Our Purpose
We are...



a blend of diverse people & entities who collaborate and innovate to strengthen wellness support for each other in our local and online communities. 


We are a system for equality, engagement, education, and empowerment...
to co-create EcoVillages.  
We seek to reduce:
1) Stress,
2) Adverse Childhood and Adulthood Experiences,
3) Pollution,
4) Inefficiency
5) Debt
For tax-paying citizens and those supported by our taxes, we are offering the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative pilot project to:
1) Employers,
2) Organizations, and
3) Any health insurance companies that receive reimbursement from Medicare-Medicaid that are tied to our tax system funded by workers, and of course,
4) Any tax payer that is single or part of one or more families.
5) Any military trained personnel that does not receive VA benefits & those that do!
Click here to see the draft of the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative Pilot Project system for Restorative Justice that will provide baseline support for every member. 














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