Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who are the Wellness Weavers?

A:  Wellness Weavers is an emerging network of people who value healthy lifestyles and want to be good stewards of our bodies, our families, our communities and the resources of the Earth.  

We are "weaving" a network and culture that nurtures physical health-intellectual health-social health-emotional health and spiritual health using the arts and sciences.  {Also referred to as The Star Theory of Radiant Health by all the Sisters at "Sister Sues' Monkey Business...Humor for the Health of It!}  

As lifetime learners, we seem to stretch our time and resources with service-learning and the principles of therapeutic fun, physical activity, and good food woven into our day.  

Since 2010 a series of homeless volunteers that were willing to work with the founder have had varying successes with bridging out of poverty and dealing with their addictions and financial challenges.   Our Bright Idea!


Q: Who is the founder?

A:  Helen Stucky Risdon.  Click on her name to find out about her Credentials and the host of costumed characters she uses to provide health edutainment to help underwrite the work of Wellness Weavers..


Q:  Why was Wellness Weavers created?
A:  Wellness Weavers is the result of Helen's life journey and has very deep roots.  It is based on the mentorship examples of her paternal grandmother, negative examples of the business model of illness care and disempowered health consumers, and the empowerment gained from health promotion education, work experiences, and memberships in professional organizations.  If you are interested in the long story, click here.

The current developmental goals are:

1) To find additional CORE TEAM members with strengths in our weaknesses so we can actually develop the WOMAN, the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network, with people that are committed to being the change we want to see in the world and becoming the Wellness Weavers Health and Wellness Cooperative.  We know that to be healthy and well starts within our core self and grows by seeking the knowledge, skills, attitudes, resources to provide the cultural support that helps us practice and learn how to become the best versions of ourselves. 

2) Find other towns that want to join "the WOMAN", to have organized wellness trainings and events for their employees and volunteers that integrate the many types of currency in the WOMAN's $Wise "Bank".  

CLICK HERE if you would like to begin the process of setting up a Wellness Weavers system for your community

Q: What is the "KS WOMAN" pilot project in the Main MAN?

A: Wellness Weavers has been a conceptual framework for five years.  At last (January 2015) we have found and linked with the Main MAN, the Mutual Aid Network! The Main MAN is connecting communities around the world that have some type of social currency and knows that Time is Money.  

Wellness Weavers, advocates developing the best functional WOMAN ...the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network.   As Dorothy Gale said upon returning to Kansas from Oz, "There's no place like home!"  We must start at home, in ourselves... since the only thing that we can change is our attitude, who we choose to be, and how we choose to behave in each and every moment!  

The six historic at risk buildings that are Helen's "urban farm" in Waterville, Kansas, are the training grounds that was already her personal community health and wellness project, the guts of the "pocket watch" that just required aligning all the health and wellness stakeholders and resources together to improve the function of communities in the support of healthy people and happier blended families in schools, businesses, our communities...and in her own home.  The campus is a home-away-from-home for our CORE TEAM.  We accept "edu-play-cation" guests that want to come share in our volunteer work and play as we improve our health and help weave the world well.  

By studying war, disasters, and what it takes to heal from ACE, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and SM, Stress Management to avoid turning into angry or apathetic SM, SadoMasicists, we prefer to use our STAR power of Skills, Talents, Attitudes, Resources to be in Service with each other to become the best versions of ourselves, our towns, our regions, our countries, our world. 

The Governor's Mental Health Task Force Report and the Kansas motto, "Ad Astra per the Stars Through Difficulty" and the mornful cornet that plays "Taps...the day is done" at Veteran funerals, inspired the Wellness Weavers Pilot Project called "TAAP: The Ad Astra Project" after watching how government and foundations were still offering piecemeal grants and how public schools and public health were not using coordinated programs to link all citizens and the three branches of government with the best practices and free resources.   Thus the Wellness Weavers website and HOPE page is where links for that are available 24-7 for free.

Wellness Weavers have the threads from a "Wholistic Wellness" course in 1979 at Washburn University that was facilitated by Helen Hocker, RN who was also an advocate of the Arts. Combined with the roots of our family trees and the many ways people have invited me to serve with their missions, the fabric of peoples' lives and community are made stronger and more beautiful with our diverse ideas and services.  

 The Wellness Weavers concept has been shaped by the cultural diversity and studies of the family-friends-and travel, actual & technology assisted, network.  Habitat for Humanity, Heifer International, the "Everycounts" and "Saving Riley", the Native American stewards, the Mennonite immigrants that came to Kansas for religious freedom and to serve with each other as they raised their families to promote peace... and the many scholarships, trainings, experiences, in the lifelong listening tour that begins in our families of origin and continues as we grow and bloom throughout our lifespan.  

The Kansas Leadership Center's mission to raise Civil Leaders empowered groups of us to do what we can, when we can, how we can, with other willing volunteers that can do the difficult work involved with change to correct derailed, inefficient, and unjust practices.  The fact that they partnered with the Kansas United Methodist and the Health Ministry Fund to train core groups to "Transform Communities for Health" fit well with the pledge of the United Methodist Women and the philosphophy and community health work of John Wesley and Helen's family-centered rural community health promotion philosphy.

The Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor empowers CHP, Certified Humor Professionals to play with what we see, hear, read, and learn.  Thus, being from Kansas and being a nurse, and receiving scholarships for my work with humor and health allowed me to play with the Kansas icons from history, mythology, the natural work, and those that were playing roles in their community festivals, and serving as gatekeepers in their organizations and paid roles but lack knowledge of the full range of public health support resources.      

Sister Sue, the Prairie Tooth Fairy, came up with "The Star Theory of Radiant Health in 1993" and the realization that she and other Wellness Weavers volunteers are fueled by the grace of God and the diverse volunteer STAR power 
with Skills, Talents, Attitudes, Resources, that recharge and shine brighter when we all get to be plugged into service and be nurtured and served with wellness knowledge, tools, with attitudes and behaviors that are worth modeling.  

The Humor Academy Level 2 & 3 projects failed to engage other businesses and organizations so that I could bridge my wellness and emergency response STAR power so understand the importance of our most precious and that everyone has STAR power 

Q:  How is Wellness Weavers funded?

A:  Diverse methods, that include such things as: 

  • Our founder working as a consultant with credentials as an ACSM Exercise Specialist, with nearly 40 years of experiences and scholarship awards as a rural communities health and wellness nurse
  • Honorariums from health edutainment presentations or playshops using any of the "Sisters Sues" and their cast of costumed characters 


  • Doing diverse legal physical labor projects to accomplish a goal for other when she can fit it in.  With her urban farm in Waterville and the six buildings and gardens that are involved, she has all the work to stay healthy that she needs and then some!


  • Event project planning and coordination using custom designed Survey Monkey tools...from family reunions to large conference, special events, or church events...with the integration of healthy food, physical activity for diverse populations, emergency preparedness, and waste management that includes recycling.


  • Donations for helping to set up "Play Rooms for all ages" in homes, worksites, churches, and institutions of learning


  • Fees to set up a Wellness Weaver system for a community


  • Links may be posted on the website for useful items.  Some of those links may pay us royalties so those pennies can add up.


  • We have a Fiscal Agent that will allow you to make tax-deductible donations to Wellness Weavers, if you would like to.  Memberships that serve employers and organizations and communities with volunteers with the many types if potential currencies. is the longterm vision.  individuals, families, that do not fall into those categories would also have a membership level.  

    In filing for 501(c)3 status, it became known that Wellness Weavers could not be both a 501(c)3 organization and a Member-owned Cooperative.  

    It is more important to be a mentor and model for a new health and wellness paradigm for revitalization of people and communities.  

    There are many tax-exempt partners that also have healthy people, healthy communities, and healthy world in their mission statements.  We would love to engage and collaborate efforts with such as churches, schools, other social action organizations, and the government at city, county, state and federal levels but since all have been shy about getting involved.  The member owned cooperative will be separate and can make a profit and pay divendends once we have a lawyer and account that can set that up.


  • If you would like to come enjoy the historic facilities in Waterville, Kansas you may also make a tax-deductible contribution to the Waterville Preservation Society because making the 1903 Waterville Opera House in Waterville, Kansas handicapped-accessible ASAP fits with Sister Sue's priorities so that visitors can have fabulous experiences having improv or polished fun on-stage or in the lower level and put on events that also bring in cash flow.


  • Once a business manager and a database manager with a passion for the Wellness Weavers mission is found, then various useful items will also be offered for sale


  • The LAMP (Lumberyard Artisan Market Place) is available for Flea Markets, or special Artisan workshop or Playshop events that do not require electricity.  As a matter of fact, we are working towards having fun human-powered tools and exercise equipment options that harness energy.


  • All six unique buildings involved with Helen's "urban farm" in the small town of 650 people are available for events and short stays.  Members of the Wellness Weavers Health and Wellness Cooperative will have a better discount and be able to use their Health Bucks in that way, once we have cash flow enough to cover expenses that we must pay in cash for.


Q: Is it true that the Wellness Weavers connectional service can be used by anyone regardless of their financial means?

A: Yes, even people with money may really want to cook and eat with others, find a tennis partner, be read to or read to others while they work, learn a new skill, or be involved in an art or service project.   Even someone who is homeless, has lost their job or income for the moment has a lot of knowledge, skills, and talents.  Even those with substance abuse problems or behavioral issues can join and find help as they also serve.  Anyone will improve their wellness, their family, and their community if they connect with others in service to meet needs, wants, and pure-in heart wishes.


Q:  When will the database tool to connect people with needs, wants, and wishes to those with skills, talents, and resources be posted to the website?

A:  The preliminary tool is ready but it will not be posted to the website until the right person with the database management system and a person who loves to keep track of finances want to join forces.   If a town already has those folks in place and want to partner then "Sister Sue" would love to brainstorm with you.  She is a coordinator who loves to brainstorm, plan systems for all the details to be covered but then loves to be in the trenches with the masses working, cooking and eating healthy, and playing together...wherever she may be. 



Q:  What if I am not really sure what my real gifts and talents and purpose are?

A:  Start with taking a Spiritual Gifts Inventory.  Nurture your healthy dreams.  If you notice negative self-talk, you need to address that immediately and get to an environment that will allow you to make personal growth.  Check the HOPE page and talk to a trusted friend, counselor, or clergy.  Taking our Community Assets Survey may also help you identify things you are already skilled at and areas that you might like to explore under the guidance of an expert.



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