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Houston (Harris Co), Texas actually has innovative court systems  with Judges that donate their time...and they actually experimented some with the use of Time Banking for the people displaced from Mississippi and Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.  In 2006 Morris Fountain was behind that effort  that brought the system into several locations.

But they do not know about or have the Wellness Weavers system of I-HELP ME STAR FIRST to work with employers and health insurance companies via the SOPHIA form.

TheTimeBanking software has made advancements since 2006. Now mobile Apps for SmartPhones are being introduced.  

There are other excellent databases for Volunteers, yet none are coordinated to support the health and wellness and retirement of their Volunteers

It is possible to earn Time Credits with Wellness Weavers by helping us form an Experimental Users Group using the TimeKeeper Bank Smartphone App because that is the Time Bank system.  

Every Time Bank member deserves access to trainings to help their communities thrive any day and improve the overall accessibility in their communities, and not just come together if an disaster hits.  

This is the perfect time for "early explorers" that are comfortable with technology to be innovating and getting feedback quickly from people that are highly motivated to get the glitches identified and teams working to solve them.  

The Wellness Weavers core classes will be based on the presentations that I used for the health edutainment of other groups and will be another way that people can earn Time Credits by updating versions with the lastest research and best practices and improvements in graphics and technology.  

Core classes to improve stress management, conflict and collaboration skills, support groups,  improv and creativity, humor skills and building purposeful activity into our daily lives, training living history ambassador docents are some of the options when there are more members to share the work.  At this point in time we are ready for Charter Members that will work "lean and green" with wise use of technology.  

Trauma does inform improved care plans and systems.

 Click here to learn about what has shaped the proposed Wellness Weavers Communication System for moving through conflict to collaboration and innovation with the full truth once there is a real team of people willing to try such "test flights" aboard the STAR Ship Enterprise or at a live event.

Why I have distanced myself from www.mutualaidnetwork.org and Chambers of Commerce that do not value health and wellness or understand how to work with diversity if they do not understand how to work with me.  I am willing to reopen those portals at any point that they are willing to understand and accept and be inclusive.

The hidden agenda embargo placed upon Wellness Weavers by Waterville civil leaders from the United Methodist Church that are in common with the Waterville Historic Preservation Society, the Weaver Hotel, the Chamber of Commerce, the Library Board, the Train Depot Museum Board, the Central Branch Historic Railroad Society, the Whistle Stop Tours, and their interaction with the Valley Heights School Board and the City Council was only aggravated by "the Main MAN" and the head woman that was going around visiting other programs yet refused to open portals that would introduce them to the Wellness Weavers concepts and services...even after I played the Board's game of becoming a pilot project, known as the Kansas WOMAN, Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network.  I did not tell Stephanie Rearick how to run her Coffee Shop and music business and she has no right to control how a trained nurse conducts a Community Health initiative to weave the gaps in the National Affordable Care Act.

  I supported the Waterville Chamber of Commerce in the town events that they co-created and in becoming part of a comprehensive and coordinated recycling program to work with what was being done already  so I do not understand when people without the full age spectrum of nursing and emergency preparedness and response training try to tell me that my work is not important or needed.  

It is as if there are deliberate efforts to shun or isolate people in hopes of inducing a "failure to thrive syndrome".   Instead I chose to exit as a Board member from "the Main MAN", now called "HUMAN".  I gave them 17 months of my time, talents, resources, drove to Wisconsin to help with and participate as a paid registrant in their 8-day Man Up Summit.  I served on the Cooking Team, transportation team, and full in support of them I prepared an Orientation to the WOMAN, the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network, in response to the request made months before and the submission of my offer by their deadlines only to be marginalized by the agenda of others who did not understand the importance of wholistic wellness to the health and welfare of every person.  

Their lack of empathy and the lack of acceptance, and their failure to help an at-risk and very smart man that was living in his car and needing to find housing and work.  Like anyone, humans have some degree of mental illness brought on by the great stresses and grief.  Their behaviors told me that they could not really MAN Up and sending people to ask me to renounce my Christianity, is not ready to be fully HUMANkind. When hidden embargoes occur, there are big egos that do not understand wholistic wellness nor the impact of ACEs, Adverse Childhood Experiences, on the behaviors and egos of adults .  

I seek relationships with communities that are interested in  integrating their disaster MAN in full partnership with WOMAN and supported with the equality of Time Banking where everyone's time is equal and our diversity is our strength in others' weaknesses.  

Such a project would be an excellent PCORI.org community-based health and wellness pilot project option to engage with and nurture volunteers and be tied to the court system for offenders that want to get on a track to better health and wellness with restorative justice that mends and strengthens community relationships. 

Wellness Weaves is a system that runs on volunteer power fits in around cash paying jobs and weaves the gaps to support the volunteers with the best available and known wellness practices.  

It weaves between the people that appreciate that all people are equal in Time Banks and get to sign up for what they are good at and can fit into their lives...or to spend their Time Credits to learn or experience new things.  

It weaves in opportunities for humanitarian volunteers that entered a professional field to have satisfying experiences where they are on equal footing with motivated people that want to improve.

They can provide an hour of service doing their best work for stress management that improves mind-body-spirit well-being, education, and-or conflict resolution.

It allows health insurance patients & payers a system to nimbly rate the art of brain-body therapies compared to the cost and effectiveness of the medication-based therapies that have been causing them side effects and reducing their productivity.

The outcome statistics of absenteeism, lost productivity, accident rates, Workman's Comp and health insurance claims, the drop out rates at schools and the turnover rate on jobs, the law enforcement arrest & court cases statistics, the incarceration and hospitalization claims and public health statistics have already been collected data for years.  

This will just give us comparative effectiveness research of what happens when we  apply the arts and the sciences of fun, playing and serving as a volunteer to improve the quality of time spent serving with friends and family on purpose in their communities when they can fit it in.  

People have Informed Consent to be part of an applied therapy groups and part of school and workplace collaborative and innovation 1 hour sessions for the topics that they know about from their real experiences.  

Students of such fields of studies to benefit businesses, social service, education, health, the arts and sciences of what interest them deserve a chance to have their school work count when they work on real projects for surrounding communities and have a team of community members, businesses, and their instructor to guide so everyone benefits from their learning and observations. 

Everyone in the emerging new Wellness Weavers Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative creates a new type of diverse and blended community family that is being mindful of everyone's tax dollars health care costs and desire time well spent with more quality time with positive family, old friends and new ones and shared meal times with shared chores where everyone is pitching in. 

This type of community-based program dovetails nicely with the state departments of education and health that are weaving the "Trauma Informed Care" and the "Social Emotional Character Development" curriculums. 

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