Friday, March 08, 2013

06:00 PM  
Women's Retreat

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In solidarity with the 102nd International Women's Day we are gathering at the Weaver Hotel for a 24 hour retreat.  Space constraints limits this event to 50 women.  

The registration form has ways for you to customize your retreat experience.

Click here to donate for the Women's Retreat.  

There are multiple donation options, along with the Free Sweat Equity category.   Donations will cover the meals, evening transportation for our carpooler drivers to our fun field trip to Marysville and..."Late Night at the Dam Museum"

(We are not cussing, that is the last name of the people who donated money to convert an old Methodist Church into a beautiful art center in Marysville).

 Click here for lodging options. that are separate from your conference donation.


Some Breakout sessions that will happen from 12:30-3:30 PM on Saturday, March 9 do have additional fees for supplies.


The collective events:

Friday, March 8:

6 PM "International Dinner" the Main Dining Room of the Weaver Hotel

8:30 PM  Field Trip to the Museum for a private showing with Rev Judith Scott of her art exhibit before it travels to Chicago and Minneapolis.  Judy is an amazing women who has worn many professional hats in her long diverse career that include: artist, lawyer, daughter-sister-wife-mother, pastor.

10:00 PM  Head back to Waterville


Saturday, March 9:

Breakout Choices:

A.  8:15-9 Building Activity into your Life with music and chores by Helen Stucky Risdon (First floor Meeting Room at the Kansas Street Settlement House)

B.  Your own outdoor walk group, or reading, journaling, whatever your retreat experience needs to be.


9:15-10:00 Breakfast buffet  (Weaver Hotel Dining Room)

10:15-11:45  Women's Wisdom Sharing Circle (Basement of Weaver Hotel)

11:45-12:30  Lunch Buffet


Registrants will have the opportunity to select from the following Afternoon Breakout Sessions:

A.  Rev Deb Hanes-Nelson 3hr  Introduction or continuing your work of Journaling Through Watercoloring  Cost $5 for supplies

B.  Judy Heitman  3 hr  One woman’s local and global mission and wellness plan, includes a tour of Judy’s Lake Idlewild home and a nature hike,

C.  Your own self-directed3 hr Retreat using the resources you brought or selected from the menu of health and wellness resources in the Wellness Weavers library.