Bank District Flower Shop Gallery
Banking on the Laws of Nature & and putting Everyone's Spiritual Gifts into Social Service


Research is still being done on the history of this building.  Built originally as The Merchant's Bank, it was one of three banks in Waterville in the early days.  Then it was the USD #485 District Office, then Amanda Parker's Flower Shop and onto Gay Belcher's Flower Shop and GB Mini-Mat.  It still has a nice walk-in cooler that is not being turned on until there is a need for it.

Presently "The Flower Shop" serves as a living room-dining room  and "think tank" for Helen and her guests that need a ramp and ADA accessible bathroom.  The picures were taken during an art show featuring art work by Ann Mann, the sampler quilt, June Myers, watercolors, Marc Lamoreaux's inventive models of a locomotive engine, a Wells Farge Mail Stagecoach, a carosel, and a biplane model and two oil paintings, Monument Park and a train locomotive.



Applique' Hankerchief Quilt by Helen Stucky Risdon, Floral Watercolors by June Myers, and Blue and white Scripture Quilt by Marjorie Anderson.


Landscape watercolor paintings by June Myers.  The floor loom is awaiting a weaver to schedule a workshop.  The antique floors were spruced up by craftsman Ryan Bailey.


The Owl, Baby Quilt, and Tea Towel were made by Violet Prebble.  The Violets in a vase picture is a watercolor painted by Helen's Grandmother, Rachel A. Stucky.  The photocards have raised donations for the Swede Creek Renovation Fund, and the modern art painting includes recycled materials and was an art class assignment.  The rainbow print is motivational scripture from Matthew 19:26 "In God all things are possible" as the big Wellness Weavers project developes.