The Holm Cabin
A rented "fixer upper" and precursor to Wellness Weavers starting with the self-retreat service-learning


The Holm Cabin was home sweet home in 1979-80.  It helped me to be productive, inspired, to be resourceful and to begin learning about the history of Marshall County and find real friends that transcended the years until they "beamed up".  Some are still living.  Mostly it was older people that valued who I am and what I have been working on all these years. 

"Sister Sue" and a modern "Chief Joseph" were filling in for Brother Eagle and Sister Sky at an event.  They are always working on inner peace so they can make progress on interpersonal and family peace.  It takes starting at home with whoever is willing to be the change for it to ripple out for forgiveness and reconciliation within churches, communities, and around the globe.

Here is a link to the Blue Rapids Get Rural so you can see other things of interest to include on your visit to the area.  The high lights are the historic Alcove Springs, where the Donner-Reed Party had to wait for the high waters of the Blue River to go down before continuing their trip.  They had time to carve their names in the rock and had to buried Mrs. Keyes, who was Mr Reed's Mother-in-law that had been ill their whole trip.

The fact that Blue Rapids is and was the smallest city to be included on the 1913 World's Tour of the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox is rather interesting.  The book, The Tour to End All Tours, by Jim Elfers includes why this little town was a pivotal part of the tour for the teams.  


Below is a little modern stik for an event.  "Sister Sue" brings out a lot of the history of the time and the fact that Augusta Holm served the rural community as a midwife in addition to raising 8 children after her husband passed away when their youngest was 3.

Sister Sue also tells the story of "Sister Sue, the Witch of Kansas East" and how she helped Dorothy have a safe landing in Oz and receive a pure-in-heart wish to return to Kansas.


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