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$80,000 would have gotten you this house up until March and a charter membership in the "age in place and retirement at any age" in the WOMAN4HEALTH4ALL... 

Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network for Health, Education, Active Leadership, and Therapeutic Humor for Ageless Lifelong Learners

Now the price is reduced to $70,000 or a very creative contract for co-owners that love the Wellness Weavers vision, history and are innovative collaborators that love to have healthy active fun since the boiler for the first floor baseboard heat just decided it had served as far as it could and will need to be replaced...
That also becomes an excellent time to consider the heating system and alternative energy systems as a whole since it has window AC units that do not look nice in my opinion.   The house, I and Joe would be much more at peace if there were actual Wellness Weavers living and caring for the house this winter!

There are opens for keeping it and its care-takers warm enough...including a tread sewing machine in the bay window that every woman that had their sewing area there hated to leave when they husbands took other jobs and moved them out of the home that they loved.

This was one of the earliest homes in Waterville and it was built by Union Army hero Colonel Smith who after a few years was offered a job to be an assistant to a Governor, got to do more looking back through records to remember which one!  This house was pre-grid were all the six buildings on our modern homestead and it is a Wellness Weavers goal to have eco-healthy and buildings that contribute energy to the future local grid. 


This new paradigm system includes the rights to have renovation work done using qualified Wellness Weavers sanctioned Community Service-Learning Teams saving you time, and money, as our volunteers earn time instead of money...unless there is are any NewBee Learner spots on any given TEAM, then their learning time comes out of their Time Bank account or they can pay with cash.   

In the back is a grapevine and garden spots that are ready to plant.  

It also includes membership access to the existing buildings that are in this Wellness Weavers WOMAN Homestead in Waterville, KS...with the ability to extend the system to other communities where you are connected with family and friends.
Here is the website access for G & A Real Estate.  Lisa Hays is our realtor.

If you are interested in Living History Fun click here!


Become part of a Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network pilot project in various stages of development in Waterville, KS


40 miles north of Manhattan on Hwy 77.  

This Victorian House offer is in Waterville, KS, the home place campus of Wellness Weavers.  It was built in the 1870s and was renovated in the 1990s to have three separate bedrooms with their own bathrooms

For a tour of the inside click here.  Parking is outside.   It is mostly furnished with some room for your stuff.  The kitchen, dining room, porches,  parlor and upstairs office space are shared spaces.  There is a storm shelter accessed by going out and around the house to the basement access.    If you want to help cover the printer costs and access the wireless Internet signal, you are welcome to have a key to access office space and help staff the Kansas Streeth Settlement House use share use and responsibility of the that kitchen and dining space.

It is a historical house in the life and times of Waterville.  

Franklin S. Adams, whose widowed mother Mary was the proprietor of Adams Rooming House (now the Kansas Street Settlement House), grew up and became a dentist and married widow, Maggie Parker, the owner of this house in the late 1800's. The downstairs parlor was his dental office.  He was also the leader of the City Band and Maggie loved to put on plays in the Opera House and worked with kids.  Her tango dress is one of the items in Annie M's Attic. 




Here is a Survey Link if you have read our Core Values.    I recommend that you read through this page about the campus.

Together we will partner with KSU to have this be a Tobacco Free Living Laboratory Zone if you want to go after the Tobacco Free Campus grant from the Kansas Health Foundation.


Over the past six years we have stabilized, to varying degrees, a campus of six buildings to serve as our living laboratory, there is a very rich history of data especially for history, psychology, social work, health, architecture-engineering-construction science, and agriculture.   We want to be as eco-healthy as possible.  We have six garden spaces, a rich supply of bat guano, and would like to get a formal composting service set up as part of the recycling system.  

You will also have access to our retreat center features, library, hands on and virtual resource, technology center and small business development hub.   To further enhance our home place community, we are inviting only the finest serious students with great senses of humor, that live by the Golden Rule.  Ideal candidates will be able to use something from our menu of work projects, or suggest a project so we can come up with win-win-win...scenarios that help you with your course of study, us with our projects, and the town to be improved to serve with others that want to live healthy and cooperative on a TEAM...Together Everyone Achieves More.  

Veterans are welcome.

Here's our available projects to see what sparks an idea for a project that you can get school credit for.

The previous owners did not finish the paint job so there is high up outdoor painting and most likely lead paint issues. Any renovation work needs to be done in a way that protects everyone's health and the soil.  

We are grateful that in 2012, Casie Adams, the KSU President of the Honors Society, believed in the Wellness Weavers project and got us listed as a KSU Hands On organization so students could earn their volunteer credits by volunteering with us.   She graduated before we could get our schedules together.  That is something that we would like to get as a viable connection.  

One KSU Clovia Scholar in 2013 earned a scholarship donation by helping us one summer with the LAMP and finding a fitting barn quilt pattern for the 1885 Livery Stable Blacksmith Shop.   It was one of the three featured pictures on the Kansas Barn Quilt brochure. Now it is in need of a touch up...and an innovative plan to protect the bottom of the door. 

Here is a Survey Link if you know might be interested in applying.  

Quite a few people from Marshall County commute to work or go to school in Manhattan.  

The Wellness Weavers Green Transportation system is not yet organized. When the Wellness Weavers APP development team arrives and gets the concept from idea and sketches to active launch, then Wellness Weavers members will put in their ride request when they are ready to go and see who is traveling with space available to share a ride.   Drivers will be able to post their schedule, space available, and any errand stops that might be included.   You will not have to come and go with the same person.    

If you are interested in how your course of study could be enhanced and how you can enhance the life and times and legacy of Waterville, we invite you "Back to the Future" to fill out this survey.   

Being able to learn to fly our Wellness Weavers Enterprise...the Green STARship is one of the perks for joining our blended family.


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