Our Mission Project
To revitalize individuals and communities with healthy fun community service-learning opportunities.


Our Mission:  

To show by example on our urban farm in Waterville, Kansas a cost-effective system of lifelong intergenerational learning with therapeutic humor and healthy behaviors woven throughout.

Currently Helen shares her farm with people that want to explore the Wellness Weavers way of life and that want to put their skills and talents to use as they improve their wellness and bridge out of poverty. We are volunteers to help make progress with the diverse historic buildings that make up the "urban farm" as we discover knowledge and skills and explore ways to shape the Wellness Weavers system.  

Periodically travelers that find themselves in need of a room and a family meal experience stay overnight.

Together we are building a system based on the principles that preschoolers learn when they attend an Eco-healthy Quality Early Childhood Learning center...how to play nice, work as a collaborative team, make good food, and have creative fun- exploratory play and good exercise in a healthy environment.  

As communities, institutions, and agencies work together with the Wellness Weavers system, we will have critical mass for the eco-healthy cost-effective buying club and transportation system.

We value lessening our carbon footprint, quality foods as organic and locally grown and as possible, and peaceful healthy fun with collaborative solutions.  



If that resonates with you then perhaps you are a volunteer, Core Team Member, Board Member or a generous philantropist?




Wellness Weavers