Bee Attitudes
We Can Learn A Lot From Bees!

Bee Grateful

Bee a Listener

Bee Compassionate

Bee Truthful

Bee Positive

Bee Helpful

Bee a Learner

Bee Accountable 

Bee an Innovator 

Bee Productive

                                                          Bee a Peace-maker 

                              Bee Well 


Bee Kind to Grandmother Earth

Bee Kind to Grandmother Spider  

Bee Kind to Yourself

Bee Kind to Your Family  

Bee in the race to become our best Humankind species

And Remember...


Plant flowering plants for healthy bees, healthy food, a healthy planet and help Mother Nature care for them.



Thank you, Jerry Seinfeld, for the insightful and fun Bee Movie, and the role model of Barry the Bee!  Why does Barry hold his thumb and index finger the same way as the Washburn University Icabod mascot in the Bergen sculpture? Dr. Bergen did not know. 

Click here if you want to read Helen Stucky Weaver's conjectured interpretation of the symbolism.





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