Green Vitally Alive Communities
Can families grow and thrive in your town?

This system was in a food cooperative in Coralville, Iowa. For Kansas Coop Food options click here


Resource links for:

 Green Schools in Kansas

Guide for Community Yard Waste Composting

How the Jerusalem Farm in Kansas City is working

Example of interagency City-wide gardening efforts

An example of a resource to help churches to become better trained in stewardship of people and communities. 

Is your town recycling buildings and empty lots for safe, eco-healthy uses?

Here is information about the Wellness Weavers homestead project to recycle historic buildings in Waterville while integrating the system to provide community support for the public school and public health wellness and social emotional character development initiatives. 

Here is how Greensburg put the Green into their name and future.  What a paradox and silverlining that grew good out of adversity.  They turned the violence by Mother Nature into the best way to live in peace and honor their losses while building to work in harmony with each other and Mother Nature for a better future.  

How weather resilient is your community?

Will your town wait for greater adversity to live by the Kansas motto, "Ad Astra per the Stars through Difficulty" or would you rather make changes that use all our STAR powers collectively and proactively before disasters make us respond?

Do your community's recycling receptacles and comprehensive interagency plan help citizens and city workers to manage waste?  Here is one company's options to help cities make progress on their home work. 

Whether you are an owner of a historical collection or place or an official museum, you can join us in helping Kansas or your state to have more communities that are learning with and from each other.  The goal of this group is to learn how to have more fun and be more creative and innovative with a history that builds on the best of the past and present for a green and eco healthy future.   To join an online collaborative innovation group, you can fill out this survey and we will be in touch. 

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