Are You a Wellness Weaver?
You just might be if...

1)You like our inclusive logo...

2) You are doing your part in your own home, school, worksite, and community to make the world a better place...

3) You are a "Critical Free Thinker"...that looks critically and objectively at all research and listen to all factions as teachers and fellow lifelong learners.


4)You like Interactive Live Play Shops, Real Play Station Events for good affordable social interactions where we can learn how to have healthy fun.


5) You think that the Wellness Weavers "Bee Attitudes" are fun and funny and a great way to transcend the religious dogma that seems to cause people to judge each other.


6) You think that using Time Banking is a great way to count Time as Money and spend quality time being helpful with family, friends, and neighbors. 

7) You are interested and ready to start planning virtual and Wellness Weavers sanctioned events in your community.  Click here to leave your name and email and you will start being included in planning events. 




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