What is y(Our) community saying in words, personal actions, community fund-raising methods and celebrations about alcohol, drugs, "food" and agricultural practices that harm people and families in body-mind-spirit?  

Are communication practices in our daily relationships at all levels...personal, work, organizational, and community facilitating compassion, positivity, engagement, and learning new methods to stop the cycles of traumas and dramas and make solid growth for new successes?  

Do our communication actions trigger frustration, anger, hopelessness, lack of trust, fear, disengagement or acting out behaviors?

Are there best practice mechanisms in place that help individuals, families, and the diverse groups to succeed with working through tough social issues?

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India, a country with 22 distinct languages within one nation, has much diversity. What can we learn by studying what preschooler's in India are taught about their diversity as honored in their country's festivals?  (My photos & explanation of Christmas would be rather different than how it was depicted). 

Teaching Emotional Intelligence


Hong Kong Intergenerational Maker Space

Preschooler's Intro 2 India's Festivals