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Our Mission:  

Find the Core Team partners and develop the Internet-based system that supports vitality of health and wellness with Community Service-Learning volunteers locally and globally.  Until people understand how it works, we will use our Waterville, Kansas home place as the living laboratory.


Once we find the best technology, business, social service agency partners for the Wellness Weavers Core Team, volunteers will be able to complete an online skills assessment indicating the ways they would like to serve.  


Volunteers will be matched with opportunities for Community Service within an environment that protects and promotes their health and well-being.


Every hour of service = 1 Health Buck deposited

in the volunteer member's Health Bank account


Health Bucks can be used to pay for a wide-range of services locally or globally within the network...

from the health promoting options for fun-fitness-food-travel-education to requests for help with their own home projects or family needs.


Check out our  Membership  category & the HOPE page for free resources 


The Community Service TimeBank Projects System for Health BucksTM  is currently in development.  If you are the missing technology partners that will bloom the system, please use the Contact Us form to get the dialogue going or register for the May 15-17 event

Check back for announcements when the system is operational and when we have a "real" webmaster...Not just the Founder trying to wear all hats.





Wellness Weavers