Waterville Preservation Society
Focus: Handicapped Accessibility of the 1903 Waterville Opera House


The Preservation Society received a grant to do improvements to the windows and guttering from the Kansas State Historical Society in 2013.

That leaves us just needing to raise the money for the elevator and indoor bathrooms.

The Waterville Historic Preservation Society is focused on the city-owned historic 1903 Opera House.  

Wellness Weavers focus is to improve its accessibility for all ages, families, & socioeconomic groups groups and improve technology to provide to web-based options for our sanctioned events at least.  

Events hosted by Wellness Weavers will allow people to use Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative Community Time Credits from their TimeKeeper Bank accounts.   Any Coop members that help with web-based or with onsite  Wellness Weavers Community Service-Learning projects earn Time Credits to attend events and classes. 

The onsite physical work has helped tri-laterally as people that were curious or sincere in wanting to improve their health and wellness also served with Wellness Weavers founder on this Community Health Ministry mission.  Sometimes we receive income from short term rentals of people with other jobs and no time for trading labor.  Receiving money is also helpful though the intent is to have the buildings serving as housing, Community Service-Learning Project sites and event centers.

Five of the six historic buildings in the downtown, all serve as some level of Living History Museums for "Time Travelers" and guests from Live Well Cooperative Communities and the curious contemplators that want to try on The Bee Attitudes without formally joining a Time Bank or converting to the Wellness Weavers Way of Life.

Without interest from local church members, the Chamber of Commerce, the public school system,  county health department,  local City Council and EMS, the community-based and county wide court-sanctioned collaboration failed to attract the support from the state organizations and no Alcohol and Drug Treatment or Mental Health Services would form collaborative partnership.   

Attempts to co-create a Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network with other forms of Mutual Aid Networks resulted in many "Good Luck" wishes and the familiar "We don't have the time, the money, that staff, or the resources to collaborate."

Fast forward

When we have adequate qualified members to provide child and eldercare during events then additional buildings can be opened simultaneously during Opera House or Community Center events.

The Kansas Street Settlement House has educational resources, play and exercise modalities as does the Lighthouse Time Bank (formerly the Flower Shop-the School District Office for over 20 years, and the Merchant State Bank originally.  

We are willing to work with the city and the Friends of the Library to be able to have The Public Library open during Opera House events so those more interested in that have a place to relax and research.   The City would have to approve the training and conditions of staffing with volunteers or pay the Librarian for special duty. 

The KSSH has Internet and print and media sources available to it's members and guests for health and wellness research, classes, and support groups.  Local and global history, social justice, the sciences and the arts are represented in our collection.   We can accommodate multiple activities and noise levels between the diverse Wellness Weavers spaces once we have local memberships in the Kansas and Marshall County Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative Communities.  

To download the TimeKeeper Bank App and open your account today click here. 

Historical factoid: the first libraries in Waterville's history were at the drug store and in the basement of the Opera House. 

The Opera House auditorium seats 350 pioneer-sized and modern slightly obese people in the original seats.  The front steps offer a great way to improve leg strength and balance.  The stage continues to feature a variety of homegrown artists and visiting professional artists for concerts, plays, radio plays, improv, Open Mic nights.    Once the technology renovations are done, we will be able to host continuing education workshops, webinars, and TED Talks.  

Since the healthcare system has tough on the personal health and wellness of its workers in our lifetime, health care professionals are encouraged to come make their personal wellness retreat.  a part of their continuing education and realigning their practice with their soul's purpose and the wholistic modalities that are now available and shown to be effective.  Wellness Weavers are advocates of best practices for resiliency, mental health, and recovery from Substance Use Disorders.  In solidarity with families that have struggled with those issues, we offer  events and spaces and menus free from the temptation of alcohol, illicit drugs, and tobacco.

We are a great location for exploring and researching in historic Marshall County along the many Native American, Pioneer trails, and the converted rail to trail that connects us to Nebraska.  You can attend events sponsored by the Marshall County Arts Cooperative, visit museums, thrift and antique stores, and ride the Central Branch Historic Rails.  Family and friends will enjoy setting up a home base stay in the Weaver Hotel, the Vintage Charm B & B, and other area B & Bs.  

Artists and therapist members of Wellness Weavers have priority for short stays... free in our homes-event centers if they are serving by providing classes or events in Waterville, Blue Rapids, Barnes, or Washington within the Wellness Oriented MAN...Mutual Aid Network.  If interested in exploring membership at the artist-therapist level, click here.

The Waterville Preservation Society is a 501(c)3 organization.  Your donations are tax deductible.  After you complete your donation transaction via the secure PayPal link, please print off the final page for your tax records. 

Thank you for being a team member in this way as we improve quality of life for visitors and residents with an environment and activities that nurture spirit-mind-body.  

Eventually when the Wellness Weavers App is completed and other communities that use Time Banking and other social currencies come visit and work and play with us then even Kansas will begin to see how all things are possible.


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