Our Purpose



We are a blend of diverse people & entities who collaborate and innovate to strengthen wellness support for each other in our local and online communities. 


We are a system for equality, engagement, education, and empowerment...
to co-create EcoVillages within any community that has people that want to be well.  
We seek to reduce the effects of:
1) Stress overloads, by co-creating the ways of making life easier & more fun.
2) Adverse Childhood Experiences, PTSD, and Adulthood Trauma Experiences (by connecting our member-owners to the best online resources & online HIPAA Compliant survivor peer support groups)  Non-members can play this online Everyone Counts Game Show to understand this unique Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative before deciding if they want to join. 
3) Pollution and lack of local comprehensive recycling systems,
4) Inefficiency in government funded systems our tax dollars pay for
5) Debt for education, trainings, housing, & excessive consumerism
Wellness Weavers, Inc is a citizen-lead, member owned, privately funded community health and wellness pilot project that has been serving and developing volunteers since 2010.  

We have developed to the point where we are now forming and marketing membership in the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative pilot project to:
1) Employers, that offer health insurance to their employees...and those that can't.
2) Organizations for their paid staff and their volunteers.
3) Any person receiving Medicare-Medicaid and those that do not qualify.
4) Any tax payer that is single or part of one or more families (i.e. marriage, step-families, adoptive families)
5) Any military trained personnel that does not receive VA benefits and... those that do!

lick here for a glossary of terms to begin to understand about this unique alternative option to the stresses and injustices created by the ongoing national health care and economic crisis facing the United States.






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