Lumberyard Activity Market Place...
"The LAMP" is returning to its pioneer days with some new uses too


The LAMP is just another Wellness Weaver facility that can be used for members to earn or spend their Health Bucks during the Wellness-Oriented Community Service-Learning Projects.  

Most of our forefathers migrated to this country via big ships.  I love to climb and use ropes courses.  Every since I learned to rappel at the Rocky Mountain Mennonite Church Camp as a young teenager, and as a young nurse worked at the Bound to Win Camp in Louisburg, KS 



Take a bit of a walking tour


Gate-maker Jerome Charbonneau and WW founder and volunteer general laborer "weave" in celebration of the newly installed gates in August 2013.


"Chief Joseph", WW volunteer, took recommended PPE precautions for health and wellness when he treated the front gallery room for termites even though it was considered an eco-friendly solution.


August 16, 2013  After family games and a potluck supper, the group listened to some background about Drama Therapy before she engaged them in depicting the story of "Stone Soup".   We used asphalt shingles from bundles that remained at the old lumberyard as a weed mat and courtyard area. 



This was one of the March 2011 Spring Break United Methodist Church Mission Teams from the Oklahoma...playing at the LAMP after a busy day of helping in the Bank District Flower Shop Gallery House and the Kansas Street Settlement House...even the rain did not dampen the fun.   

Here is the video update of some of the progress that was made by December 6, 2012 after a professional construction company was hired to stablize the central Solt Lumber & Coal building front and roof over the bays.  There was lots of tin to clean up!


The mural on the west side depicts life in Waterville in its early settlement days.  The buckled sidewalk was one of the earliest improvements to the property.