The Barn
In its current state




Some historic fun can be had by happenstance or special arrangements.  Here "Amelia Earhart, the Time-Traveler" visits with Marc Lamoreaux, the inventor and builder of the framework for the 1930 Gere biplane that is inside the barn.  


The little pink open cockpit pedal plane is available for children and their fun first aviation lessons.  The Flying Monkey, Findlay, is from the Broadway play, "Wicked" and "helps" numerous costumed characters that provide health edutainment via "Sister Sues' Monkey Business...Humor for the Health of It!".  It is reported that Sister Sue, the Witch of Kansas East, lives in the Goldstone Barn, in peace and harmony with the compost factory workers, the bats, and Batman, Superman, and Mighty Mouse.  Could it be that the barn quilt is a portal to the "Time Machine" and the next "trip around the world"?


The "Sisters" are part of programming options for families when they come stay and play...for a few hours or a special just never know who you will meet from history or storybooks when you visit Waterville.


Click here to learn more about the history of the Quilt! (.pdf file)