Restorative Justice
Begins with each of us & the USA



SOPHIA will work with US for Restorative Justice that begins with our strengths and resources to weave the gaps in our own Individualized Health Education Leadership Plan

We use acronyms so that our message is memorable, meaningful, and consistent.

To be well and to reduce the cost to tax payers, we must all do our part. 

The Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative is a pilot project that is a way to help County & City Commissioners & businesses understand how to best support the citizens with the available resources that have already been researched and developed.  

Unless a person has specialized in Community Health, Occupational and Family Healthy, they may not know how to find the  resources  that have already been researched and posted to some website.

Wellness Weavers accepted the challenge because our founder is a nurse that was given over 20 scholarships to develop her knowledge, skills, and resources to serve as a care-giver of all ages, abilities, genders, races, religions, and socioeconomic groups. 

Being a care-giver means playing many roles... being an advocate, a connector, and a liaison between others.  It means being very frugal with resources supplied by tax paying citizens and tax funded agencies or tax exempt organizations such as the educational systems, health care systems, legal systems, and the helping  organizations and their volunteers.  It means making sure that all volunteers are treated equally with the best available resources and known protective practices 

Below are the descriptions of the unique forms that make the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative Communities a new option.  It prevents every School Board, Health Board, clinic, insurance company, Human Resource Department, and every conscientious person from "re-inventing the wheel" and gives us a standard language and common core that supports the unity of our spirit, mind, and body.  Once there are actual members that represent all of those categories, the nurse Helen's draft forms will be made so that the child in all of us feels understood, valued and supported to become connected to what is needed and wanted and wished for.

In the present status quo treatment of people, mental health is being used as a way to give the illusion of helping however, it is a way that best practices and wise use of technology and the integration of excellent mental-health is left out of the health-education-and legal plan of all individuals with Adverse Childhood Experiences or Adverse Adult Experiences that result in PTSD, acute and chronic mental and physical health issues, substance use disorders, and ultimately increase the likelihood of dementia, disabilities, and premature death.

SOPHIA is the Standard One Page Health Insurance Assessment form that was given to the Clintons in the mid 1990s, yet was not revealed to the citizens.  (Helen has the letter from President Bill Clinton for the exact date). 

It is to be completed by the person whose health it concerns, or by a legal parent or guardian responsible for a minor or an adult.  It could be part of any Primary Care Practice, County Health Department, Public School enrollment, and the Electronic Medical Record.  (Indeed it was introduced to the VA system in 2011 with the care of a graduate of the Navel Academy who served 4 years as a Marine during the Vietnam War.  However, his homelessness was really tied to other factors that go back, like so many with PTSD and failed relationships, to issues that have their roots in childhood...even when they have blocked memories of them out.  Their emotional triggers and using certain people as scapegoats create the telltale "mind field" of changed and toxic behaviors.

Thus the SOPHIA is based on the principles of prevention.   Click here to better understand the levels of prevention.  We must prevent the Adverse Childhood Experiences, though losses by acts of nature and some forms of accidents are more difficult to prevent. Many Adverse Adult Experiences can also be prevented by helping all people to have less manmade stress from finances, lack of empathy, lack of knowledge and skills about communication, problem-solving and available resources.

Medicare and Medicaid have an Office of Innovation and here is the ultimate way for us citizens to hold them accountable to joining us, the funders, to innovate with them on equal terms...  



I-HELP is the Individualized Health-Education Leadership Plan

Every member of the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative will fill out based on their present STAR power  of Skills, Time & Talents, Attitudes, and Resources.

Like their "Baby Book", the I-HELP documents the current reality and sets the course to help each person achieve the milestones for solid healthy human development.

 It will help the US to develop the national standards for integrated health and wellness through out the life cycle.  It travels with the individual via an Electronic Medical Record so it is consistently available to them to discuss with their Family Health and Wellness Team, any educational institution and to help everyone determine who enters higher education and the workforce via the Community Service-Learning Plan where food, housing, and all kinds of education based on the person's stage of readiness for high level learning and research.  Those become the ready and excellent candidates for the US citizens to cover the cost of their education.   

(Before people get all up in arms about that, we must play a parody of "The Price is Right" Game Show on one or more episodes of the "Everyone Counts Game Show" to consider the real costs of the current Student Loan programs, their repayment plans, the realities of the debt that is carried into some Senior Citizen years or defaulted upon, and the real costs and losses of the "Student Loan Repayment Companies".  Student stress, poor grades, substance use disorders, crimes & incarcerations, drop outs, pregnancies, divorces...must all be considered in the real price of a college education.)

ME are the Memorable and Meaningful Experiences that improve health and wellness and heal the hidden emotional wounds using a menu of options such as: 

Music:  Favorite music of the moment shines light on the mood, attitude or issues being faced.  For dementia patients, the music from their childhood and particularly the music that they chose to listen to between the ages of 15-35 helps to unlock their memories and their muscles so they can enjoy the moment!

Movement:  "Muscles hold the memories" says the reknowned Dutch physician, Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD that has done excellent research and written books and given TED Talks about the many forms of trauma.  I have posted his TED Talk on one of the Wellness Weavers website pages. 

Mirth:  The old word for humor and joy.  Proverbs 17:22 "A merry heart does good like a medicine but a brittle spirit dries the bones."  Therapeutic humor boosts the immune system function that help protect us from germs and helps us to heal faster.

Moving:  Yes, a good Hallmark movie takes us through the gamet of emotions in the situations faced by families and helps us to find a good and loving outcome.

The Arts, Recreation, Recycling & Horticulture Therapies are all important in the ME FIRST Restorative Justice Therapies that bring healing and restores health and healthy relationships.


F= What is the Foremost, Frontline priority?  What has fueled Frustration? Where is Forgiveness needed?

I = What is most Interesting?  What has been Ignored?  Invest time to Improve!

R = What is the person Ready to do?  What are the available Resources of best practices?  What are the Resources that they can use to access them?

S = What is their age 0-present Story?  What conditions brought Stability in the past?  What is the first in the Series of Simple Steps for Success?

T= Time Tracking to reward Trustworthy Volunteers that want to be well!  Today, there are Time Banking options. 

Take Time to Improve...Enroll in the online Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative Community if you do not have a local Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative Community option yet.

...this page is a work in progress to help explain the Live Well Health and Wellness Pilot Project.  It will now be used by those interested in joining the Coop and earning Time Credits for getting it to become the Membership Memorandums of Agreement so that the pilot project can be offered by businesses, organizations, federal, state, county and city government agencies. 

It is time for me to fly into action in another way!  ~Your loving, adoptive "Sister Sue", Grandmother Weaver  9-12-2018

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