansas Business in the





This Wellness Weavers website is being organized by The Prairie Tooth Fairy and the rest of the costumed characters that volunteer to serve from the closet of Sister Sues' Monkey Business...Humor for the Health of It!  They are merely making the best of things until the in-kind business partners show up with their STAR power.

Sign up here if you would like to earn Time Credits for using the Green STAR Ship Enterprise to get the Wellness Weavers Community Service-Learning Projects, including virtual ones ready for Learners that want to earn their way to SuperSTAR status to staff events where Exploratory Learners pay for Learner's Permits. 


Authentic Assessment

The Kansas flag reminds us...  

"Ad Astra per Aspera...To the STARS through Difficulty"

 Everyone is a STAR with Skills, Talents, Attitudes, Resources...

Yearning to Learn and Striving to Thrive...

the whole world is our classroom & we learn from & with everyone!  

 "The Ad Astra Pilot Project", TAAPP, runs on STAR Power.  It was submitted as a grant to the Tower Mental Health Organization but they chose not to fund it.  It called for statewide collaboration and would have co-developed the Kansas WOMAN, the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network.


The Prairie Tooth Fairy and all of Sister Sue's Sisters believe that the infant, family, and enlightened community citizens are the wisest place to invest our STARS to create a healthy and well future for all.  


The Prairie Tooth Fairy passes on Free HOPE  because health is better than money and it is impossible to buy it back when it is gone!  Now she is asking for YOU to get involved to share in the co-creation of the new way.



Click here to put Education-Health-and Social Justice to Work for US 


The New Main MAN-Bioneers-Pioneers are on a mission to create lean, green, sustainable
Quality of Life for everyone!

Multi-generational Community Service-Learning Hubs

where  STARS are  

Served as They Dreams do Come True!

We were a pilot site, the WOMAN...Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network
within the new emerging MAN until they refused to form a collaborative team to offer the health and wellness resources to all the pilot project sites.



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